Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro!🤷‍♂️After a wile of use,🧐 What is new and what does it differentiate from the rest of the categories?😈

Review 78: 01.02.2021 at 00:00 am

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These are the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones. This new version brings enhancements and new features. Let me fully review this headphones, knowing that I’ve used them on different devices from different ecosystem.

Samsung now offers Buds Pro, Buds Live Buds Plus headphones. The last one is the one that have the most changes before Samsung decided to move to the new square design. But for now, I’ll discuss the Buds Pro. And then, I’ll explain how to choose one of them.

Let me now start with the Galaxy Buds Pro:😈

It is the latest headphones from Samsung. They released it with the new Galaxy S21 series. The headphones comes with an elegant and beautiful design with a silicon tip. It’s clear now that Samsung has different headphones categories:

The headphones that support Noise Cancelation, and the Buds Live that looks like a bean and was released with the S20 series. Each headphone weighs 6.3g, and the case weighs 44.9g. The headphones support bi-directional speakers tuned by AKG. They also come with 3 mics. There’s a special mic to detect audio.

The headphones offer good performance with phone calls and more. It also supports ANC. According to Samsung, the headphones cancels 99% of the noise surrounding you. The headphones support ambient sound, which lets you listen to your surroundings with no problem.

After experimenting with it, it does offer great and loud audio. The Bass was very powerful and offers a different experience. The audio is also clear. The headphones supports a feature called Voice Detect. This feature reduces ANC automatically. It detects once you’re speaking and reduced ANC.

The audio level will also be decreased. We’ve seen this feature before with over-ear Sony headphones. But I don’t think I’ve seen it before with in-ear headphones.

We tried it with the Galaxy A21S device. The Voice Detect feature worked perfectly. It also supports Audio 360 technology. And Dolby Head Tracking feature, which tracks your head movements to give you a unique experience with movies.

By the way, this feature only works with devices that run OneUI 3.1 or more. The headphones supports touch input such as one touch to play/pause content. 2 touches to play the next content or answer phone calls. 3 touches to play the previous content. You can also customize the press and hold touch input.

For example, if you customize it to change the audio, then a press-and-hold will change the audio. The headphones works on different Galaxy devices simultaneously. For example, if you receive a phone call on your Galaxy Tab device, the headphones will automatically change to it. We’ve seen this feature in iOS 14 with Apple devices.

The headphones supports a feature called Buds Together, which lets two headphones connect to one Galaxy device. The headphones could be Buds Pro and Buds Live.

When enabling ANC, the battery will last for 5 hours. With the case, it’ll last for 18 hours. When disabling ANC, the battery will last for 8 hours, and with the case, it’ll last for 28 hours.

Charging it for 5 minutes will provide 1 hour of listening. It supports wireless charging, and you can charge it off your Galaxy device if it supports reverse wireless charging. It supports IPX7 water resistant.

It comes with two colors: Phantom Purple and Silver. Its price is Approximately 200 USD.

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the design. Samsung have their own design and identity now. And of course the build quality is high. The audio it produces is excellent. And of course the audio modes it supports. It supports ambient sound to let you you listen to your surroundings or when someone speaks to you. These are the pros.

But there’s a lag between the left and right buds when you receive notification.It feels like you’ve got two notifications. But it’ll be better with future software updates.

The right and left headphones are very similar, which could be problematic when putting them back in the case. I wished there was a distinguishing feature between them to make it easier for you to put them back in the case. The price could be a bit high for some users.

I used it with an iPhone, but the app didn’t show the headphones. Hopefully, a new update fixes this problem. But we were able to pair it, and it offered lots of features.

The 360 Audio didn’t work, while ANC and ambient sound modes worked perfectly.

What’s the difference between the Buds Live and Buds+?

Each headphones offers a good feature and performance. The Buds+ is also a good option. It is considered the enhanced version of the first Buds headphones.

Even its design is similar to the first Buds headphones. It supports bi-directional audio tuned by AKG. It also comes with 3 mics array to provide better and clear audio. Its battery lasts for 11 hours. And with the case, it’ll last for 22 hours. It supports wireless charging. But it doesn’t support ANC.

It supports ambient sound, though to be able to listen to your surroundings. It also supports touch input. It comes with bluetooth 5. The colors are: blue, red, black ,and white.

The price is approximately 150 USD. The Buds+ version is the less enhanced version of the Buds Pro version since it supports less features. But the Buds Live headphones comes with a new design from Samsung.

The headphones looks like a bean. The design is actually beautiful. It comes with 12mm speakers tuned by AKG. It also comes with 3 mics array integrated in the audio unit. It provides excellent experience with phone calls. The headphones supports ANC. It offers good performance in minimizing the noises around you.

The battery lasts for 6 hours. And with the case, it’ll last for 21 hours. It supports fast charging, where charging it for 5 minutes will provide 1 hours of listening. It also supports wireless charging. It comes with bluetooth 5 and supports Buds Together feature.

The colors are: Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic Red, Mystic Blue, and Mystic White, Mystic is a new variation of color from Samsung. It costs approximately 180 USD.

How can you choose between one of them? 😈

For me, I think the last version offers all the features, but is a high investment. But if you don’t care about ambient sound or the new design, then go for the Buds Plus version. Both the Pro and Plus versions offer ANC.

And you can enjoy the ambient sound, but this time, electronically. If you don’t care about ANC, then go for the Buds Live. It could be a great choice for those who want to listen to content without being isolated from their surroundings.

Check your needs and budget to choose one of these.

This is the end of this review. Hopefully, it is easier for you now you to choose of these headphones. Get the one that suits you the best, and congratulations in advance. 😈

See you soon…