Smart Door lock from Philips❗ Worth buying❓🤔

Review 183: 18.06.2021 at 09:00 pm


You can open the door even if you’re not at home. And you can do lots of thing using this smart lock. I’ll also review Huawei’s new band. And new headphones from Beats on the next reviews. Welcome to the most important reviews you’ll read to do help you make your door smart.

Imagine that your door can speak now. This has become possible, next reviews, I’ll review 3 products, but before I start, your coffee.☕

Is ready! ok Let’s start, I’ll start with The Philips EasyKey 9300:

It is a smart lock that supports lots of unlocking options. You ca unlock it with a PIN code, fingerprint, NFC cards or even WiFi. It supports bluetooth, and I’ll discuss all the details in this review.

The lock comes with two parts, one for the inside of the door and the other for the outside. Both parts are different. It also comes with installment parts such as screws and so on. Installing it requires a bit of effort. But it is an easy process. It took us nearly 40 minutes to install. But making it functioning requires more time.

You should make sure that all the parts are installed correctly. This lock is compatible with many market. The lock uses 8x AA batteries. According to Philips, the batteries last for 10 months.

After that, you should change them. The instruction manual contains lots of information on how to fix it, in case there was a problem in it. The door will let you know in case there’s a need to change the batteries, Or even if there’s a problem during the installment process.

The design of it is beautiful and modern. It either comes with black or black and copper colors. I chose the black and copper color.

You can program the lock manually or using the phone through a bluetooth connection. To enable bluetooth, press 403#. Once you input the code, the lock will cooperate. The settings support voice commands, which is great.

After the code, open the app and register the code. The connect the lock to your phone. After being connected, you’ll have lots of options.

You can add new users, fingerprints, PINs etc, etc. And if you have the Philips Gateway device, which allows WiFi connection, then you can control the lock using WiFi. Or even through your phone’s data.

Make sure that the Philips Gateway device is included in your package. You can add up to 100 different fingerprints. And up to 100 NFC cards. Or 10 different PINS.

You won’t have to use physical keys anymore, Your fingerprint is your key now. There’s also a great feature called Fake Pin. With this feature, you can add fake PIN before or after or before and after your PIN so that no one knows it. But make sure that your actual code is put correctly.

The lock supports dual authentication, where it’ll ask you for two different methods to unlock it. You can use fingerprint and PIN or NFC card and PIN. The fingerprint sensor is good.

Sometimes, it doesn’t register your fingerprint from the first time, but it is rare. But in general, it does its job. The lock comes with a touch input pad. The pad has numbers and buttons, and you can swipe it to wake it up.

Then you can put your passcode. Once the door is opened, the lock will automatically close the door. You can also use it manually.

You can lock the door manually from the inside. If the lock is forced to open, it’ll make a sound, and it won’t stop until you add your PIN, fingerprint or any other method. This is additional security.

The lock supports a feature called Master PIN. It is a PIN to allow you to access it and enable the Master Mode.Through it, you can add new PINs, deleted older one and many other options.

There are some locks, where you’ll need to remove a screw to access the key hole so that you can use it manually.

Honestly, using this kind of locks is very beneficial, It is great for places that require a lock where lots of people come and go through, There’s a sea of options supported in the app.

See you soon on the next reviews.