The new Apple Silicon MAC! 😍

Blog 42: November 21-2020, at 02:30 pm


The new apple silicon mac are going to be incredible!😍

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The silicon macbooks in 2020 and with not much time left, and nothing else to announce it’s pretty much a given the new apple silicon.

Macs are based on their a series chipsets, and not only are they going to bring improved performance and efficiency to the mac, but it’s also going to allow for much better integration, and be able to bridge the gap between phone, and mac applications and allow a universal app for all of the devices now there’s a possibility while not the main focus we could.

Also see the airpod studios and even the air tags at the same event but for today’s article we’re going to be focusing on the macbooks we believe the first apple silicon.

Macbooks that we’re going to see are going to be the 13-inch, macbook air and the 13-inch macbook pro ming chi kuo told us back in july, that apple will release these with the new silicon chips, this year and lika love to dream also hints at this too he tweeted a somewhat cryptic tweet saying 13-inch times two now! this surely has to be him saying that there’s going to be two 13-inch macbooks showcased.

num minchiko advises of a new 14.1 inch and a 16.1 inch macbook pro, and said that these would not only be adopting the new apple silicon chipsets, but also the new mini led displays he stated that.

we shouldn’t expect to see these macbooks this year, though and we will be waiting until 2021, we also had a report from bloomberg that corroborates this information, and it states that apple are going to be transitioning to apple’s silicon starting with these 13-inch.

Macbooks they state that this new 5 nanometer chipset is going to be based on the apple a14 that we’ve seen inside the iphone 12s, and while the macbooks are going to be the first we do expect to see them in upcoming Mac.

We know that both of the 13-inch macbooks are going to be showcased, at this new event and there’s also hope that we could see a 16-inch macbook pro, the 16-inch macbook pro however is much further behind in production.

so we know it’s not going to be released this year but it may make an appearance at the event it also seems that in order to make this transition they’re going to be focusing on the new apple silicon chips, and not a redesign we shouldn’t expect any significant design changes from the predecessor, when it comes to these new macbooks.

we know that the armbase silicon macs are going to also run big sur which brings with it some huge advantages for users, and developers this change should make it possible to run ios apps on these new silicon powered macs, when it comes to the graphics apple have advised not to underestimate an integrated apple gpu, saying that a discrete gpu doesn’t necessarily mean better performance .

so it looks like it will be integrated into the chipset, but apple states that it’s going to be optimized for high performance graphics, tasks now leaks are suggesting that we’ll get the a14x codenamed tonga inside the macbooks and the a14t codenamed mtj’d inside the Mac.

So when it comes to these new macbooks, expect focus to be on the hardware and the new universal integrations instead of a complete redesign now, one thing that isn’t clear is if users are going to be forced to adopt this new chipset or if there’s going to be a choice lika kamiya who has provided a little bit of conflicting information to these leaks.

Has provided some info on the macbooks, and he seems to think there’s going to be a choice of apple silicon or intel according to kamiya.

The 13-inch macbook pro we’re going to get a choice of intel or apple silicon for the 16-inch macbook pro, it’s going to be intel only looking at the details i find it hard to believe that apple would do this as, it sort of suggests that apple silicon isn’t suitable, and just seems very unlikely the statements from khmer.

were however provided early on and he’s already been proven wrong on release dates if he advised it would be shipped in october, now as always when it comes to leaks, they tend to be more accurate the closer we get to launch event as of course many things can change down the line instead of speculating on what else there is i think.

it’s best to leave it until more information comes in and it’s always nice to have some surprises at launch as too often these days.

we know every single detail before it even happens, of course if anything significant about these macbooks comes in soon, i’ll update you guys straight away, but as always, i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is excited for the arm-based mac and which one do you want to see the most.

See you in the next review, i am doing a review to the device Honor 10X lite now, i will publish the article after an hour from now guys, it’s so interesting before your going to buying devices.😈