Sony WH-1000XM4 🔥 & LG Tone Free 💥Our Review 😈

Blog 48: November 30-2020, at 00:30 am


Hello guys, in this new article, i will review two new devices, The king noise cancelation from Sony WH1000-X4 🧐 , and headphones that kill bacteria 😱 ! is worth buying?

Your cup Coffee, Let me now discuss Sony’s headphones first:

It is the WH1000-X4, and it is the new generation of headphones, The headphones are Over-The-Ear, It is known for its Noise Cancellation technologies among many other supported technologies.

Let me start with the design, which is neatly identical to the previous generation. The ear cushions have 10% more sponge, which is great.

There’s also another small rectangular in the left ear cushion, It is basically a sensor, and I’ll discuss it later in this article. Other than that, the design is identical.

This long-named headphones are know to provide high audio performance whether with Noise Cancelation enabled or not. It supports Hi-Res Audio technology wired or wirelessly.

Let me start discussing Noise Cancelation technology, This headphones supports lots of Noise Cancelation capabilities. It adjust Noise Cancelation depending on where you are. It also learns from your behavior.

The headphones adjust the atmospheric pressure in your ears while in a plane. along with Noise Cancelation, which makes it a unique choice to use while air traveling, But this is what Sony says, Since I’ve received this headphones, I haven’t travelled! 😂 no no guys, Because of the global pandemic! 🙈

Keep reading guys and visit all time our Blog, as I’ll let you know about my experience with this headphones and Noise Cancelation performance when I travel again.

Noise Cancelation in the previous generation was astonishing, and now it is even better. Thanks to the new HD Noise Cancelation Processor QN1 CPU, And of course it also comes with audio enhancements.

One of the main long-waited features is now supported on this headphones, that is pairing it to two devices at the same time.

This feature is now available with this headphones, Sony also added this rectangular sensor in the left ear cushion.

It is basically a sensor to let the headphones know whether you’re wearing them or now, If you remove the headphones, the content will automatically pause.

If you wear it again, the content will automatically resume, If you removed the the headphones and forgot to turn it off it would automatically turn off to preserve battery.

It supports a feature called Speak-To-Chat, which will pause the content when someone speaks to you.

For example, if someone speaks with you, you won’t have to remove the headphones to speak to them.

Once you speak with them, the content will pause automatically. Noise Cancelation will pause because the headphones detected that you want to speak, It is such a great and useful feature.

You can also turn on/off this feature form the app, It also supports pausing content when you place the palm of your hand on the right ear.

Once you do it, Noise Cancelation will stop and the volume will be lowered, After experimenting with it, this feature is more practical than the Speak-To-Chat feature.

Let me now discuss the app of this headphones:

You can download it on iPhone and Android devices, This app has been hugely enhanced.

It packs lots of choices of Noise Cancelation and even comes with an Equalizer, With the Equalizer, you can adjust the sound how you prefer.

You can also enable/disable Speak-To-Chat feature using the app.

The app shows connected devices and many other options. It has been enhanced really well. The battery lasts for 30 hours, but with the use of Noise Cancelation the battery might last less, It depends on your usage, If the battery lasts for a full day, it’d excellent.

Using the right charger, if you charge the headphones for 10 minutes, the battery would provide 5 hours of use, The box contains a bag that contains the headphones itself, a 3.5mm cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and a plane adapter.

It also comes with coupon for 360 Reality Audio, It’ll provide you with 360 audio content, Which is also supported in the headphones themselves.

You know Sony have lots of audio technologies, It is great for traveling and Noise Cancelation. But not all users prefer Over-The-Ear headphones.

Not supporting water and dust resistance makes it not ideal for exercising.

Hopefully, Sony enables using the headphones while charging them. And probably, the previous generation of this headphones could be better since they’re cheaper now.

Evaluate your needs and make sure to choose the right option, Even if it wasn’t the latest technology.

Let me now discuss LG’s Tone Free headphones:😈

These are LG’s Ear Buds in cooperation with Meridian, What’s special about these headphones is that it kills bacteria! I’ll demonstrate how it works later in the article.

The headphones come with good design that we’re used to by now. The case is circular and the size of it is appropriate and small.

What’s special about this headphones is that it supports UV Nano technology. This technology kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the headphones 10 minutes after they’re placed in the case, It automatically works.

The headphones support ambient sound, but it doesn’t support Noise Cancelation. According to LG’s website, this headphone minimizes noise around you.

It comes with two mics: one at the top and the other at the bottom. The headphones provide good audio performance. But the Bass isn’t that great.

You can also adjust the audio using the Equalizer. There are other supported features that you can enable through the app that is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Phone calls’ audio is really good, And the mics provide very good performance.

The mics provide pure audio without any problem, It also supports water and dust resistance. When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 18 hours.

Each ear bud lasts for 6 hours with a full charge, The case comes with USB-C port, and it also supports wireless charging, It costs between 100 to 120 USD.


it disinfects itself once placed in the case. Calls’ audio is good and the mics are great for recording audio messages. It supports wireless charging.


I wished the audio performance was better. I think the audio performance is okay.

I’ve reviewed two different devices in this article guys: New Sony headphones with even better capabilities, And the LG Tone Free headphones, which disinfect itself.

Let me know your opinion about these 2 devices in the comment section.

See in the next review guys.😈