SuperCars Reviews: BMW M8 Competition 2020! 😱 🔥🔥🔥

Blog 27: October 27, 2020 at 08:30 pm By @otto.magazin.eng


💬 Our coverage today is for a car that is not an ordinary one, in my personal opinion, this is the most luxurious car manufactured by BMW for this moment!

The most powerful V8 engine, all the luxury and technology in this car, high performance, an unusual icon! 👏

Hello guys, welcome to this super car review article with BMW M8 Competition 2020!

It is a competition version, meaning that it is not an exclusive edition, but a version with many features, a performance on it, but this car is truly exceptional.

Let’s begin Guys ! Please don’t forget your best coffee, 🍵 😍 today’s article is luxurious and primarily sport.

Quick exterior look, the outer cover is made of aluminum, laser lights, reveals a distance of 600 meters, the latest technology at BMW, the hatch grilles, its size is gigantic, chrome is painted in black color, and the M8 logo is in the matte black color that distinguishes this version.

As for the front of the car, it has a large number of carbon fiber from the edges, which is an added advantage, as for the mirrors, they are also made of carbon fiver, and the roof of the car is always made of carbon fiber in most M performance cars.

The rims of the Competition version are special rims, and there is a hatch near the rims that is also made with carbon fiber, but it is only for appearance, the car weight distribution is strong, as for the car from the back, of course the sensors are present, 360-degree cameras, with the M8 Competition logo, in black as well .

As for the trunk, there are available storage spaces, 420 liters, which is a good space for this car, which is locked by a button. For the rear diffuser is made of carbon fiber as well.

The car from the inside, the cars, the Competition version is always the most luxurious, the most luxurious types of leather, and carbon fiber is present in every part of the car, and from the differences that distinguish this version, in the door hatch written on it M8 Competition, 😍😍😍

The car in terms of technology and technology, in the latest and newest BMW comes with this spark, you guys, The screen size is 10.2 / 5 inch, and touch.

idrive is a very advanced car, it can connect the car to the internet, and know the traffic, traffic jams with the navigation system, and you can program it with your phone to send to your phone every specific period according to the settings, 360-degree images, it can also exit the garage alone without the need for manual driving, a car Smart adapts a lot to its driver.

This car has a new screen, 10 inches, with a large number of important information, my coffee is over! I’m going to make a new coffee, guys, can I bring you with me?

We said that the screen contains a set of important information, driving positions, and the meters change their shape according to your behavior.

As a tip, if you want to buy a car that combines luxury, elegance and strength, I recommend this car to you, but I am addressing the class that has no problem with money, and this is a reality, because its price is somewhat high, my friends.

Do you have money? Buy this model, and have fun.

The wireless charger is present, USB connectors and others are all there, but the problem is with the back seat, it is rather small! Quite frankly.

Guys, I can’t describe the engine’s sound, I write articles, not videos, so I don’t know how to describe the engine’s great sound to you.

Actually science fiction, impossible! The car is great and legendary, the honesty, I like it a lot, I am excited to drive it, there is a new addition to driving the car called M Mode! It controls the screen and the position of the cap, and if you keep pressing it, it will completely turn off the screen and radio, and target it is the total focus around driving.

The car becomes stronger and has action, and thus a set of technologies is shortened in this M Mode button. There is a button M1 and M2, you control the modes that you want to drive this car, the car also has a mode for FUN which is converting the car to rear-wheel drive, imaginative action, to prepare for the sports show, mmmm delicious coffee this time! Better than the previous one.

Shock absorbers give the best car performance, and the car accelerates from 0 to 100, 3 seconds and 2 parts! The top speed is either electronically fixed, 250 or 305 km / h! An authentic German missile!😍

The brake performance is great, the weight of the car is not light, but the car is huge and big, 1850 kg! But you will be refreshed by really driving it, a great car with the latest technology.

Gear car 8-speed automatic, missile in the shift, depending on the driving modes increases the violence in performance, increases its power with the rear-wheel drive system.

The car with the Extra system gives strong confidence, a beast of breakers with a V8 engine with 625 hp! Imagine with me?😱

There are many differences between the M8 and the M8 Compitition, especially the bottom of the car, in the engine oil cooler we find the M8 Compitition an aluminum base, its size is large, and there are intertwined parts that increase the stiffness of the car, while driving it feels more solid and strength, and rims The car is of course different, they are lighter in weight, as for the shock absorbers, they are large on the regular M8 version, and the engine bases are completely different and stiffer than the regular M8, because whoever buys this car takes it in strong and violent races, the German manufacturers have taken great care of these matters.

There are many differences, but it is not apparent, as many parts of the M8 Compitition are made of aluminum and not iron, because aluminum is much better and more expensive, and the rear barrels are different as well, and these are the most important differences, unfortunately, the car.

In terms of performance, I think the M8 competition is much better than the M5 Compitition, the BMW Bravo.👏

See you in the next review guys.👍