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26.05.2021 at 07.30 pm


Welcome guys to the new Science and Technology article. Before I start, I’d like to remind you to bring your Coffee then let’s start.☕

In this NEW ARTICLE, I’ll discuss a new feature from WhatsApp where users can migrate chats to another phone number. I’ll also discuss cryptocurrencies and the huge millions of dollars scam that took place recently. I’ll also discuss Snapchat’s latest updates and how content creators can make money on the platform.

Let me now discuss the details:💥

I’ll start with Microsoft, and the new approach to meetings. The current approach of meetings is to place the electronic device in front of you, open the camera and start your meeting. And then you’ll start seeing other people on the screen.

Microsoft has a new futuristic vision for meetings, and they’ll start implementing it. There will be a huge screen, and the whole body of other people will be shown on the screen.

People will feel like they’re with you. There will be a mic installed on the ceiling and tables and schedules will be shown on the screen. It is a new and different experience.

The CEO of Microsoft says that it is a new different concept. Even the way you sit while having a meeting will be different. The room will also be different.

Everything will change, but why?😳

🕷 Because the effect of Zoom meetings has started to show up with users. But is Microsoft’s new approach practical with an affordable price?

Let’s wait and see. I brought the new Hololens device to review it.

🤡 What is it, though?

🕷 It is a VR glasses that can show you things that only you can see. The new Apple TV 4K device has also arrived and I made a thorough review soon about it. It will be available soon on the magazine.

Clubhouse is now officially available on Android devices worldwide. It is now available after most users have lost interest in it. But now it is available on Android devices. You can now install it.

The review I made it for the iPhone version applies to the Android version.

You’ll still need an invitation. If you are interested in the app, you can read the review I made about it. Or you can use Twitter’s Spaces. It is more mature than Clubhouse.

WhatsApp will allow users to move chats to a different phone number. We’ve been calling for a feature to move files from Androids to iOS devices and vice versa. But now, they’ll finally bring it to users.

We’re now waiting for the feature to arrive. But now, there are news that WhatsApp will allow users to move chats to a different phone number. It is important for those who change their phone numbers.

Or those who have two WhatsApp accounts and would like to merge them into one account. With this way, chats will be in one place.

Moving from iPhone to Android and vice versa is possible now. I’ll let you know how to do it step by step on social media accounts.

Stay with me to know more. If you’re interested about the WhatsApp news, then you should secure your account.

You should secure your WhatsApp account with a passcode. You shouldn’t tell anyone about this passcode.

Sometimes, WhatsApp will require you to enter the passcode. This will help protect your account from being hacked.

Hackers now will require your phone, it’s passcode and the passcode of WhatsApp.

Let me now discuss Snapchat event. During the event, which I attended, Snapchat announced a number of things for users.

First, they talked about the increased numbers of Snapchat users. The number of users now is 500 million. They also announced a standalone app to edit videos.

These videos can be edited frame to frame and you can add filters and other things to the videos.

The app uses AI to suggest filters and touches to be added to the videos. They also announced new financial support for content creators. And users can send content creators gifts.

You can buy gifts using virtual money bought by real money. And then you can buy gifts using it and send it to content creators. Content creators then can exchange it to real money. It is similar to TikTok, but with a different approach.

They also announced more support for VR, especially in games. And announced a new generation of their goggles, but they haven’t announced when it’ll be available. I expect that it’ll be available in our market.

Snapchat is trying to be more close to content creators. Instagram does the same thing. These companies want to focus on content creators so that the can continue with them.

They want content creators to profit directly from them, not only from advertisers. In the previous episode, we received lots of comments about the Telegram story.

It was about what the Telegram founder said about Apple and their users. These are some of the comments we received. But now Snapchat’s founder sides with Apple.

He said that iOS has brought lots of features and technologies against tracking. Apps used to track users so that they can target them with relevant ads.

What did Apple do exactly?

Apple gave users the choice to either stop or grant apps access to track them. This will increase the users’ privacy. It’ll also slow down the apps targeted to users from these companies.

We didn’t lose anything. On the contrary, we’ll get rid of these ads. Lots of companies, Facebook included, were angry at Apple.

Snapchat founder confirmed that they, like Apple, care about their clients’ privacy. Google, during the event, announced similar features.

They said that Google will do the same when it comes to privacy. It could be that after 4 or 5 years, we’ll reach a point where apps will be amazing with lots of capabilities. And users will enjoy more privacy.

But there’s also a bad side to this; these apps that require ads to get profit might become paid. You might end up paying a monthly subscription or one time payment to use these apps.

This is a theory, though it might come true. There are companies like Facebook, Epic Games and Spotify who are angry at Apple since they take 30% of their income from the App Store.

Snapchat founder confirmed that this is not a problem for them, and that without the App Store, Snapchat wouldn’t have been popular among users. I like this since both parties are satisfied.

He knows that the App Store platform and all other platforms made his app reach more people. He also confirms that companies have the right to pay or not.

He also confirmed that they agreed to pay because it gives them more access to technologies among other things.

Also, gives them more exposure to users. This is called satisfaction, where both parties profit. PlayStation shipments are becoming more scarce as we’re entering another wave of scarcity. It might be difficult to buy this device in the upcoming six months.

The shipments will be more scarce. Huge stores in the US, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Gamestop hanged boards displaying a message that says PS5 and Xbox devices aren’t available.

Lots of people were asking about these devices. Sony admitted that they’re incapable of raising the production because of the current global crisis. I am not referring to the pandemic, rather I am referring to the lack of semiconductors.

There’s a global semiconductor crisis. We might see Sony next year readjust the components of these devices. They might do it to meet the market demand.

They might depend less on semiconductors. Shortage of semiconductors has also affected car market, home appliances market and all electronic devices.

Imagine the impact it has on a very demanded devices, which basically rely on semiconductors.

There was a huge scam done to a cryptocurrency called D100. Up until now, we don’t know the full details. D100 is a cryptocurrency where lots of investors invested in only to find that it is basically a scam. And that all money has been stolen.

The amount of stolen money exceeds 32 million dollar. The currency owners displayed a message to the effect that investors have been scammed. But let’s go back a little.

At first, users thought that it was a joke. And the message has been deleted from the website.

The owners of the currency confirmed that their website was hacked. These are the latest information about this topic so far. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a huge risk. Don’t risk your money unless the amount of the money you’re investing isn’t important to you.

I am not saying you shouldn’t invest in it, all I am saying is to be careful of where you invest your money. Make sure that the cryptocurrency has a potential. There’s a percentage of users who actually make profit, and there are others who lose their money.

Imagine those who bought bitcoin for the price of $50K, whereas the current price of it is just $34K. Imagine losing nearly $16K for each bitcoin. Third of the invested money has been lost.

For bitcoin lovers, is there an official authority where I can complain about someone?

Is there a way where I can file a case?

🕷 There’s no such authority. Cryptocurrencies is a very hot topic. Don’t enter this market unless you have enough experience in it. There are lots of things where you can invest your time and money in.

According to several reports in the last few days, Netflix may be looking to expand into more interactive content and games with a new package for its subscribers.

Netflix intends to appoint a senior executive to lead the new gaming initiative.

It is studying a range of games similar to Apple Arcade, rather than relying on interactive, choice-only offerings, such as: Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend.

The company is in talks with industry veterans in order to secure the talent needed to enter the global gaming market, which is estimated to be worth nearly $300 billion.

While Netflix has not confirmed whether or not it plans to expand its gaming efforts, it has left the possibility open, and my coffee ☕ is over guys, and with him:

🕷 See you soon on the enxt reviews and news articles… 🙈

😇 Yes, Apple’s main goal is to increase user privacy.