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Hello guys, your Coffee and Let’s start😈, We all know that every device has great shortcuts. But the new Samsung OneUI 3.0 has great shortcuts. I haven’t made a review similar to this in a long time.

This review contains a lot fo beautiful and useful shortcuts. These shortcuts are for Samsung devices, and I will show which devices, aside from the S21 series that support it.

These shortcuts are not only for the Ultra device, rather, it is for other devices. Let’s start: But before I begin, you should know that Samsung has developed the OneUI 3.0 with many new features.

Now, the UI is more simple and easy to use than other iterations. Also, Samsung has enhanced these shortcuts a lot: The enhancements include the main screen, notifications and the quick shortcuts bar.

The animation affects have also been enhanced. One of these shortcuts is that now, you can added widgets to the Lock Screen.

The shortcuts bars has been redesigned to become more simply and easy to use. You can add a dynamic Lock Screen, where the background will change automatically. The background will change every time you to open the device with new suggested background from Samsung.

You can now display the o’clock with the Always-On Display feature. This feature has become basic in devices, nowadays. It’s been developed and now you can added an o’clock and change its colors and even add GIFS from Samsung.

You can download them from the Galaxy Themes stores.You can even choose your own photos from the photo album. Notification control feature will let you choose which app to display notifications.

You can show notifications for certain apps. You can also change the way the notifications are displayed. You can choose to include simple information or all the details of the notifications.

OneUI lets you even change the background of phone calls. You can also add a video instead of a photo to the background. You can change the way the caller’s name is displayed.

Controlling the audio is now easier, where you can control the all the audios that the device produces. There’s also a great feature that is showing notifications as a bubble. It’ll show a smaller version of the app, where you can replay to your notifications.

This way, you can reply to notifications quickly, without ,needing to open the app. These bubbles are great for conversations.

You can also added a colorful frame to the screen when a notification arrives. There are a number of customizable frames. Mute will stop all the sounds from the devices for a certain time.

The time could be 2 minutes, 2 hours, 6 hours or however you prefer.

You’re not yet used to the new navigations gestures?

You can restore the navigation buttons, You can easily restore the previous menu and edit it, too. If you swipe from the right, the shortcuts bar will appear.

This bar will enable you to access apps quickly without the need to visit the main app menu. This bar is customizable. You can add or edit it to add more shortcuts. You can add contacts, and tools such as the compass or the ruler among many other things. You can tap anywhere on the screen to put the device to sleep.

Or you can tap it twice to wake the device up. But make sure that you don’t tap on an app icon. S21 Ultra comes with a huge screen, huge battery and a powerful CPU to enable you to do all of your tasks easily. With all of these shortcuts, it’ll be easier to manage the device.

You’ll get addicted to these shortcuts, and whenever you use another device it’ll be a bit strange that it won’t support these shortcuts.

Google Duo app supports video and audio calls. This app is now pre-installed on OneUI 3.0, You can call any stored contact using a regular phone call or using the Google Duo app. Copy/paste feature has also been enhanced.

Once you copy a word, it’ll appear on the keyboard. There’s no need to tap and hold so that the paste option to appear. But if you tap and hold, the clipboard will appear. It’s a library where all the copied items will appear.

You can choose between texts, photos or a screen capture you took before. Did you delete a message and would like to restore it? You can do that now with devices that run OneUI 3.0, There’s an option called recycle bin, where you can restore deleted messages easily.

In the past, users couldn’t restore deleted messages. When switching a new device, some users find that they have duplicate contacts.

Using advanced settings, you can delete contacts or merge them together. Yo can also edit contacts and sync them, Don’t miss this feature, since you’ll be shocked with the amount of duplicate contacts you have.

Do you use the phone a lot and would like to minimize the usage?

There’s a new feature from Samsung that would allow you to do that. You can now check the time you spend on the device in details. This feature will give you solutions to minimize your usage.

What app do you use the most?

Focus Mode will make you use the device less while studying or working. You can manually enable this mode. You can also add allowed apps to be used while the mode is turned on. Once you enable it, you’ll be able to study or work better.

This way, you can focus on your work or study without any distractions. Sleep Time mode is a feature that will allow you mute all notifications and audio from your device.

Even phone calls will be muted. The screen will turn to be grey. This will give you a better sleep time without any distraction.

This feature will enable you to choose sleep/wake up time. Parental control has become better, since it is now in cooperation with Google’s Family Link app. With these tools, you can define use time and sleep time for kids and stop sharing their locations among other things.

There’s also a Samsung Kids mode, which is a mode with UI suitable for kids. It is available on the device itself. You can allow certain apps to be used depending on the kids’ age. There’s also more parental control options.

You can limit the usage time, and allow for certain contacts to be called and contacted. You can also limit the apps and media the kids can access. Which is a very useful feature.

This way, kids won’t be able to reach apps or media stored on your device.

Do you have private files and photos?

Secure Folder mode will enable you to hide these files. These files could be photos, notes, apps and so on. You can lock it with a passcode or using the in-display fingerprint sensor on the S21 Ultra.

You can link your device to a Windows laptop using the Link To Windows features. This feature allows you to connect the phone to your Windows laptop. You can read messages and use apps using it. You can also browse photos from the laptop among many other features.

Let’s not forget Samsung DEX feature:

This feature give you a computer-like experience with you phone by connecting it to an external screen. This feature is wireless now. You can connect the device to any screen that supports Mirror Cast.

DEX will also enable you to use the phone as a trackpad or keyboard. And of course one of the great features of the S21 Ultra is the Smart View feature. It allows your device to connect to screen using the Mirror Cast feature.

It’s done wirelessly, and you can control the device with touch input if the screen supports it. I’ll made other similar reviews with other Samsung devices.

With Quick Share feature you can share files with other Samsung devices quickly and easily. You can also enhance the audio experience by enabling the Dolby Atmos feature. This feature will deepen the audio automatically. It also supports different modes such as Music, Movies and Audio.

You don’t know how to enable Dolby Atmos? Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. Then press on Customize and then you can add a lot of shortcuts to your device. These shortcuts will appear quickly. You then will know the amount of shortcuts your device supports and you can easily access them.

Screen recording feature has been enhanced with more features. You can record the screen with your audio, record the screen using the audio from the device or record it without audio.

Enhanced processing feature has also been enhanced to offer better CPU and GPU performance. This means you’ll get better performance while using the device. This feature consumes lots of energy, but it’ll be great for games.

Saving Power feature has been enhanced on OneUI to become smarter. With this feature, Always-On Display feature will be turned off.

You can also lower the CPU performance up to 70%. 5G will be disabled and the screen brightness will be lowered. You can also enable App Restrictions feature. This feature will present a less power hungry UI and enable certain apps to be used.

Your device is slow and the battery runs out quickly?

The maintenance feature will close all apps in the background and check its security. It’ll also empty up the RAM. You can also remove files you no longer need using this feature.

Of course you know about the power sharing feature. But let me remind you of it. This feature turns your device to be a wireless charger. You can charge other devices that support wireless charging off your device. Lots of you ask about virus protection.

Samsung have cooperated with Mcafee to offer bette protection against threats. This mode will offer you more protection agains harmful apps. And it works automatically or manually.

You’ll be shocked of the threats some apps have. Try out this feature.

🤡 What about the Game ? 🤡 YOU TALK TOO MUCH MAAAAN! i’m the Joker and i love games…What’s new?

Th GAME? Oooh Sorry bro, i almost forget! 😈

Games is one of the things Samsung have focused on with the OneUI in S21 Ultra device. While gaming, if you swipe to the right, a new Game Enhancer icon will appear. Using it, you’ll be offered lots of capabilities.

The capabilities include enhance gaming, monitor the device’s temperature the RAM. It also offers choices like battery percentage and taking a screenshot.

You can also enable the Priority Mode, which will enhance the gaming experience. With this mode turned on, the side bar will disappear.

You won’t leave the game unless you provide the passcode. There’s also another app called Game Launcher. It’s pre-installed on the devices. Check it.

Using it, you’ll know the amount of time you’ve spent gaming. It’ll also show downloaded games and more suggestions for games from Samsung. You can also link it to the Discord app. It offers enabling the Game Enhancer mode I previously discussed.

You can enable the preferred settings before starting the game. Sometimes, reaching the Shutter button could be hard while taking photos with big devices.

Usually these devices are to be used two-handedly. Samsung fixed this problem through the ability to move the place of the shutter button to make it easier to take photos.

If you drag the shutter button to the bottom, you’ll be able to take a number of photos with no limit. Then you can choose the best frame.

One of the options Samsung offer is the ability to delete all the alteration you’ve done to a photo even after saving it.This feature will save you lots of time if you want to revert back to the original photo. You can then restore the original photo without any edit.

Samsung has added a long-waited feature to the S Series devices. And it has finally come to the S21 Ultra. This feature is the Stylus support.

Now, Joker, you can use the Note 10’s or 20’s S Pen with your device. You can also buy a separate stylus with dedicated it. To clarify, Note’s S Pen need recharging. But without charging, it’ll offer the regular options. I’ll mention the things the Pen can do.

Once you place the pen on the screen, and menu will pop up with features that the Pen supports. The first option is to create a menu. Once you press on it, you’ll be able to write notes, There will be lots of options to change the shape and color of the font. The second option will show all the notes previously written.

Really 🤡?

Yes Joker, The third is the smart selection. This feature will allow you to take screenshots and the ability to extract the texts from the photo.

The second option to write on the screen. Here, you can take a screenshot and write on it.

The fifth is the direct messages. You can write messages with animation using the Notes even after taking a screenshot. The sixth options is to scribble using AR.

The camera app will open and you can take photos using AR. You can also make videos and share it with others.

The seventh option is translation, You can select an sentence using the pen and it’ll be translated. The eighth is the PENUP feature. It’ll offer a number of colorable photos. t’ll also show a tips on how to draw. There are also more options.

All of these shortcuts work on the S21 Ultra device. It also works on the whole S21 series. The older the device, the less chance these shortcuts will work. Some of it will work and others won’t.

That’s why I made sure to include other devices that support these shortcuts in this video. That’s how you’ll be able to know what shortcuts work on your device.

😈 It’s great, isn’t it? 🤡 you impressed me as always, go on on…

😈 There are lots of shortcuts. Let me know the shortcuts that I haven’t included in this review to include them in the next one, 🤡 Okey, i will see…

I should also remind you that Google services work on this device and all Samsung devices. This means that your investment will last for a long time.

Software updates have become better now. Samsung listens to your suggestions, too. Let me know your opinions in the comment sections.

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