Stop updates for one of the most beautiful note devices❗ Launch of the Apple Watch 7 near❗ Reasons for stopping the WhatsApp application❗🤔😈

12.10.21 at 08.00 am

😈 What’s new with WhatsApp not working on some devices? And how to avoid it? Is Facebook not working a conspiracy? And Samsung stops supporting one of the most beautiful Note device! And Apple updates their headphones with Find My support.

And I’ll show you how to update the headphones’ firmware. And I’ll briefly discuss a topic with you about good/bad content creating.🙏

🤡 Let’s read the latest news heroes hahaha hahaha

Okay Joker, 😍 WhatsApp confirmed that their app will work on devices with supported operating systems. If your device runs iOS 9 or lower, the service won’t work. If your device runs iOS 10 or above, WhatsApp will work normally. If you go to Settings, General, About, you’ll know the version of the OS on your device. If your device runs iOS 9, then after 1 November, WhatsApp won’t work on your device. Make sure to update your device to the latest supported OS and make sure to back your device up before updating it.

2K22 game is the most famous basketball game in the market, and it offers the best most realistic gaming experience. I recently received a package from 2K22 and I unboxed it on my different social media accounts. The gaming experience in this version has been massively enhanced. Defense and Offense have also been enhanced. The game is also updated with new cities and arenas. The loading time has been minimized, and the game now supports 4K@60fps resolution on PS5 consoles. The game also supports online gaming. This NBA 2K22 game is very fun to play. The enhancements this game has received are exciting.

The Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage has been subjected to conspiracy theories. The outage happened in Monday, and it lasted for 6 hours. The duration of the outage had been subjected to conspiracy theories. There were theories that the outage was caused because hacking by a 13 years old Chinese boy. And that the outage was intentional because of the issues between China and USA.

Lots of conspiracy theorists said that the outage is intentional. Some people around the world believe that it is a conspiracy theory. There are lots of theories about this available online. Facebook is obliged by law to explain the reason of the outage. Facebook said that there was a problem with the routers’ configuration, and it was reason behind the outage. By routers, they don’t mean small home routers, rather, they are big servers. It is strange, but that’s what Facebook said.

Comment: why didn’t anyone mention the LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro?

There’s actually no difference between them, It is a good question, but there’s nothing new with it.

Apple Watch series 7 is coming soon. Pre-orders will take place very soon, But Apple’s official website hasn’t said anything new about it. The website states that the watch will be available this Fall. The screen on the series 7 is bigger and more durable with lots of enhancements.

The AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have received a new update. To update the headphones, make sure that they are charged. Also make sure that the headphones are connected to your iPhone, and the update will automatically happen. The headphones will update by themselves. The new update version is 4A400.

How to know the headphones are updated, though?

Make sure the headphones are connected, then go to Settings, General, About. If the headphones are connected to the iPhone, there will be a section for it. If you open it, you’ll find the update version. Make sure that the update number is 4A400. We’re not sure what the new features are, though. The new Beats headphones have also received the new update for a better Find My integration.

Comment: is it necessary to backup the iPhone before updating it?

Let me give you an example: If you go to a carwash station, do you take your valuables from it? Lots of people don’t take their valuables from the car. The carwash station says that they are not responsible for any lost items. If you take your valuables out of the car, then you protect yourself. The same thing applies to the iPhone. If you backup your device, then you’ll be okay. In some cases, there would be a drop during the update process, and some or all data are deleted. To make sure that your don’t get lost or deleted, backup your device before updating it.

😍 I made will make soon a comparison between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. Considering the name, the Samsung might win the comparison. This is a unique comparison. One of the devices comes with a folding screen, while the other doesn’t. The comparison doesn’t make sense. For this reason, we made sure that this comparison review is unique.

Unfortunately 😩, Samsung has officially stopped supporting the Note 8 device. This device was released in 2017, and now it won’t receive any future updates. The device received 4 years of updates. I hope this changes. The device is still great. According to Samsung, the Note series hasn’t been discontinued.

Samsung is supposed to release a new Note device in 2022. They haven’t released a new Note device this year. The Note series is very important to Samsung, and I don’t think that they’ll discontinue it. I am not sure whether they’ll merge the Note series with the S series. But it won’t be discontinued. Note 8 was released after lots of problems that Samsung had faced back then.

Do you know what happened before the Note 8 was released?🙊

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Comment: my phone is Nova 5T and I haven’t received Android 11 until now. Why is that?

On their website, Huawei says that they’ll soon release the Android 11 update to the Nova 5T devices. Other users ask about the HarmonyOS support on this device, too. We’re not sure about this topic, yet. Users have to wait to know more details about updates.

So Guys, Make sure not to 100% believe the media, especially if the new are about somewhere where you know nothing about. Don’t fall for fake news. The Arab World along with so many other countries face a problem with fake news. These fake news thrive on Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms. Manipulating users into believing fake news is possible.

Make sure not to fall to news that uses passion, religion and feelings to manipulate you into believing it. Don’t circulate these news.

Let’s be careful…😈

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