🤡 SRT8 Modified Joker! 🃏🃏

Review 113: 20.03.2021 at 08:00 am


🤡 🕷 Joker! Let’s start ! Action!

Hello guys! Now it’s time to reveal the Joker identity !

Just kidding guys! I’m the Joker today! lol 😂

The star of today’s Special car article is a Joker themed Dodge Charger, Before we tell you about this insanely modified car!

Bring your drink today not coffee 🍻 hhhhhh, i’m kidding, bring your cup of coffee.☕

and let’s start our crazy blog with this Joker, with the terrifying Joker! Today’s star is a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT.

The car owner got it as a brand new car in 2012, He was obsessed with modifications, power, and acceleration.

He started modifying the car the minute he got it, He installed a supercharger, a modified exhaust, intake, etc..After he watched Dark Knight movie hhhh…

He wanted to create a Joker themed car instead of a fast car, He customized his car and turned it into a Joker themed car.

Joker character is very famous, he is the villain in Batman movies. This car doesn’t have a supercharger! It has the regular 6.4L V8.

The 6.4 engine is not weak! But it was much more powerful than now!

Let’s start with the exterior design:

The car is fully warped with airbrushed images, The Joker image on the hood and the sides of the car.

The foil color looks great in my personal opinion. The car has a custom-made hood.

The car has a front lip and side skirts, The rear bumper was also modified to improve aerodynamics and it looks wild!

The car rides on 20 wheels and the brake calipers are painted, The disc brakes are original SRT.

There is a louver on the rear window, It’s a nice exterior modification!

But you can still see the road behind you through the mirror . The headlights and tail lights are modified too.

You can turn them into circular shape and change their colors.

There are some decorations on the tail lights too.

Nice touches! We will see how they look at night.

The last thing we’ll talk about is the underglow lighting, Step on it!

We’ll step on it before we talk about the interior modifications.

Engaging the first gear! Hello SRT8! The naturally aspirated American melody!

Very nice cars! in real, i enjoyed with the acceleration of the American Muscle cars!

About interior modifications!

It’s insane! every inch inside is customized!

The dashboard, the front and rear door panels, have Joker decorations.

The same goes for the car seats. A terrifying theme!

These weird plastic weapons and even the fire extinguisher are all Joker themed!

You can find HA HA HA everywhere inside the car! Joker theme is everywhere!

Tell us how many HA HA HA you could find in the comments section!

The car has a great sound system with more than 15 speakers. If you open the trunk you will see a great number of speakers!

Sound quality is just great! How many watts? Even the car’s owner doesn’t know! hhh But sound quality is excellent!

There are also mood lights that can be controlled, You can pick the color you like!

Here is the remote control Knock yourself out!

The car has so many tricks! Here are the buttons to control mood lights and air suspension.

This was a fast review for Cars Modified…see you soon in the next review guys.👋

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