Samsung surprises for 2021! Return of documentation on Twitter! and More…🔥🔥🔥

November 27-2020, at 05:00 pm


Twitter’s verification is back! And Samsung’s 2021 surprises!

Even Bixby could come back, And of course, I’ll discuss Android apps running on Windows, Is it a good thing?

Your cup of Coffee or Tea, and Let’s start Guys:😈I love working and drinking delicious coffee lol

Let’s start this article news with news about Huawei’s P50 device, The upcoming flagship from Huawei is their P50.

Some photos of this device have been leaked showing us that the device will come with a new back design. We’re used to the P series coming with a square or a rectangular design to house the rear cameras.

The P series devices always looked like a device from the P series, But with the new design, this upcoming device looks like a device from the Mate series.

The problem is will Huawei be able to use the Kirin 9000 CPUs in these devices?

The reason is the pandemic and the problems between them and USA. Will Huawei be able to use their most powerful CPUs in the upcoming P50 device or not?

Supposedly, Samsung and LG have started working on manufacturing screens for the P50 series. I am very excited for a new thing in the next year.

P50 is supposed to be Huawei’s first device in 2021, But which device will Samsung release the first in 2021?

Of course it will be the S21 series, New covers of the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have leaked. These devices will come with the best capabilities.

They’ll also come with the new One UI 3.0 They’ll come with the new UI out of the box, It’s worth to say that the event will take place in 15th of January, And of course it’ll be a virtual event.

The number of the virtual events that will take place next year that were supposed to be real is actually saddening, But this is the result of the global pandemic.

The first device is the Xiaomi Mi 10 T 5G, This is the name of the device in English.

Xiaomi released the device in a local event here in KSA. The device will available in KSA. Pre-orders will begin starting from today, 26th of November.

There’s another device that has been announced too. It is the Telo Legend, This is the local version of the European version from Lenovo and Legend.

This device comes with massive capabilities, Imagine that the device comes with 144Hz screen, 5000mAh battery, SD865 CPU and 5G support.

It comes with horizontally placed rear cameras, two charging ports, each one is 45w, meaning it charges with 90w, It also comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.

The specs and features of this device are actually insane.

It feels like the PS5, where you can take advantages of its specs two years from now, This device with its specs will be fully taken advantages of at least a year from now.

This device will be available for pre-orders in all markets, Congratulations.

I’ll now discuss Sony’s patents in AR and VR, They’re working on a glass that looks similar to ordinary glass or probably to Google Glass.

The idea behind this glass is to take advantages of the PS5 device, The new PS5, just like the PS4 supports VR, You can use the same camera and devices on the PS5, but you’ll need an adapter that you can buy from Sony’s website. Or you can buy the full bundle that is directed to the PS5, The adapter comes in the box.

Twitter’s verification is back after 3 years, Verification process will being in 2021.

Twitter conducted an international poll with lots of languages, They asked users about verification and the requirements needed to complete the verification process.

Twitter have announced 6 criteria to get verified, Those included are influencers, officials government bodies, entertainments, sports among many others.It is good that verification is back in 2021.

There’s a possibility that Android apps will work natively on Windows OS, These apps will work natively on Windows 10.

These apps won’t work using an emulator, rather, they’ll be directly supported on Windows. You also can download these apps directly from the Microsoft Store. If this becomes reality, it’ll be amazing.

There will be compatibility between Windows and Android, This compatibility will open the door for new developments and apps between the two operating systems.

This method is different than using an emulator, The emulator works as a mediator between the app and the Windows OS.

If the emulator is cancelled, apps would run better and smoother.

Let me now wrap up the article news with the last two news:😎

Bixby Voice is expected to come in 2021 even though it’s been discontinued, It is expected to come back in 2021 but with a different functionality.

According to some leaks, the upcoming Fold device won’t be released in the beginning of 2021, But it’ll come with a new feature that wasn’t expected on foldable screens, It’ll come with a 120Hz display.

This is the end of this article, Hopefully 2021 will bring great technologies.

We’re about to enter December now, Usually, in December I make lots of comparison article and analysis, and I also review and wrap up lots of reviews.

For example, I have the new MacBook Pro with the M1 CPU, There’s also another MacBook Air with the M1 CPU. I also have the HomePod mini and the DJI Pocket 2nd gen, There are way more devices…i love my work.

Hopefully, December will be full of comparisons done in a beautiful way. In the reviews, I’ll discuss the specs, features, pros and cons of these devices.

This is the end of this article see you in the next reviews.

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See you later guys, I am writing a new article about modified cars, I am really fond of the profession of car modification, I always describe them as cosmetic doctors, really haha.🙊