Smaller iPhone and bigger iPhone ?! Are they suitable for you or not? 🤨🔥 Has iPhone managed to give us the perfect size of iPhones?😈

Review 70: 16.01.2021 at 02:00 pm

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The smallest and biggest iPhones. How do they compare after we’ve experimented with them?

Are they suitable for you or not?

Has Apple succeeded in giving us the perfect iPhone size?

And as the biggest iPhone, the Max version isn’t the most suitable size. Let’s find out in this full review.

Lets start: your hot coffee as always and welcome to this new review by OTTO Magazin 😈

And for the first time, Apple releases this size of screen with the iPhone 12 mini. And for the time time too, they release the biggest screen with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both of these devices from the iPhone 12 series. The idea behind these size differences is that Apple wants to reach more users.

This is with the mini device and for the big screen lovers Apple have provided them with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Let me review these devices and check whether they’re suitable for you or not.

Let’s start: To summarize it, the iPhone 12 mini is the same as the iPhone 12, which I’ve talked about before. The only two differences are the screen size, which is 6.1 on the iPhone 12 and 5.4 on the mini version. And of course, the battery size.

The OS, camera and CPU are identical to the iPhone 12, I’ll tell you other features quickly. The screen is 5.4 OLED with 2340×1080 resolution. It comes with 476ppi density. It supports Dolby Vision, True Tone and is covered by a ceramic shield to help resist scratches.

The screen to body ratio is 85%. The screen size is excellent for users who are not used to screens bigger than 6. The size of the screen and body is very beautiful, and they are in harmony with each others.

It’s clear that you want me to compare these devices with other devices. keep visiting us. your visite don’t bring us profit, though, 😈 but it bring to me support to give more, And let me know what device should I compare the iPhone mini with.

Let me continue with the review, The CPU is the A14 Bionic, which is the fastest in the market. It also runs iOS 14, It comes with the latest iteration and features. The device comes with dual rear cameras. Both are 12MP. The first is the Wide lens and the second is the Ultra Wide lens. The front facing camera is 12MP, too.

The device is very easy to use one-handedly, Which is unlike other devices released in the past few years. It is pocketable, and can be stored in a bag easily since it is smaller than the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max.

Despite the size difference, it supports MagSafe technology. MagSafe is also supported on the bigger versions. And unlike the bigger version, the Apple Wallet works best on it.

The reason behind that could be the identical size or the magnets works best since they have less resistance. This is the lightest iPhone in the new series.

The battery size is smaller and lasts less than the other iPhones. It is impossible to last for a full day of heavy duty usage. The reason is because the battery is actually small. But with the 20W charger, you can charge it twice a day similar to other Android devices.

With this method, you’ll get a satisfactory experience. Because the device is easily managed by one hand. After experimenting with it, I can say that the size of this device is very practical.

The screen, cameras, CPU and OS experience are premium. But it is impossible for the battery to last for a full day.

Usually, you’ll have to charge it twice a day if you use it a lot. But the performance is similar to the iPhone 12, but in smaller size. The size of this device could be a deciding factor for many users.

And after experimenting with it, I rate its performance as the identical performance of the iPhone 12 device. The only problem with this device is its price. If it was 150 or 200 USD less, it would be very popular. Because then, the price difference between it and the iPhone 12 would be excellent.

I expect Apple will lower the price of the iPhone mini, If they do that, it’ll be more popular. The price difference between it and the iPhone 12 isn’t much and users would prefer to get the bigger iPhone 12. But this depends on your needs. If Apple lowers the price, and hopefully they do, the iPhone 12 mini will be one of the most popular devices in 2021.

Let me now discuss the bigger Max version, Before I begin, I am not sure how I will accept the size of the screen with this device. Because of the new design, the Max version comes with a bigger screen. And once I used it, I realized it is a phablet meant to be used with two hands. The size of the screen and edges of the device make it harder to use it. But it is suitable for users who prefer bigger screens. It also comes with a way bigger battery.

Let me continue with the details then I’ll summarize this device. The Max version comes with the biggest screen size.

Let me now discuss the differences between the Pro:

version and the regular iPhone 12 version; The material of the device is different. The frame of the device is made from stainless steel. The back is made from matte glass.

It also comes with a third 12MP telephoto camera. There’s also a LiDAR sensor, which helps in isolation and AR and new filters in TikTok take advantages of it now.

Ok, what’s the difference between the Pro Max and the regular Pro?😈

The screen size is 6.7 on the Max instead of 6.1 on the regular Pro version, The screen resolution is identical with the Pro version but it supports higher NITS than the regular iPhone 12.

The battery is bigger and lasts for more than a full day. There’s also a slight difference with the Telephoto lens between the Pro Max version and the regular Pro version.

The aperture of the Pro is 2 while on the Pro Max it is 2.2, The optical zoom on the Pro version is 4x and digital zoom reaches up to 10x. But on the Pro Max version the optical zoom is 5x and digital zoom reaches up to 12x.

If you care about numbers, then it will be a good feature, The stabalization method on the Pro Max is also different. With the Pro version, there are 2 OIS with the Wide and Ultra Wide lenses. But with the Pro Max version, the OIS is sensor-based. Which means all sensors have a stabilizer, not just the lenses.

It also offers better stabalization in general, But the it’ll be better on the Pro Max version, It also comes with the biggest screen on any iPhone.

Do you the Viewfinder? 🤡

It is a small screen found on cameras, This is the best camera and biggest Viewfinder on any iPhone.

If you use the iPhone to do outdoor photography, and you don’t care about size or weight, then this device will be suitable for you.

And with the specs and features updates to the cameras, you’ll get better experience and better OIS. It is only for professional photographers, not just for apps such as Snapchat and others.

Enjoy the specs of this device for better photography experience. The difference in cameras between the Pro version and the regular version isn’t much. But for professional photographer who know the differences, it’ll be different for them. But compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, there are significant changes.

Especially in night photography and OIS. There’s no difference between the Max and mini version when using them for apps such as Snapchat and TikTok. The only difference is the LiDAR sensor.

And it only works with specific filters. We might see more support for the LiDAR in the future, but for the photogram, there’s no difference.

Especially since the front facing camera is identical on all of them. There’s also a feature that not much users should care about, rather, for those who edit photos and videos on apps such as Lightroom.

iPhone 12 support Apple ProRAW format, It supports high-resolution photography and are editable more than other formats. I can make a dedicated video for those interested. But as I said before, it won’t make any difference for regular users.

The battery of the Pro Max lasts for at least one day, and it is the biggest battery in the iPhone 12 series. The difference between the regular version is the battery, build quality, cameras and CPU. But there’s also another difference. It is not a positive difference. It is the contrary. The price of this device is very high. It could reach up to 2000 USD if you choose the biggest onboard storage size.

Still…this device has its lovers and its main style. It is currently available in the market, unlike the regular Pro version. The reason could be because of the way bigger screen size, higher price, and that’s why users opt for the Regular Pro version.

There’s another thing; the full capabilities of this device aren’t clear for all users. Like I mentioned before, it is for specific people who know how to take advantages of it. But most of the capacities are not very clear.

iPhone 12 battery lasts for a full day, just like the battery of this device. And as you see, there’s a huge size difference between other iPhone devices.

But the Pro version comes with higher photography capabilities. Using the device for games such as PUBG is very comfortable. Because the screen is bigger.

But is is an enough reason to buy it? 🤔

I think Apple have succeeded in creating a new size with the iPhone 12 mini. But with the Pro Max, I wish they added more specs to it.😈

Only then the price would be rational. Not just the size. I can say that these devices offer great capabilities. I noticed the temperature of these device were high in the first two weeks, but with time, the temperature decreased.

The software play an important role in managing the temperature. But that shouldn’t be it. Contact Apple and inquire answers if you’re suffering from high temperature.

The latest iOS updates didn’t bring much joy to us. There’s also another problem with killing the apps in the background with apps such as Snapchat and others. But on the other hand, Apple has brought huge changes to the App Store and fights apps that violate our privacy.

The whole experience has pros and cons. These two devices bring new welcomed sizes, specs but the prices need to be adjusted. This one has a bigger screen, but for more, I stopped using it and went back to the regular Pro version.

The choice is up to you. This is the end of this Review, see you soon in the next reviews 😈