The purest and purest 8K screen❗ Q900R🤡

Review 187: 01.07.2021 at 08:00 am


Seeing how clearly the vision looks on this screen is very tempting. TV giant Samsung made this screen. An Apple technology is also supported on this screen.

Hey guys,🤝 this is a 900R monitor from Samsung. It’s a 75 inch screen. It is an 8K screen, which is 16 times better than HD and 4 times better than 4K Ultra HD. It’s super clear. The higher the resolution, the clearer the content. But the problem is, how do you get 8K content?

It comes with a Samsung Quantum 8K processor with AI support. This CPU will increase the accuracy with custom algorithms to give you the best experience.

The video is in 8K resolution, the CPU upgrades the content to 8K, which helps you enjoy the content. It also supports Quantone HDR 32X, which is a CPU dedicated to HDR technology. HDR is an important technology. The CPU helps support HDR better with content.

The display supports HDR10+, and it’s also supported on Note 10+ and S10+. You can record and play HDR10+ videos on this screen.

The screen comes with more than 33 million pixels. With supported content, you won’t notice the pixels, which makes the videos very smooth. I will also help you choose the best screen size for your room. Don’t worry about the size of the room. What matters is the distance between you and the screen.

Measure the distance and change it to inches. You can do this by multiplying the number by 0.394, if for example the result is 120″..then divide it by 2, the result is 60″, which is the best size for you.

Some rooms are quite large, but the TV will be very close to you. Why would you bring a bigger screen if you didn’t take advantage of it?

The Q900R supports wide viewing, which means you can view it from different angles. The sound is 16 watts, and it comes with 4.2 speakers. It also supports Apple AirPlay technology. Let’s go back to the CES event in January.

Samsung has announced a deal with Apple to support its AirPlay technology. You can cast your iPhone or Mac to the screen. Any Apple device that supports AirPlay will work with this TV. You can enjoy watching content from your iPhone on this screen. It also supports Apple TV apps. Only Apple TV is not supported. You can use a lot of apps like Netflix.

You can check the supported content in the Netflix app. Some of the content is Ultra HD 4K with 5.1 sound. The smart remote has 3 quick access buttons, these buttons are for Browser, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. With one click, you will be able to visit these websites.

The device supports 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB ports, an optical audio port and an Ethernet port. The display itself supports a wireless network of up to 5GHz, but if you want to watch 4K content, use an Ethernet cable. Or use a network with high speeds. With AirPlay support, it also supports SmartView.

SmartView is available with all Samsung devices. You can stream everything using the official Samsung app. You can broadcast everything on the screen using the SmartView app. If your monitor and TV are connected to the same WiFi network, your phone will be broadcast on the screen.

All cables are hidden by invisible connection method. The monitor will be connected to the outer box using a 5m cable connected to this box with all the ports.

There are plenty of outlets available with the box. The power cable also connects to this box. Once the monitor is placed on the wall, there will only be one cable connected to the monitor and it will transmit data and power to the monitor.

The outer box is a bit big, but it’s understandable given the amount of ports it has. You can also install complete apps using the Samsung Store. The screen supports Bixby and Samsung. The screen supports Google Assistant.

It is not fully supported on the screen, though. But you can use Google Assistant on your phone to orderer the screen to show something. If you want to go deeper, you’ll have to invest in it. If you have a Google Assistant device, or even use the one on your phone, you can order it to show what you prefer on the screen. It supports Game Mode. It supports Game Mode, Motion Plus mode, Dynamic Black EQ and Game Enhancer. It supports FreeSync among other features that will benefit you.

Is it the best option for you? If you have other Samsung devices, then this screen is a great option. Not having a receiver might not bother some people as they might depend on IPTV or Satellites.

Having 4 HDMI ports means that you can connect all of your devices on it. It comes with lots of accessories. It is a great device for you if you want your iPhone to be supported on this screen without needing Apple TV.

Or you could enjoy it with SmartView on Samsung devices. The screen got awards for the best TV in 2018 and 2019 with all the technologies adopted in it.

This is the end of this review. see you soon.🤡