Summary of the Apple WWDC 2021 Developer Conference ❗🤡

Review 179: 11.06.2021 at 04:00 pm


The WWDC21 event just finished 2 day ago, where Apple announced their new softwares. Let me summarize the event for you. But let me remind you to bring your best coffee and let’sgo:☕

They started the event speaking about iOS 15 and the features coming to iPhones. FaceTime video calls have been updated to support spatial audio. You’ll feel like the person you’re speaking with is in the room with you to add more realism to the calls.

The mics have been updated to isolate unwanted audio around you using AI. The AI removes unwanted audio around you. FaceTime now supports Portrait video calls. You can also enable grid view to show all the participants. You can also share links to your FaceTime video calls with other users even on Android and other devices.

You can also share music albums and listen to them together. You can also watch videos together. The time will be synced so that you can watch these videos at the same time. You cal share activities with other apps, You can share your screen with others on different apps.

Apple made this available for all app developers. In the iMessage app, the way photos are shown has been updated. You can easily navigate and see them. Sharing has become easier for links, and they’ll show in Apple apps. You can then continue your conversation and add comments to it.

Apple called this feature Shared With You. The idea is that sometimes, people share links with us that we don’t have time to read or watch. This includes vides, photos and articles.

Through this feature, you can check what’s been shared with you and follow up with it. Notifications have also been updated.

There’s a Notification summary now that’s done using AI, AI will prioritize your notifications depending on how important they are. Don’t Disturb feature has also been updated.

Users will be shown your status to know that you’re not available or busy. But you can add exception like certain people and apps.

They also announced Live Text feature. This feature will recognize texts in photos even on a far way billboard. This will be helpful for users. You can also add your official documents like ID, home keys, car keys and hotel keys to the Wallet app.

These data can be added to the Wallet app. This Wallet app contains your bank cards and other payment methods like STC Pay. They also added direct support to the Watch with new design and approach.It uses AR. But it needs to be supported in more cities and countries.

Apple expanded the list of countries, but until now, there’s no any country in the Middle East. New features have also been added to the headphones to support people with special needs.

The mics now can pick up sound in a better way to enhance conversations. You can now find headphones just like you can find AirTags.

Spatial audio is now supported on Apple TV and M1 Mac devices. Apple Music now also supports Dolby Atmos. There was an argument about this topic a week ago.

Let me now discuss iPads:

iPadOS has been updated, too. You can now add widgets to the Home Screen of the iPad. App Library has also been added to the Home Screen. These new updates were brought from iPhones.

Multitasking is now enhanced and splitting screen is easier. You can also swap from the corner to open apps quicker. The Notes app has been updated to support Mentions and Hashtags. Blogging is also enhanced, where you can pull the app from anywhere to start writing a note. You can hide the app right after finishing writing a note. Dealing with links is easier now. This is also supported on third party apps.

Let me now discuss Privacy, where Apple talked a lot about in this event. Each new feature mentioned in the event was linked to privacy.

Now you can stop emails from knowing your location using IP addresses. You can hide the location among other data. There’s a new feature called App Privacy Report.

This feature will let you know the details of which apps have collected data from you. You’ll be able to know where these data went. Apple is fighting everyone when it comes to privacy.

They announced that Siri requests will be processed on the device. Siri won’t use the cloud to process your requests. Speaking of the cloud, let me now discuss iCloud. If you lose your account, you can now restore it using the help of a trusted contact.

This trusted contact will be able to offer you a code to restore your account with. You can also grant someone your data after you pass away. These are additional features.

Let me discuss the event:

They also announced iCloud+ with the same price. But this time with more privacy. No one will be able to know your online activities, even Apple.

With this feature you can also upload your security camera footages with end to end encryption, This means that you can upload no matter how much of data, and it’ll be connected to the Apple ecosystem.

Let me now discuss Apple Watch:

WatchOS 8 offers a new enhanced Breathing app. There’s also a new feature called Reflect. This feature will give you suggestions on how to enhance your mental health using data that it knows about you. When it comes exercises, new ones were added.

Let me now discuss the new Monterey OS for Macs:

All the previously mentioned data are supported on this OS.Using the mouse of the Mac devices, you can control MacBooks, iMacs and iPads at the same time. You won’t need Magic Keyboard for the iPad anymore.

You can easily move files between these devices. The presentation they made using the mouse to move between all screens was really beautiful.

Let me now discuss the Shortcuts app for Macs:

It is one of the apps they didn’t receive the attention it deserves. Hopefully, I’ll make a review about it to explain it for you. The Safari app has been redesigned to become more fluid and clear.

Tim Cook himself talked about this app. Sync between all devices with the same account is very quick too. Apple also focused on app developers.

They offer new APIs, new Swift app and better facilitation’s for developers. One of which is AR. They focused on the Swift app. They mentioned that out of the 1000 famous apps on their Store, most of them were built using Swift.

They also focused on how apps are enhanced on their platforms, such as iOS, iPadOS and macOS. They also introduced a new Xcode Cloud app.

Everything is available on the cloud, and the whole team can add and develop it on different devices. This will be very helpful for developers. Instead of gathering all developers in one place, Apple made the Xcode Cloud instead to let others works from afar.

This app is designed to work greatly with different apps.They also talked about the billions of dollars they’ve managed to grant to developers. This has been the summary of the Apple event.

They didn’t announce new devices. But it is expected that they’ll announce new devices in the upcoming weeks.

Where’s the iMac Pro, MacBook Pro with the new CPU?🤔

Where are the new headphones? What is this?🤔

Hopefully, they’ll announce new devices soon. This is the end of this review. Hopefully you like it.

See you soon.👋