Smart Band 5?🤨 Worth buying or not? 😈

Blog 41: November 18-2020, at 00:30 am


Hello guys, I was hanging out across electronics stores, and I saw a new smartwatch! Buy is it worth buying or not? I decided to review them so that we could assist you in making the right decision.

So, bring your coffee and let ‘s review together the Mi Band 5:

Look, With the money you’ll save with buying such a smartphones ( The Galaxy A71 that I reviewed with you yesterday) , you’ll probably be able to buy this sport band.😈

This is the new version of the very popular band, The Mi Band 5 comes with a design very similar to the Mi Band 4. The screen is long and the body is made form aluminum, The strap is made from rubber, and it is adjustable to fit all sizes.

The screen is 20% bigger than the older version, and it comes with 1.1 size and 126×29 resolution. The screen is AMOLED 2.5D, which means that the edges of the screen are curved. The screen comes with 450Nits of brightness, There’s a touch button at the bottom of the screen.

And similar to the older version, this button is only for waking up the band and doubles as a back button. The band runs Xiaomi’s Wearable OS.

The UI supports multiple watch faces with notification support, and you can use it to take photos on your smartphone.

It also supports Weather and other functionality, After experimenting with it, the band doesn’t support some langueges!

For example, Notifications in Arabic will be unreadable.

Hopefully, a new software update will fix this problem, The band supports up to 12 different indoor and outdoor exercises, such as running, biking, skipping rope and so on.

All of these exercises can be used as indoor and outdoor activities, It also counts steps and burned calories.

Let me remind you to review your needs before purchasing any devices guys, Also, let me remind you that commitment is a key factor when it comes to sport bands, If this sport band doesn’t mean anything to you, then there’s no reason to buy it.🙊

But if you’re committed, then this sport band will be an excellent investment for you.🦧

The device comes with heart-rate sensor and stress sensor, It also tracks sleep and women’s health.

By the way, according to Xiaomi’s website, these sensors are 50% better than older sensors, There’s a feature called PAI (personal activity intelligence) supported in this band.

This feature works by suggestions based on information such as age and heart-rate. The battery is 125mAh. And according to Xiaomi, it lasts for 14 days of normal use. It also lasts for 20 days when enabling Power Saving mode.

The battery fully charges in 2 hours. The band supports bluetooth 5 and water resistant with ATM certification.

The band works with Android devices, such as the Samsung device I reviewed in other article, and iPhones too.

There’s also a dedicated app called Mi Fit to manage and pair the band.

It is available on both platforms. The app offers options to control the band. It also shows you daily data related to exercises and health.

The band comes with black colors, but you can change the strap, and it is sold separately.

The strap is available in colors such as yellow, olive, purple and so on.

Let’s now discuss the main point about why this band is very famous, which is the price.

The current price is very cheap guys! It is available in lots of stores.


it offers great exercises, health features and sleep tracking among others.

The battery performance is very acceptable. I consider it to be satisfactory.

It is also a great economical option.


it doesn’t support some language to make the experience complete.

After experimenting with it, we faced issues with pairing it, but it was fixed eventually.

The pairing process isn’t as smooth as Apple Watch’s or Samsung Watch’s pairing experience.

You might face problems with pairing, but it’ll pair eventually.

And of course, with software updates, this band will be more advanced.

And hopefully, they’ll be great options for you. Always evaluate your needs.

Don’t buy any device unless you’re sure you’ll benefit from all the features it offers.

See you in the next review.😇