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Review 139: 14.04.2021 at 12:00 pm

🕷 Guys! A new article of Special Car, For the first time on OTTO MAGAZINE, turbocharged motorcycle: So, don’t forget to bring your best coffee, Let’s start!

The motorcycle we are testing today is a German trike called rewaco RF1 Black Line, Black Line means all these parts are painted in matte black.

Not chrome, in other models, these parts would be chrome. The trike’s body is made of Fiberglass It’s lightweight Regarding safety in this trike we can see the protection and support, It’s a German trike so it must have passed the German regulations, Sure it was equipped with excelelnt safety features.

There is a number of supportive systems in this trike including ABS, which means it’s easy to control this trike. You can order the trike with 2 seats like this one, and you can order it with 3 seats one in the front and 2 seats in the back, and there is another edition with a front cover to protect you from wind when you travel long distances. But this model does not have a front cover.

Rewaco RF1 GT Turbo Modified

In Touring model you can order a sound system with sepakers in the front.In today’s trike we have a 7-speed automatic CVT gearbox, and you can order it with a manual gearbox. It’s very simple to use! this is the gearshift, and here is the Sport mode down there, and there is a button to activate Sport mode.

Just switch to Drive and twist the handlebar for gas and here is the brake pedal, The handbrake lever is on the left. With manual gearbox the clutch pedal is put on the left.

You press the clutch pedal with your left foot twist throttle with your right hand and shift gears with your left hand. all will enjoyed driving the manual model, But I believe the automatic model is easier to ride. The trike has all the necessary lights because it is registered and licensed.

All these vents are functional they provide air cooling to the engine because the engine is located here, What I liked most about this trike is how its rear tires look.

The tire width is 335m They look like a Lamborghini from the back. The rims are 18 I liked it! The rear lights look like those of a small sports car.

Exhaust tips in the middle great sound, You’ll enjoy the sound of the turbo, the blow off valve and the air filter, and here is a storage compartment:

So that you can use the trike for long-distance travelling.

Rewaco RF1 GT Turbo Modified

To start the motorcycle you turn the switch on then you push down the button and there is the start button.

There buttons are for the lights high and low beam the blinkers, the horn and here is a power inlet: The fuel tank gauge and the battery voltage, and there is the engine temperature RPM and speedometer.

The trike is very simple as you saw, we explained everything quickly. Stability is excellent because of its rear wheels…

About the mechanical specifications of this trike… It is powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine, that generates 140hp in this model.

Considering it’s light weight that ranges from 615 to 623 kg, The trike weight is very light to its power. The trike accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 s, and its top speed is 175 km/h.

Let’s switch to Sport mode and step on it! The turbo sounds great! The turbo opens quickly! There is no lag at all! All kinds of music even with motorcycles!

The trike is available with a 7-speed automatic CVT gearbox.

Rewaco RF1 GT Turbo Modified

Or a manual gearbox, But you need to pay attention with the manual gearbox! because the clutch pedal is at your left foot.

The brake pedal is on the right side, and the gas is on the right handlebar, it takes some using to and you shift gears with your left hand.

Because its a 3-eheeled vehicle you can rest your hands if you feel tired.

Driving 2-wheeled motorcycles takes more physical effort, This is an excellent cruiser and the passenger behind you is comfortable.

One advantage of this trike is that it has ABS, The trike is lightweight and its brakes are powerful. The sounds of the turbo and air filter are great, What a great sound!

🕷Heros, See you soon and Take care! 💪

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