Sports Bracelet from Fitbit!🤷‍♂️! Worth buying? 😈

Review 56: December 11-2020, at 06:00 pm


Hello guys, bring your coffee or Tea, and in this review, i will help you to making a purchase decision the new Fitbit Sport smartwatches, so, I’ll review 3 products from Fitbit, Two of these are sport smartwatches and the third is a smart band.

I’ll start with the Fitbit Sense:😈

It’s their new line of production. This watch is considered their premium watch.The design is very similar to the Versa watch.

It comes with a square design made from stainless steel, But the difference is that it doesn’t have a physical button.

Instead, the body is carved in a shape of a button that you can squeeze, It is used to wake up the watch and control it, But it is not the best experience.

Still, this is the new style of the Sense watch, The screen is 1.58. The resolution is 336×336, The screen brightness reaches up to 1000 NITS.

It supports Always-On-Display, And it is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Fitbit watches are known for their beautiful UI and the heath and sport options they offer.

Let’s not forget that it supports Alexa. 😈

You can control the watch by squeezing it as it doesn’t have a physical button, It is a bit hard and lots of users have complained about it.

The watch offers lots of exercise options, It supports running, walking, swimming, biking and so on.

It also calculates burned calories and steps, It supports GPS.

The GPS offers accurate measurements and tracks your route, The watch also offers lots of health choices, It comes with a heart-rate sensor that works all the time, It also supports SpO2, It also supports Core Temperature measurement, It also supports Stress Management Score.

There are also lots of other choices, The watch is ATM5 certified, It supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 2.4GHz.

According to Fitbit, the battery lasts for 6 days, but it depends on your usage of the sensors.

such as the GPS and SpO2, Charging the battery for 12 minutes will last for a full day.

The watch comes with an extra band and a magnetic charger, The price of the watch in Fitbit’s website is 279 USD….🙊 You’ll also get 6 moths of Fitbit Premium subscription for free.


it has high capabilities health and sport wise.

The screen brightness is very high with good technologies.


I wished it had a physical button as the button it comes with isn’t very practical.

The price is also a bit hight.

There are different options in this price range.

Let me now move to the Fitbit Versa 3:😈

The design is the same as the one I’ve just reviewed, It also doesn’t have a physical button. It works using squeezing.

Versa watch is the Lite version of the Sense watch, The screen is 1.58.

The resolution is 336×336, It also supports Always-On-Display.

The screen brightness is 1000 NITS and it is covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 later, It is the same as the Sense version.

It also comes with the same body and UI as the Sense version, It also supports GPS, But it doesn’t support Stress, but like the Sense, it supports SpO2.

The rest of the features such as Core Temperature is also supported, It is ATM5 certified and it supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 2.4GHz, And the battery also lasts for 6 days just like the Sense, But according to Fitbit, the usage has to be moderate.

Charging the battery for 12 minutes will make it work for a full day, It also comes with an additional band and a magnetic charger.

The price is of course less than that of the Sense, It costs 199 USD.


It comes with high sport and health features with balance when it comes to screen brightness.


The squeeze button, just like the Sense version.

You don’t want a sport watch and rathe prefer a lighter smart band?😈

Well, here’s the Fitbit Inspire 2:

It comes with the same design as the previous version.

The only different is that just like the Versa and Sense watches, the button is removed and replaced with the squeeze button.

I don’t know why they’ve done that, The screen size is 1.4.

It is Greyscale OLED, It also doesn’t support AOD, But the UI is smoother than in the previous generation.

The UI is simple and shows all the capabilities of the band, The band has a heart-rate sensor, It also supports Google Fast Pair to pair it quickly with Android devices.

The device calculates burned calories and steps, But it depends on the GPS in your smartphone, The band comes with a free one-year Fitbit Premium subscription.

I don’t think it is a good thing to have a premium service with a subscription.

But with this band, you’ll get 1 year subscription for free, The band is ATM5 certified, It supports bluetooth 4.2 but it doesn’t support GPS.

According to Fitbit, the battery lasts for 10 days, But it depends on your usage, The battery charges from 0% to 100% in 2 hours.

The band comes with a second strap and a magnetic charger. The price is very affordable, too, It costs 69 USD.


it is light and practical, The battery lasts for a long time.

You can also use it along with a watch.


the screen is greyscale and doesn’t support GPS, But this is to make it affordable for all users.

In this review, I’ve reviewed the latest three products form Fitbit.

What do you think about Fitbit Premium subscription?🙊

Would you prefer it without the subscription or does it work for you?🙈

See you tomorrow in more news and reviews.😈