Surveillance Camera Visualize all angles❗ Ezviz C6W❗ What is the pros and cons❓ 🤔

Review 205: 29.07.2021 at 08:00 pm

Would you to monitor your home, kids or what happens in your home from afar?

This camera is an option from Ezviz. Let’s find our more about the Ezviz C6W camera.

Hello guys, I’ve reviewed lots of cameras before from Ezviz, and now, I’ll give you my full experience with this camera.

The C6W camera comes with spherical design. This camera supports features and technologiesthat distinguish this camera from the rest.

I’ll explain these features and technologies in this review. There’s an app called Ezviz for this camera.Through this app, you can control anything related to this camera. The app is available on Android and iPhones.

Why is the design of this camera spherical?

Because it move in panoramic 360 degrees horizontal manner. Vertically, it can move up to 75 degrees. If installed in a correct way, you can see nearly every angle. With the app, you can move the camera to any direction. It can move to the right, left up and down. But there’s a blindspot.

The camera nearly rotates 340 degrees. It can move up and down as you like.The camera comes with base to help you install it on the ceiling. It supports two options: wired and wireless connection. But I’ll talk about the wired connection in this review.

The response of the camera is good with the wired connection. There’s an option to reverse the picture to see it correctly. It supports auto-tracking, whereas if something moves in front of the camera, it’ll track it with 4x zoom. With this, you won’t miss anything.

We tried it, and it tracked the person in the frame. We also directed the camera to one of the employees here, and as soon as he moved, the camera kept tracking him.

The camera tracks anyone who enters the place quickly. The camera can recognize humans accurately. But for it to work, the face must not be covered.The camera will then recognize humans and track them.

Let’s now discuss the resolution of the camera.The camera’s resolution is 4MP and it can record 2K videos.It can also see in the dark using infrared for up to 10m. But with this, there will be a bit noise, which is normal and expected.

The details, however, will be very clear. The camera supports a technology called WRD (Wide Dynamic Range) This technology will enhance light in scenes.

This means that the details will be clearer. If there’s light behind someone in the frame, this technology will lower the brightness so that you can see more details. You can then see things clearly.

The camera comes with a speaker, where you can hear the person in front of it. There’s also a mic to help you listen to what they say. The camera comes with an SD card slot with up to 256GB support.

You can use t save the videos directly from the camera. When searching for videos, the pieces where there’s no movement in them are highlighted.

And the pieces where there’s a movement will have a different color. We’re used this with these systems.

Also, it is available with wired systems. It’s great that Ezviz have brought this technology to the app. WIth this feature, you’ll save time looking for videos.

There’s also a service when you store videos in the cloud instead of storing them in an SD card. The security of the app is very good.

This feature, however, isn’t supported yet in all countries. But we’ll let you know when it is.

Can you open the app to watch live videos?

Yes you can, and you can also enable notifications. If there’s any movement in the place, the app will send you a notification. The camera can also be connected to Smart Home ecosystem.

Can it be connected in a wired manner?

Yes, because it has an ethernet port.But to clarify, this is not an POE port. That’s why you’ll need another power cable.

What if I have guests and I don’t want the camera to record?

There’s a mode called Privacy mode. When activated, the camera will be covered. It is a great addition.

Let me now discuss the pros and cons:


The comes with a great design and records with nearly 360 degrees. The resolution of the recorded videos is very high. It has a speaker and mic and the app is very easy to use. The app fully supports many languages.


There’s a flicker sometimes in the videos. This could be irritating if it happens in important shots.It also doesn’t support batteries.

To fix it on the ceiling, there has to be electricity near it. It doesn’t record 360 degree horizontally or 180 vertically videos. You’ll need to know how the manage the camera from the app. and I wished the base came with threads, though.

Who can benefit from it?

It is great for homes, but you’ll need an electric outlet next to it.

It is great for monitoring kids. You can monitor kids and give them directions using the integrated speaker. You can also hear them through the integrated mic. The app will be great to use.

Having more than one camera at home could be suitable for some of you. Evaluate your needs before, though. There are other wireless and wired cameras that offer great capabilities.

The box contains the camera, power cable, base and screws. If you want to fix it on a wall or the ceiling, then you’ll need to use the base.

The price of the camera is 89 USD in

I’ll leave link here if you like it: Evaluate your needs before you make a decision.🛒

Recorded videos are stored on the camera, and you can manage and watch the videos from the app.

What do you think of these cameras? Have you used a camera from Ezbiz before?

Is there other cameras from Ezbiz that you’d like me to review?

Let me know in the comment section. This is the end of this review guys.

See you later.