Serious security holes in Galaxy devices❗ And Samsung started working on the 6G Networks❗ And most famous operating system, Windows 11, has leaked❗😱

21.06.21 at 08:00 pm


This is the most important review you’ll read today. What if I told you that the most important security feature in your smartphone can be hacked?

This is what is happening with Samsung devices, and I’ll let you know the details. Samsung also tests theirs own 6G technology. And the most famous operating system, that is Windows 11, has leaked. Stay visiting us to know more about technology mews.

Your Coffee and Let me start:

Twitter is finally working on a new feature. It is not editing tweets, though. Lots of Twitter users complain about it. When you open Twitter, you find yourself mentioned in some tweets. Don’t be excited. This feature hasn’t been released yet, but Twitter is working on it. It is an idea posted on Twitter by a Twitter employee.

The idea is that you can unmention yourself from tweets with a press of a button. If someone who you don’t follow mentions you in a tweet, you’ll receive a notification. You can then decide let this person mention you in the future. And if otherwise, they won’t be able to mention you.

Hopefully, this feature will come soon, And with all the new updates on Twitter, I expect it’ll be added soon.

We received a question in our Mail that reads: Why does the new Huawei device support 55W?

Your question is right, but up until now, the 55W charger hasn’t been released yet. Huawei is being fought. This is the answer to your question.

Before I talk about Android 12, let me quickly discuss the Pixel 6 device. We’ve heard different opinions about the strange design of this device. What’s more strange than the device itself is the design of the cover. It looks like car bumpers.

Google is trying to offer something new, but most users don’t like the new design. It is true that the device focuses on AI, and the design is secondary. I don’t know. It is up to you to judge.

The question is, would you have this raw Android device from the company that develops the OS?

Or would you prefer the extra features added by Samsung and other manufacturers? Let me know your opinions in emails.

Google announced 6 new features to Android, and I’ll briefly discuss them with you.

The first one is the earthquake alert system. People who live in places that are prone to earthquake will benefit from this feature. God protect us all. This feature is available in some countries and more countries will be added with time.

The second feature is that you can now star messages so that you can easily find them later. It is similar to WhatsApp, where you can star messages and categorize them. Emojis have also been developed, where now you can merge two emojis together.

This feature will be available with Google’s Gboard, where it’ll suggest emojis that goes along with the context.These suggested emojis could also be a mix between two emojis. iPhone’s keyboard suggests emojis to users that go along with the context, too. But now you can use a turtle with hearts on it together.

The fourth feature is that Google Assistant will help you access some app-specific features. You can ask the assistant to open a page for a specific product in Amazon or Ebay.

To know how powerful the assistant is, you can now add shortcuts to it. We’re now sure how many apps will support this feature, tho. And honestly, I don’t think all apps will allow Google Assistant to access all the data. What do you think? Will you let it access all the data to make it easier for voice commands?

The fifth feature is that there are enhancements to the Android Auto system for cars. Now you can adjust the start screen and add your preferred apps. It’ll also let you know where you can charge electric cars, locations of parks, and you can access these information from the car’s screen. But all of this depends on whether Android Auto is supported in your region. We have a US account here, and that’s how we use Android Auto fully.

The last feature is enhancements to the Voice Access feature, This feature has been significantly enhanced to recognize more complex voice commands now. This feature will be great for people with special needs.

Using Voice commands is the best way for people with special needs to control their devices.

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 back in 2015, they said that this OS will be the last. And in the upcoming years, there will only be enhancements and updates to the OS. But we all knew that it’d be impossible to have one OS. But we wished that it’d be true, since they themselves confirmed it. But there must be a day where the OS must change to keep up with the market. And now after nearly 7 years, leaks of Windows 11 have surfaced.

Why did Microsoft do this? We wished that there would be one OS.

From the leaked images, it looks like there will be lots of changes. It is hard to show the OS from the leaked images.

Usually, the Windows has sharp edges, but with the new OS, the edges have been rounded out. I think it is strange. Sharp edges are a feature with Windows. It’s also in their logo.

Rounded edges reminds us of Apple’s design philosophy. According to leaks, the new OS will be available for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 users.

The rest of operating systems aren’t supported anymore. If your Windows version is 8, then you should upgrade to 8.1 then you’ll get the Windows 11 update.

The question is, will the upgrade be free?

We are waiting for the official release from Microsoft. And then we’ll know whether it is for free or not and when it’ll be available and why they made these changes. God help us!

Tip: Lots of users ask me what’s the best wireless headphones in the market. The point is, it is now what’s the best headphones, but from which company your phone is. Because these Buds rely more on software than on hardware.

When you buy a headphones from another company than your phone, then you’ll lose lots of features. That’s why I advise all to buy a headphones from the same manufacturer are your phone. If your device is from Samsung, then look for the latest Samsung headphones.

Don’t buy headphones from Apple or Huawei or other companies. And this applies to all companies. Buds headphones from Samsung works best with Galaxy devices.

AirPods are the same with iPhones and FreeBuds are the same with Huawei devices. The exceptions are third party headphones from companies like Bose, Sennheiser and Sony. These companies are specialized in audio and sound.

These companies don’t make smartphones, except for Sony. They make phones but they’re not available in our region anymore. The same thing applies to other audio companies. These headphones work on all devices, since they focus on hardware not software. But if you want to have the best experience, then buy headphones from the same manufacturer as your smartphone. With this, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with the headphones.

We received by email a comment about smart locks that says: what if the battery runs out?

For more details about these smart locks, visit this link guys.

The answer is: there is a mechanical way to open the door with a special key. But you’ll receive lots of notification on your phone one month before the batteries run out. With Android devices that aren’t Pixels, usually, we see duplicated apps such as photo gallery on devices from Samsung, Huawei and the rest.

Users will be distracted with these duplicated apps. But in the recent years, companies started to rely on Google apps. And honestly, this is very logical.

Have you asked yourselves where these apps offer an ability for hackers to hack your devices?

I’ll discuss this matter, which was mentioned in a report about privacy and security. This happens with devices from Samsung, which offers an alternate app for messages, contacts and studio.

There is also a duplicated calendar app and a number of other apps. The report confirms that these apps from Samsung has at least 7 dangerous security threats. Most of these apps are in the Knox system. This Knox system is the system that protects and encrypt your files on Samsung devices. It offers advanced options for protection.

There’s another feature called DeX, where you can connect your phone to an external screen to give you a computer-like experience. And there’s a problem with it, too.

The rest of the bugs are available with other Samsung apps that are similar and function the same as Google’s. These bugs allow hackers to reach your messages. Which is very dangerous, especially for those who use 2FA authentication.

There’s a possibility to reach more than the messages app, too. But to be honest, we always hear about problems with apps. But what’s worrying is that these bugs are found in the Knox protection system. It is the security app, which is nearly the core of the system.

Usually, it is used to hide your files. We hope Samsung will fix this problem quickly.

I’ll let you know what’s new with this matter, If you don’t use the Knox app, then you’ll be fine. If your phone isn’t from Samsung, then you’ll be fine. But don’t worry, Samsung will fix this problem soon.

Let’s continue with Samsung to know their newest devices scheduled to be released soon. There are leaks that Samsung will announce new devices a month from now.

What are these devices?

These devices will be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. There are leaks that they’ll also release Buds 2, Watch 4 and Watch Active 4. These watches will be interesting, since Samsung will ditch their TizenOS and use WearOS from Google.

We’re not sure whether they’ll announce S21 FE this year. There are reports that Samsung is suffering form the lack of semiconductors. And there are other reports that suggest that the phone is coming. We don’t have the full details. The date in which this device will be announced is unknown, but Samsung wants to release them as soon as possible.

Samsung might release them in August. But the event might be sooner than this.

We’ve started to get S22 leaks. The details are scarce. But it is rumored that the screen sizes will be smaller. The device devices will come with better screens to support higher frames. It said that the Ultra version will come with an LTPO OLED screen.

This screen will use less power consumption. The CPU will be the Exynos 2200 and the GPU from be from AMD. And for sure they’ll be a Qualcomm version. And we’ll start to read more stories about Qualcomm and Exynos.

In 2021, the Exynos was better than the Qualcomm in certain things and vise versa. Will the Exynos CPU win this year? We don’t know. 🙃

At a time where some users think that there’s no need for 5G, Samsung has started testing 6G networks. It is tests for now, where Samsung uses Terahertz frequency.

I won’t discuss the details, because it is still tests. But I expect that it’ll take Yeats before the others countries and the whole world gets a better 5G networks. It won’t be global until mid-range devices that cost nearly $200 to support 5G networks. 6G is nearly 50x faster than 5G. 4G was 10x faster than 3G. 5G is 100x faster than 4G. But the 6G is 50x faster than 5G.

The speed difference between 4G and 6G will be 160x faster. These numbers are according to Samsung’s tests. The frequency could be between 100Ghz to 1 terahertz. I am not sure what’s the need for 6G now. I think Samsung is trying to beat Huawei in 5G.

Huawei owns lots of 5G patents. Do you remember when we used to say that 5G will be the last network we’ll see?

The reason is because we thought humans won’t need more faster speeds. But what’s happening now?🤤

I think this has to do with Huawei. Regardless of how fast 5G is, do you think you need these speeds? Or is 4G too slow for you and that you now you need 5G?

4G works differently from a country to another. And so is 5G. Users in Iraq, Egypt and Levant countries, confirm that 4G in their countries isn’t fast. But here in our region, LTE is faster than 4G. The implementation is different. Carriers and their standards are different. It might show that it is 4G while in fact it is 3G.

Unfortunately, this also happens worldwide. But the better the implementation, the better the connection will be. But if carriers focus on profit more than services, then problems will start to surface.

Let me know stories from your countries, and it might be featured in the upcoming news articles. This is the end of this news article guys.

See you soon.