Should I buy a Sony A7C for the content industry ?!🤨😈

Review 67: 03.01.2021 at 00:00 Am

Sony A7C
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This is one of the best cameras from its category from Sony! This camera will help you take the best videos and photos! ok, It is the A7C from Sony, Let’s get to know it together, bring your coffee and welcome to OTTO Magazin:😈

This is the Sony A7C camera, We were shocked when Sony released this camera, which has brought a lot of new features to its category, This is a new full-frame category from Sony, It is a Mirror-less camera.It doesn’t have a mirror, which will be good for it.

What’s special about this camera is that is the smallest Full-Frame camera in the world with lots of features.The size of the camera is in the middle among other Sony cameras. It is smaller than the A7 III but bigger than the A6600.

The design of the camera is a bit different. It is beautiful and elegant and looks like a retro camera. The camera comes in two different colors. And with both colors, the design is beautiful.

At the top, there’s a shutter button, and it doubles as a on/off button. There’s also a Modes wheel. And an Exposure wheel. What’s new here is that the record button is on the top now. It enables easier access to it.

The front comes with the usual button on the Full-Frame cameras from Sony. But what’s new here is that, for the first tine, Sony used a invertible screen with a Full-Frame camera. Which is really great for Vloggers and content creators.

It is also great for those who take shots in difficult-to-reach places. On the left, there’s a dedicated memory card slot. There’s also a slot for the mic port.

And another slot for the headphones port, The camera comes with a Micro HDMI port. And a USB-C port. You can use the USB-C port to charge the battery. On the right side, there’s an NFC logo for easy and quick pairing. On the bottom, there’s a battery slot. The battery is 2280mAh.

The sensor is a 35mm Full-Frame, It is 24.2MP. MP count on professional cameras like this is different than MP count on smartphones’ cameras. There’s a huge and significant difference. The sensor size is different and comes with lots of different capabilities. But mathematically speaking, the sensor is 24.2MP.

The camera comes with the Bionx X CPU, and does a great job in photo/video processing. It’s something we’re used to and expected from Sony. The photo sizes will be big. ISO starts from 100 up to 51000. Sometimes, it reaches up to 2040000.

Which is great for low-light photography. The camera is equipped with lots of advanced Focus technologies. One of them is the Real-time eye autofocus, which tracks eyes to keep them in focus. Not only does it work with human eyes, but also animals’ eyes.

There are other modes such as Continuous Focus. This mode enables you to move around the camera while saying in focus. There are also lots of other modes that uses AI.

The camera comes with 425 focus points. These focus points will be very helpful with excellent focus. The camera takes high quality JPEG photos. It also supports RAW format. It shoots 4K-30fps and 1080p-120fps videos.

The camera comes with useful modes. Such as the Steady Shot mode, which helps in stabilization while shooting videos. There’s also Creative Style. This modes offers different filters such as Black 0026White. The camera is excellent of outdoors. Especially with this small size and capabilities.

Sony was able to bring Alpha features and place them in this small camera. After experimenting with it, it does offer high performance and high quality photos, You can zoom multiple times with loosing quality. You’ll be able to see details you can never see with a smartphone camera.

Photo by Sony A7C in Las vegas

HDR is good on this camera. These are a few samples using the Sigma 16mm lens. The colors are very beautiful. Using this camera outdoors is easy and entertaining. Especially with the convertible screen, which let’s you take photos from hard-to-reach angles.

One of the best things you can do with the A7C is to record content using it. I am not fully stretching my arm.

The quality is very beautiful. The A7C won’t disappoint you at all. This is what’s beautiful with this camera. It just shoots.

I am carrying the camera with my left hand. The shutter button is easy to access. The screen is on the right side. It offers smoothness and ease of use. The camera comes in two colors. Black and black with
silver accent on the top.

The price of the camera without a lens is 1.800 USD. There’s also a kit with 60/28 lens that cost 2.100 USD. But the prices depend on your market, representative, and availability.

I received few questions about this camera. Most of the questions were answered in this review, And I’ll answer the rest now.

Someone asked about low-light performance and whether there’ll be noice in the photos?

Honesty, the noice is way less than in cameras from the same category. If you adjust the ISO, you’ll get excellent low-light photos.

Do you think Mirror-less cameras are the future?

Of course, considering the capabilities these cameras offer and the road it paves for future generations.

Is it splash resistant?

It is splash resistant, But with such investment with a device that has lots of ports in it, I wouldn’t risk it.

Does the mic capture wind sound?

Yes, if you don’t use a deadcat. The wind audio will be audible with all cameras.

At the end, you can say this camera is a professional camera. It is not a Lite version. It is an excellent choice for outdoor photography. It’s also excellent for Vloggers and content creators who want to jump to a next level of photography.

This camera is a great choice for them, especially with its small size and convertible screen. It’s a bit expensive, but with all the ports it comes with it’ll be very comfortable.

But let me remind you that investing in lenses is also good, The more suitable the lenses you use, The better you’ll take advantages of this camera.


high capabilities in a small and elegant design. The screen is convertible, It comes with a long lasting battery that can be charged while inside the camera using the USB-C port.


As usual, Sony cameras are expensive!😞 The camera with a decent lens will cost 2.100 USD!😱

But let me remind you to value your investments, You’ll probably won’t need another camera for the upcoming 4 or 5 years. You’ll use it and take advantages of it in a great way, Especially if you use the different modes it supports.

But, 😈 if you use it for photography only without using these modes then you won’t take full advantages of it.

Good night guys, see you tomorrow, there are more reviews and News articles 🙊😈