The Canadian company that sells iPhones without Apple’s knowledge … and the battery problem with iOS 14!!😱

October 10, 2020 at 1:30 pm By @yassine.magazin.eng

Apple’s system is very powerful as they know lots of information? But it is not necessary for them to talk about it.

There’s a story about how much information Apple know about us. I’ll also discuss Social Media news and Samsung’s success in one of their technologies.

TikTok is the most downloaded app in the 3rd quarter of 2020 according to the latest statistics. The statistics show that TikTok is the most downloaded app despite the pressure the app faces in USA.

Bring your cup Coffee guys and Welcome:

Most of the other apps are from the social media categories. Social media apps are the most important apps in a smartphone so that users can socialize with others.

But when it comes to gaming, it is a bit different. PUBG is still on the list along with Pokemon GO as third on iOS and second on Android devices.

This game is from 2016, and I still have a username until now.

Honor of Kings is the most downloaded game, and the reason might be the numerous ad numbers.

The second game is Roblox, which also contains a another platform with lots of other games.

These apps and games have age restrictions.

We should be careful of what our kids play. We as a community should pay attention to the apps and games our kids use.

If kids use apps or play games are not directed to their age, there will be harm for them, unfortunately.

Birdwatch is a new feature from Twitter to fight and minimize fake news.

It is the official way from Twitter to verify whether the tweets are true or false.

I’ll let you know once this feature is officially available.

Before discussing smartphone news, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs have become a unified app now.

Some users are protesting this step as they want each app to be separate.

Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp are facing pressure from the US government as the government prefer the apps to be separate.

The government doesn’t want a single company to control all of the data of nearly third of the world population.

Let me now discuss smartphone news,

I am excited to review and test the new devices I’ve received lately.

The new Razr 5G is currently under experiment, I’ve also received the Tab S and Tab S Plus and of course the A71 5G version.

I am currently testing these devices. Let me in the comment section what do you want to know about these devices.

Let me now discuss the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The device performed pretty well in dust test conducted by Jerry Rig Everything channel on Youtube.

The device performed really well in resisting dust.

The mechanism Samsung have used in the new device has proven to be working really well.

As you can see from the photos, the folding phones are being developed really well.

Companies who have this kind of technology are competing in high levels.

When do you expect Apple will release such devices?

For me, I think Apple will start working on such devices in 2022.

Hopefully, iOS 14 will receive a new update that will fix the battery issue.

If you’re facing a battery problem with iOS 14 and 14.0.1, then you should know that there are fixes Apple are working on.

There might be a new upcoming update from Apple to fix this problem.

Android and iOS devices use AI to study the user’s usage to give them the best battery experience.

But this doesn’t apply to iOS 14.

The reason because the device isn’t new, and it just received an update that is expected to enhance the experience with the preexisting data.

I’ll discuss more Apple news at the end of this article guys.

I decided to leave to the end to show you how strange Apple strategy is to know all the details about their devices.

Apple have patented a screen that heals itself by itself.

One of the biggest problems we face with screens is screen scratches.

Imagine that the screen can heal itself by itself.

The screen could be able to do this because of the material is made from.

This could be possible and it is under experiment by Apple. Apple is experimenting with a new material to make these screens from.

This material will allow the screen to heal itself by removing the scratches.

It is not like a terminator where the screen could heal a huge scratch.

This technology is still under development.

Researchers in Arkansas university where able to develop a new material from Graphene that can store energy better.

Graphene is form of Carbon that could be great for storing energy in the right circumstances.

This could be great for CPUs that can consume energy from this material.

It is still under development by these researchers. New devices might come with a graphene battery as it has good features.

It is really great.

A new study from UK about caffeine and its effects on the body after a bad sleeping experience.

Some of us sleep bad and wake up in the morning to drink coffee thinking that it might help make you feel more awake.

The study was conducted on 29 women.The study showed the women’s metabolism isn’t affected that much with drinking coffee in the morning after a bad sleeping experience.

But those who are used to drinking coffee after bad sleeping experience will be exposed to more harm.

According to the study, this will affect the metabolism up to 50%.
But even so, Coffee is essential to keep reading our articls guys hhhhhh, but really, Balance is great in all life’s aspects.

It is great to be balanced with your food and coffee intake along with a good night sleep.

Let’s now discuss the last news in this blog about Apple and their GEEP company from Canada.

Apple will sue GEEP company, which helps them with recycling iPhones.

This goes back to 2017, Apple discovered that this company doesn’t recycle all the devices Apple gives them.

Some devices are refurbished and redistributed again where they can reconnect to the internet again.

With this step, Apple knows that certain devices are not recycled, instead they’re working again.

GEEP was supposed to recycle all of the devices Apple gives them.

This process continued until 2019, and then Apple stopped working with the company.

Apple decided to stop working them because of their misconduct.

Apple waited to build up a case and now they’re asking this company for 33 million USD in compensations.

Apple accuses GEEP of reselling 100K iPhone and iPad devices without Apple’s permission instead of recycling them.

Apple knew that these devices are being resold, They waited to build a case against them.

They were also studying the market.,Apple system lets them know when their devices are online and when they are offline.

I can personally confirm this to you. Apple knows when exactly a given device is activated and when is the first time this device is connected to the internet.

Apple could also know more details about their devices. GEEP company accused three of their employees of reselling these devices without their permission.

But Apple says that an executive employee is allowing this to happen.

Apple’s case is stronger as these devices were tested and labeled as recyclable but GEEP decided to resell them anyway without safety consideration.

GEEP shouldn’t have done that. I am very eager to know more details about this case.

Apple is company was an excellent brand. They also have powerful softwares where they can control things we haven’t heard of yet.

This is the end of this blog fast news.

See you later.👋