The Govee Flow Pro Light Bar❗😈🌈

Review 287: 15.01.2022 at 08:00 pm by OTTO:

Let me now discuss the LED lights, which you can manually control or make it adaptive depending on the content you’re watching. These LEDs also come with a camera, and I’ll discuss why, These are the Govee Flow Pro Light Bar.

The idea behind it is great, They are basically two LED bases that you can place behind the TV. The two bars connect to each others in a wired fashion, and then you can connect the camera that also comes in the box. The camera can be fixated above the TV, The idea behind the camera is that it captures the colors of the scene on the TV and redirect it to the light bars.

This will let the light bar change colors depending on what is shown on the screen. There’s a special app from Govee fro these light bars. Using the app, you can control lots of things about the bars like the colors and how bright they are, You can also turn of the adaptive colors, you can also make it adaptive to audio instead of the colors, or you can customize your own mode.

The app supports lots of different customizations. You can customize the colors, their brightness and customize individual bars, too. The accuracy of the adaptive light is very high. We’ve tried it with different Youtube videos, and it worked perfectly. We also tried it with other platforms, and it worked perfectly.

You can also customize the camera’s peripheral. But you should consider that if the screen is big, then the results might not be accurate. We tried it with a 85″ screen, and the lights weren’t that accurate. But with a 75″ screen, the results were perfect, but it will work perfectly with smaller gaming screens.


The build quality is high, the colors are accurate and the app is easy to use and offers high customizability.


It doesn’t work that well with big screens, i also wished there’s a bigger version with more light bars. Some people might find the constant color charging in the background a little bit distracting, it might be great for gaming more than for watching content. This has been my review of this light bar, which I haven’t read a review of before on the internet.

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