The New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 FE! Cons and Pros!

Review 256: 07.12.2021 at 05:00 pm

Hello guys, today, Let me discuss a device that lots of you have asked about, it is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 FE. FE means that it is a lite version of the Tab 7s version. The device offers high gaming performance and comes with an efficient cooling system for gaming. It comes with a screen than support 165Hz.

The screen shows lots of details. With this tablet, Samsung focused on technologies that young users prefer. The body is made from aluminum, and the rear camera come with a vertical design. The front is mostly a screen with thin bezels. The screen size is 12.4″ and it comes with WQXGA resolution. The CPU is the SD750G, which means it supports 5G. The GPU is the Adreno 619. PUBG game started with the high performance.

The battery is 10090mAh. According to Samsung, the battery lasts for 12 hours of surfing the web or 13 hours of content watching. The device comes with a 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. The RAM is 4GB and the onboard storage is 64GB. But this version I have here has a 256GB storage. It supports dual SIM cards or a SIM card and an external SD card.

This device is great for surfing the web among other uses, it runs Android 11 with One UI 3.1.1 on top of it. The UI is easy to use and comes with the most features found on Samsung devices. It fully supports Google services. And since it runs One UI 3.1.1, it will create a harmonious ecosystem with other Samsung devices.

For example, you can control some of the aspects of your smartphone from the tablet and vise versa. The tablet comes with the S Pen. The S Pen offers high responsiveness and low latency. The pen will be great for painting, writing notes and taking screenshots.

The pen supports different pressure points, which is great for painting and so on, it supports a dedicated keyboard and supports DeX platform, which gives it computer-like experience. It is great for students and teachers who prefer the compatibly between Windows and Android. It supports dual band WiFi and bluetooth 5, and it comes with stereo speakers tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos support. The audio experience was great with supported content.

The box, which I bought from abroad, comes with the charging cable, charger and the S Pen. It comes with 4 different colors, and here they are. I bought the device from abroad because it is more expensive here and only limited to 64GB storage. And that’s why I bought it from abroad with 5G support, too. Thus, enjoying more capabilities with a lower price.

Always evaluate your needs to get the most suitable product for you. The price in the Middle east and Africa is 533 USD. Look for the most suitable price.

Let me now summarize my experience with this tablet:

The tablet is made from aluminum, which make it more durable. It is great for daily usage and gaming. It supports 5G and an external SD card up to 1TB.

I wished with the screen was AMOLED instead of TFT, but generally, FE products are economical. It doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, and you have to rely on a passcode or a pattern to unlock it. It is still a great option with an S Pen support for note taking, painting and so on. This tablet could a great option for lots of users.

Always evaluate your needs, see you soon on the next reviews.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine