Test🔥: The New Galaxy Buds Pro? 🤫🙊Yes or No?😈

Review 74: 23.01.2021 at 05:00 pm

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Hello guys, how are you today? my cup of coffee is over and i am writing an article Do they deserve an upgrade? Galaxy S21 / S21 +  , so i brought another hot cup coffee, you too no? 😍 let’s talk about new Galaxy pro 2.😈

Samsung announced just at the same time as the new galaxy s 21 s-21 plus and s 2, it cracks, I’m currently working to test so expect in a few days to have two new reviews article on these famous phones.

these headphones succeed in themselves to the galaxy bud, light output was announced last August of headphones, which was very very good, they simply lacked something essential to be interesting and very competitive, it was active noise reduction and good. it is therefore done with these pro buzz galaxies which therefore embeds a reduction of active noise.

I got listening to its customers, and it’s very very good, but in order to have active noise reduction worthy of the name, it is therefore necessary, have in-ear headphones what are these galaxies your pro.

unlike blood live galaxies which was right and headphones, that we came to drop in his ears on the exterior design side, we already find the same product case, because it didn’t work it was anyway light plastic practice, but interesting because it takes care of a wireless side and the other side in usb, it is therefore frankly it is the case perfect since, it can be stored anywhere in a jacket in a pocket in a bag without taking the smallest space, and I personally it’s one of my favorite boxes of in-ear headphones, hole elsewhere leaves wireless bluetooth in short we can put anything we want after, which the headphones have 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, and the case allows you to add 13 hours of autonomy, so you can have up to 18 hours of battery is a little less than the competition.

For example, the airpod pro whose case allows you to have 24 hours of autonomy simply, headphones have a better autonomy why not than the airpod pro. Than in four hours and a battery there.

We therefore have five hours of battery, but for me, it is not really at the negative point, because on my side, I am not never fallen, into the harbor of autonomy, because its load everywhere whatsoever on his phone in usb, these five minutes of charges allow to have an hour of batteries.

so it is really very complicated to fall to zero with headphones in five minutes, it takes an hour, it’s great they are available in three colors that match a little with the galaxy s 21, we have black as this one purple but also silver, even if I confess that I was still a big fan of bronze slag released with galaxies only 20. as these are intra-auriculars we can of course change in bouya.

Three sizes available and they are not cotton swabs at all, beans, it’s just a little button that you put in your ear sad hop it’s very nice, and that’s the positive side, against the negative side, is that as soon as we put in the ear and we want them a little, reposition well as the outer surface is tactile, often has some tendency to press on it, and therefore to take breaks or change music, or lower the dark in short, it depends on what you have configured in the application there is a small step to take and it is sometimes a little disturbing and therefore precisely they are tactile, everything is managed via the application vailable on ios as on android.

we can come to activate or deactivate its dribbling nicknamed active we can change the music we could be hurt, we can pause we can also launch spotify or simply lower the volume, so it’s very customizable and frankly, it works very very good if you have a samsung smartphone, that treats him three points.

you have instant connection, you open the box you bring, it closer to your smartphone, is directly they will be detected and you can directly connect them if you have an android phone or an iphone, it will be necessary to go through the blues, as a classic audio device for this style of headphones, it is favor anyway for samsung products once in my ear.

i still find they hold up super well, they really have a good fit, it slips on easily they find their place there, is no problem like I said, this are buttons, it will not be much in the ear, you look pretty black like that a little shiny sarrance great, me design side find that very cool the sound, is good it is even very very good, has good bass the voices are very thin the treble is just right in short frankly.

the sound is very very good, it’s been a pleasure for five or six days I use them to listen to my music, with what I tested on the train in the subway in the street at my house, in stores everywhere honestly.it works great, we can have a equalizer in the app with different additions or different change this to your liking, I like ours personally.

So i left another so big question: is this active noise reduction it is good or not?🤔

there are three modes we will see: the noise reduction mode activate the mode off, and the mode a little transparency that samsung apps they are in good quotes honestly.

the proactive reduction and very cali yes, she and cali to that changes galaxies live mode, which at the time did not have in itself, when they were announced with a target reduction of 97%, sooner than as, it was not intra, auricular it was complicated to have one there, we ad intra auriculars and its trend and up to 99% active noise reduction.

so that’s very very cool, she is good, she works very well even if i find that we are a little bit below the frau pop tunes, which still times are really the standard in terms of discount wireless bluetooth headphones collective, there that are a little less good, they not cover all noise, whether for example in the metro with noise continuous rails in the train, and much the same with the noise of the rolling train works very well, but we are really in the mood for something a little better like meals too much, you talk a lot about cheating rests in this review article.

well, yes today, the post pro era are the standards, so you might as well compare a standard with novelties maybe even challengers on the other hand small.

Negative point: is that as soon as the headphones sound in his ears that, activates ambient sound i.e.

we have no music and we have microphones, which captures the outside sound pushes them back inside and therefore hear, everything that goes without having that effect of earplugs in a small hook which can be heard which shows that the microphone, is activated and above all we can hear his voice, is very different than if we didn’t have them. so it’s a small point negative afterwards.

I agree that when you have headphones in your ears, is for listening to music is not for having the microphone activated to listen to what’s going on around, it’s a false problem, feature is available, and I believe this is the first time I see it in headphones, is that if you listen to your music with the active noise reduction, and you speak directly, it will switch to mode transparency, turn down so that you can have a conversation with someone in front of you and after ten seconds it will put on good music, with the month of gross reduction is activated, and your music to volume classic is very good on paper, because in reality it’s still very different, because this is where we realize that day by day, daily and quite simply we talk to ourselves very often without do it on purpose.

we are going to make names and see you all and we are going to sneeze who actually, will be picked up by the microphones, so the non-stop flight sound is lowered and after ten seconds back up, is good for example in the train to the controller comes to ask you for your ticket, there it is very practical supported by cons.

when you are walking in the street you are shopping that tell you no, I’m cheated, in fact you talk to yourself and in the headphones the course and lessons drop, so it’s a little disturbing, it’s not very practical.

Me personally I deactivate them, but in my opinion it gives me could change that in a future update, and try to adapt it, so that this either only the sentences that they are heard by the headphones and not not just the small ones and one at the new pkoi rate and besides if from the field which.

let’s not talk about the contracts never your music is from elsewhere for what poses, the question about the microphone: when we make a call, nobody told me that it is a real concern that its exterior or interior, so, Frankly for once it’s great it will then be possible to connect two lose two galaxies bac pro on a single product, via flesh bug, is limited by contract samsung products but it works.

Great, if you ever have two products you are on the train and you watch it a movie several 360 audio also makes its appearance, with his pro boots, which is frankly for roughing the thing like the space pro modes audio show you watch, your movie is if you move your head, or as you move your phone lesson will follow the orientation of the phone y headphones, it works extremely well, it’s on youtube on netflix in ten.

no longer on your own videos, but I think it’s still a bit pushed, because as soon as you are going to change a centimeter a millimeter, your head or just the phone, and you going to have content that will go from left ear to right ear, it’s not extremely practical.

so the device on my side I look a little disabled, and abandoned and besides, it is only compatible this functionality with a samsung phone.

And finally, auto switch which is the possibility to manage the whole samsung ecosystem and that’s great because many do not know it, but for example, you are watching a video on your samsung tablet with its headphones your phone rings automatically, the phone ringtone will go to their earphones, and you can pick up with you hang up you resume the video directly on your tablet, or your television, what you want is extremely practical.

once again, you have to be in a samsung ecosystem, but that’s great either we see the headphones are really perfect if you have a whole.

Samsung ecosystem if you are a bit on android a bit on chip apple, samsung is fine but you will be a bit limited on some features their price of 129 euros is therefore 50 euros, less than still noticeable trial rests, but especially these five years turn more than galaxies boss live.

so i agree right now they’re pretty much close to 100 euros, the galaxies buzz live there is a broken price with the release of these headphones, but honestly I really advise you to put the 229 euros instead of live mode galaxies, because there you have a and good product which is perfect in has a small practical light box which
Wirelessly charges small, light and powerful headphones with pretty colorful design, which are very interesting, which have the active reduction with a pleiad of features.

if you are sure samsung ecosystem is frankly, 229 euros is a great value for money is still in a few weeks, a few months they can largely drop to 200 or 179 euros, and there for the suddenly it will be an unbeatable price, moreover, if today you buy on the samsung site you have a free wireless charging base, and if you buy a galaxy s 21 ultra, you have these headphones offered in more than a smart tags, which is a small product that you connect to your things every day to better locate them.

So do I recommend these headphones to you totally still? 😈

Yes😍 more if you are on the sap ecosystem so you will be delighted so is what.

samsung has succeeded in its bet to finally make headphones worthy of the name and competitive the answer is yes and that is very very cool, i can’t wait to see if the updates will improve the little ones, bridges that I said or just the galaxies boxing pro.

second version which will be released perhaps I do not know that we see there so what, I could say concerning these pro buzz galaxies besides do not hesitate if, of course you have questions the comments are there for that big buzz.

instead of having lice this goal, if you enjoyed this test, we meet, very soon to talk about the galaxy s 21 ultra, 😈 which has been testing for a few days now which is very promising and very very nice in its phantom black color adjusted to the galaxy s pro in short it’s great take care of.

see you soon in the next reviews guys…💪