Sony WF 1000XM3! 🤡 Worth buying? 😈

Review n° 52: December 07-2020, at 12:00 pm


These are the extraordinary wireless headphones from Sony.

Hello guys, this is your friend OTTO and this is a review of the Sony WF 1000XM3 headphones, your Coffee as always and let ‘s start our review:

These are the latest in-ear headphones from Sony, Let me start with the design. The design is luxurious and it is different than wireless headphones available in the market.

It comes with two colors: black and silver, The copper color with the black version gives the headphone a more beautiful look. The case, though is a little bigger compared to the AirPods case and other headphones like the JBL Flash, for instance.

The headphone comes with the QN1e ship, available with the WH 1000XM3, The review of the WH is also available on the channel, This ship will allow the headphones to isolate sound in a great way.

Noise cancelling this headphone is excellent. It also supports the Quick Attention feature, which I will discuss later. Every headphone weighs 8g, it supports Bluetooth 5 with GH2.4 frequency.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t; say it if supports IP water and dust resistant.The headphone is compatible with Android and iOS using the same Sony Advanced Connect app. All Sony headphones can be managed from this app.

The app will allow you to adjust shortcuts, EQ and sound quality, We tried to pair it with an iPhone that runs 13.1 OS, but then we were faced with a message that says the headphone doesn’t work with this version of OS, But when we updated to 13.1.2, it worked again.

Make sure your iPhone is up to date, The battery lasts for 6 hours of listening to content with noise cancelling.

The USB-C case also charges the headphone 3 more times, It supports 18 hours of listening, and the case takes up to 1.5 hours to fully charge.

Charging the headphones for 10 minutes gives you 90 minutes of listening if you use the right charger.

The sound quality is also excellent. You will find that the audio is clearer than in any other headphones.

The base is also great, Pairing it is easy and video audio is also great, But pairing the headphone with a Mac wasn’t practical and the audio kept dropping.

Other than that, everything was excellent, The audio you’re listening to now is recorded on them using an iPhone.

This audio you’re listening to now is the same you’ll listen to in phone calls, Phone calls audio might be a little different though. We tried it, and the audio was excellent.

We tried it on both Android and iOS, Shortcuts are simple. You can touch the right pieces for once to stop and play content, If you want to pair them with a device without using NFC, wear both of them and touch and hold both of them until it says pairing on.

One touch on the left one to enable and disable noise cancelling, Quick Attention feature enables you to listen to others when they speak to you by pressing and holding the left bud.

This will enable the ambient sound. This feature is also available with over the ears headphones with the same chip, The box contains the headphone, USB-C cable and different ear tips.

Try different ear tips for any headphone you have to get the best result, Different ear tips could be more relaxing, especially when using them for extended periods of times.


the noise cancelling is great and it comes with the QN1e chip, The battery is great, the audio is clear and the base is excellent.


the case size is a little big. Using more shortcuts to adjust the volume would’ve been amazing, It also would’ve been nice if it supported IP water and dust resistant.

These headphones are available in different stores, so check for the best price, Internationally.

Sony headphones always offer a good experience, but first evaluate your needs before you buy to enjoy it more.

This is the end of this review, wait a perfect next reviews.🔥🔥🔥

Peace be upon you all.