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Hi guys, Sorry I have been absent these days, I have been very ill, but today I am in good health, I have missed you guys,😍 Apple’s California Streaming event just finished, where Apple announced the new developed iPhone series. We expected Apple to announce new wireless headphones, but instead, they released two new iPads.

In this review, I’ll summarize the event for you. At the beginning of the event, Apple discussed the most important numbers and environmental work they do. They discussed the new services coming to the Apple TV platform.

They also discussed their own content like movies and TV series. These new content will make Apple TV platform great. Then they discussed the first product in the event, which is the 9th gen iPad 2021 version. This iPad comes with the A13 Bionic CPU, which is 20x faster than the 8th gen of the same series. The device comes with a new 12MP Wide front facing camera. Apple made sure to show that this new iPad is directed for students. The iPad supports a better camera, better audio system and the new Center Stage feature, which tracks users in the frame.

These new features make the iPad excellent for students. The device will run iPadOS 15. The price of the device starts from 380 USD for the WiFi version. And 530 USD for the SIM card version.

The new iPad will be available starting from 24th of September. Apple also announced a new amazing iPad mini. It comes with a new flat design similar to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The new iPad mini comes with a 8.3″ Liquid Retina display. And similar to the iPad Air, It comes with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. It is a great feature. The CPU is 40% faster than the previous iPad mini’s CPU, and of course it comes with a USB-C port.

I’ll get this iPad and review it before it is available in the market. I’ll also bring all of the new devices and review them. I’ll compare the devices with others. Stay subscribed and enable the notification bell. It is an excellent step that the iPad mini supports 5G. It also comes with a 12MP with HDR and 4K support. The front facing camera is also Ultra Wide 12MP with Center Stage support. The device supports Apple Pencil 2nd gen since it comes with flat edges that can charge the pencil. The price of the device starts from 579 U for the WiFi version. The SIM card version costs 745 USD. The iPad mini will be available in markets starting from 24th of September.

Apple then announced the new Apple Watch Series 7. I was excited for a new design similar to iPad and iPhone. But the watch comes with a design similar to the Series 6 design. The new watch comes with a thinner design and a bigger screen. The screen has a curvy beautiful design, but it is not what I was expecting. The screen’s brightness is 70% more than the previous generation. The screen is now harder than before. The watch supported a better dust resistant with a battery that lasts for a full day. The watch comes with 5 colors: red, blue, olive, white and black. It comes with the same specs as the previous generation. It didn’t come with new health sensors like the blood sugar sensor. The watch will be available in the fall.

The watch will be delayed. There are different versions, like the aluminum and Hermes and Nike with cool bands. I’ll review it even before it is available in the market.

Apple also announced the iPhone 13 family, which is kind of exciting. The devices are iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. The design is very similar with few changes. All of the devices come with a smaller Face ID notch. The Face ID is more advanced, works from different angles, faster and at the same time, smaller than before. The second change is that the rear cameras on the 13 mini and 13 have a different design. Before, the cameras were vertical, but now, they’re diagonal. They come with 5 different colors: red, white, black, blue and starlight. The starlight looks like a rose/white color. The screen sizes are the same as the last year. The 13 mini comes with a 5.4″ screen size, while the 13 comes with a 6.1″ screen size. The brightness is higher. In regular scenarios, the brightness is 800, but when playing HDR, the brightness reaches 1200.

The devices come with the new A15 Bionic CPU. Apple said it is 50% faster than before, but they didn’t say which generation. The graphics are also 30% faster than before. I’ll discuss these numbers with you later, when they’re available. The cameras withdraw light better than before with less noise. The devices come with the same OIS mechanism found in the 12 Pro Max. They also come with better HDR enhancements. The new devices also support Cinematic Video feature. This feature helps users control portrait and focus. This feature is supported by the A15 Bionic CPU. The device supports more 5G bands and carriers around the world. The 13 mini supports 1.5 hours more of battery, while the 13 supports 2 hours more of battery. The storage starts from 128GB up to 256GB and 512GB.

The mini starts from 816 USD, while the 13 starts from 925 usd. The devices will be available in 24th of September. The Pro versions come with the same design but with a smaller notch. The cameras now protrude more than before. It comes with 4 colors, and the new one is the light blue color. There’s also the gold, silver and black colors. The screen sizes are the same as last year, but this time, they support 120Hz refresh rate.

The refresh rate auto changes depending on the content and touch sensitivity. Both come with the new A15 Bionic CPU. Both devices come with the same camera specs. The cameras are similar to the iPhone 13 cameras, but they come with a third Telephoto camera. All three cameras support night mode.

Apple also talked about the Macro photos. With these Pro devices, you can take photos of objects that are 2cm away from the camera. This is a great feature. It is available in other devices, and they finally come to the iPhone 13 Pro devices. There’s also a Cinematic Video with Dolby mode. There’s another ProRes mode with RAW 4K@30fps videos. Apple said that these cameras are for professionals and showed an ad of professional using them.

These Pro and Pro Max devices are meant for professional content creators, not only for snapchat. While the iPhone 13 is more for ordinary users. The 13 Pro offers 1.5h more battery, while the Pro Max offers 2.5h more battery compared to the previous generation. The storage starts from 128GB up to 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The 13 Pro price starts from 999 USD. The 13 Pro Max price starts from 1099 USD. The devices will be available starting from 24th of September. Preorders will start from 17th of September. Hopefully, you like this new vertical format video on YouTube.

Hopefully, this summary review helps you decide which device is better for you. I’ll make reviews to compare this generation with the previous generation. I’ll also compare the colors and accessories. God benefit all of us.

Unfortunately, we have not seen the new headphones. Apple released a number of devices in this 80-minute event. Apple also discussed Fitness+ features, but they’re not available in our region.

See you guys, i have a lot of devices to review it all soon.

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Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine.