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Review 180: 12.06.2021 at 05:00 pm


This is the most important review to help you make a decision to buy a new device. This time, it is about the new iMac 2021 with the M1 CPU. It comes with a new design, new screen, powerful CPU, enhancements to make it the best device for meetings and recording podcasts.

What are the scenarios in which you shouldn’t be buying this device, and what is my advice?

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Let’s start. Let first discuss the design of this device:

The design has changed, and it is obvious. It comes with the same design touches from Apple lately. It looks similar to the iPad with the Magic Keyboard. The dimensions of the device is smaller, but the screen is bigger. The screen size now is 24. It comes with a white bezel, unlike the usual Apple design in recent years.

The previous generation came with a thick bezel around the screen. They’re smaller now making the screen bigger. Even the base comes with a new design now.

The device has become very thin now. The thickness of the device is 11.5mm. It is nearly the thickness of an iPhone and iPad together. It also weighs less than 5kg. Can you imagine that?

You can normally carry this device with one hand. It is an All In One device. The box contains all the needed accessories. There’s also a charging cable to charge the mouse, touchpad and keyboard.

For me, I think the gold color is one of the best colors Apple has released with any iMac.

But let me now discuss the screen:

which comes with 4.5K resolution. It supports 60Hz refresh rate and comes with 24 size. The resolution of the screen is 4480X2520. It also comes with 218ppi density. It supprots 1 billion colors with 500 nits. It also support P3 Color Gamut.

After experimenting with it, it offers beautiful colors and high brightness. But make sure not to place the device in direct sunlight. 500 nits is good for an office device, but it is not as powerful as a smartphone display. All the speakers, mics, subwoofers are placed at the bottom of the screen. It is packed at the bottom, and produces excellent stereo sound.

This iMac also supports Dolby Atmos technology. But make sure that the content itself must first support it. The device comes with 3 high quality mics. These mics support noice cancelation and offers excellent stereo sound.

Meaning that this device is excellent for meetings. You won’t have to use AirPods or any external headphones with an integrated mic.

Let me now discuss the ports that come with this device:

The device comes with 2x USB 4 ports and 2 USB-C ports. All of them support different technologies such as Thunderbolt and Display Port. There’s also a headphones jack on the side.

The device comes with the Magic Mouse that we’re used to using with a color that matches the color of the iMac. Both come in a yellow color, or as I see it, a golden color. It also comes with a Magic Keyboard with the same color, but this time, it has a Touch ID embedded in it.

The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the keyboard itself with a dedicated button on the top right. The Touchpad also comes with the same color. Make sure of the content of the box before you buy it, since it might be different from a region to another.

These accessories were included in the box that we’ve got.

When it comes to connections, the device supports everything you’ll need. It supports WiFi 6, bluetooth 5 and you can use an ethernet cable which is integrated in the wall brick. I haven’t found more details about this method, though. But as I see it, I think it works using the POE (Power Over Ethernet) method. But the brick might also use a different method where the ethernet cables might be integrated in one cable in a smart way.

The magnetic power cable that attaches to the back of the device delvers power and internet connection. And as any other Apple device, this iMac supports AirDrop. This feature can be used to transfer files, audio and video to other Apple devices. All Apple technologies are supported on this iMac.

The front facing camera is a huge upgrade with to the cameras Apple usually add to their computers. The camera supports recording video with 1080p resolution, which is excellent.

This is due to the M1 CPU technologies, which helps in quickly processing photos and videos. The OS is macOS Big Sur from Apple. It is not a new OS. It is very similar to the OS found on most MacBooks and iMacs these days. It is fully supported on this device with all its features.

Let’s now discuss the performance of this device:

The device comes with the M1 CPU inside. This CPU is very powerful. It also can be found on lots of devices now. The CPU comes with 8 cores: 4 for efficiency and 4 for performance. It also comes with 8 cores GPU. And there’s a 16 core Neural Engine.

The onboard starts from 256GB to 2TB. This device we have here comes with 1TB of store. The RAM is either 8GB or 16GB. In this version, we have a 16GB RAM. Unlike older iMacs, you can up the RAM more than 16GB.

It is impossible to do here. You should make sure of the RAM and onboard storage you need before you buy the device. But having other cloud services makes it easier.

Along with ultra fast external hard drives that uses Thunderbolt. What you’ve been waiting for in this review is how this device compares to other devices from Apple. If you like these comparisons, then let me remind you to visite us with your coffee. I’ll compare this device with older generation iMacs.

And since Apple also focuses on the M1 CPU, I’ll compare this device with the iMac Pro 2017.

But why?

We need to know whether the M1 CPU is as powerful as the iMac Pro. And about the specs of both devices. The main difference is that the RAM on the new iMac is 16GB, whereas the iMac Pro 2017 has 64GB of RAM.

How did we do the comparison? Have you read the latest News article?

If you haven’t readed it, then read it.

The result was that the new iMac was 20 seconds faster. This might not be a huge difference, but this device is the normal version of the iMac, the other is the Pro version.

The result is that the new iMac has exceeded the iMac Pro. The price difference between them is also huge. This makes us sure that the upcoming iMac Pro will be very powerful. Of course I’ll try some games.

The reason is that because this device is more of a home device than a professional device. We’ve tested Asphalt games, and it worked in an excellent and smooth way.

Lots of you want us to try heavy games, but the CPU is new and we haven’t found compatible games yet. But it’ll be better with time.

The camera provided excellent video and photo experience. The new speakers produce pure and loud audio. And as I said before, it supports Dolby Atmos technology. It also offers an entertaining experience while consuming content. The mics offer excellent noise cancelation experience. They also offer amazing experience in meetings. It is even great for recording podcasts.

The device is available in our local market with a price tag of 1666 usd or 1376 euros. It is available in different colors. It is great that they decided to add more colors to iMacs.

You can now choose out of different colors. Evaluate your needs before you make a decision.

Let me sum up everything:


The best things about this device are the design and how light it is. Some might not like the new white bezels. But it is a good change.

The change is good with this iMac, but it is not consistent with other Apple products. Apple might have open a new door for new designs, or it might just be a redesign for this particular device.

The M1 CPU is powerful and works great with other devices in the ecosystem, Don’t misinterpret the term powerful. It is powerful for ordinary and mid-range tasks. But it is not powerful enough for advanced needs that require a lot of computing power.

The device is excellent for meetings and consuming content. It is also excellent for small homes and rooms instead of using big screens.

This device would double as the main screen in the room. It won’t disappoint you when it comes to doing tasks. Editing light videos and photos will be excellent on this device.


it only comes with 4 Thunderbolt ports! Why do I need to buy adapters with iMacs?🤨

For me, I require a lot of ports.,Having 4 USB-C ports deprives me of using regular USB cables.,The device doesn’t support regular USB ports, and you’ll need an adapter for it. I am excited for this new iMac and more powerful devices form Apple.

This review is excellent for you to know which iMac is best for you. But if you want to know whether to choose between an iMac or a Windows device, then this is another topic.

The answer to this question isn’t in this review, But you’ll always find your answers here on OTTO Magazine.

See you soon.