The HyperX Cloud Orbit S headphones!🥳 Pros & Cons?😈

Review 81: 04.02.2021 at 00:30 am

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Let me review the HyperX Cloud Orbit S headphones. It’s a wireless headphones that comes with great features. It is professional headphones that comes with lots of technologies that help provide better gaming experience. It also offers excellent audio experience.

The headphones comes with the same HyperX DNA design. The design is simple and elegant. The size is customizable. At the top, there’s a soft leather for the head rest. It weighs 368g.

All the buttons are on the left ear-cup. On the front, there’s the on/off button. There’s also another button to mute the mic. At the bottom, there’s a wheel to adjust the audio level. There’s also another wheel to adjust the mic, and a 3.5mm port. USB-C port, Mic port, 3D Audio activation button.

On the right side, there’s nothing. The headphones come with a 100mm drivers from Audeze. The drivers offer very clear audio. The headphones support 3D Audio. It offers an excellent gaming experience. The headphones also supports Head Tracking. If you move your head, the audio won’t be affected. If the audio source is from the right or left, it’ll stay the same. It is compatible with different devices.

such a PCs, PS4 , and Xbox One and X. It also supports Nintendo Switch and phones through the 3.5mm jack.

The box contains a noise reduction mic, It comes with deadcat. The box also contains a 3.5mm headphone cable. USB-A to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-C cabe.

You can connect the headphones to the a computer using the USB-C cable. It is not a wireless headphones in the true sense.

The battery inside is used to run different technologies it supports. You need to press and hold on the volume wheel to change the audio mode.

Once you connect it to a Nintendo or PS device. The battery lasts for 10 hours when used with the 3.5mm cable. It costs 386 USD, 316 Euros.


it supports 3D Audio and Head Tracking. It’s compatible with lots of devices. One headphones that can work with lots of devices in many platforms.

What’s great is that all the cables are in the box. Meaning better functionality.

🤨 I wished if the buttons were distributed on both ear cups. But it could be useful for gamers. But it also could be hard for others, since all the buttons are on one side. But it depends on the users.

Let me now discuss something totally different:😈


It is the GameSir VX2. I felt very shocked when I found it on Amazon! What is this half keyboard?

But it turned out to be a much bigger subject. It is basically half a keyboard and a mouse from GameSir. It comes with a receiver to connect to PS and Xbox devices.

The keyboard is mechanical, and it produces this beautiful sound. It has the most important keys for games. Such as the WASD keys. There are 7 keys that supports Ant-Ghosting.

The keyboard comes with customizable RGB light. You can customize it using the G-CRUX app, which you can also use to download and install the latest updates. »

the left, there’s a USB-C port. There’s also an on/off switch. On the right, there’s a USB-A port. There’s also a small joystick. You can wirelessly use the keyboard, using the receiver that comes with it.

mouse can be connected using the USB port. You can connect the receiver on the PS4 and then to the controller. keyboard then becomes ready to use.

You can also use it along with the mouse with Switch devices. You can also use the receiver that comes with it. And that’s how you can connect it to a Switch device.

Connect the keyboard and mouse and that’s it. The mouse is the G400 from GameSir. It is lightweight and comes with RGB lights. a great option for those who want t use a keyboard with the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox devices.

You’ll have a different gaming experience with it. It also works with PC devices. who’s going to unplug their full keyboard for this one?

It costs 116 USD.


it is great if you’ll only need this part of the keyboard. It’s also excellent with PS devices.

🤨 But they could’ve added better specs to the mouse!