Review 🔥: The Galaxy S21 ULTRA🎃 🔥 the Strongest phone from Samsung… 💥😈

Review 75: 25.01.2021 at 01:00 am

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After my team and I have tested this S21 Ultra device, I can that it’s an excellent device that comes with lots of enhancements. Samsung also have done a great job with the colors.The new enhancements for the cameras are excellent. It also includes the enhancements that came with the Note 20 Ultra. But also, there are things that Samsung hasn’t done well with this device.

There are lots of users who didn’t like the removal of the SD card. I personally prefer a device that supports an SD card even though I don’t use it a lot. This feature is always wanted in smartphones.
This S21 Ultra device is directed to specific users. It’s directed to photography enthusiasts, those who like a full-front display and those who can’t wait for the new Note device.

Hello friends, your coffee and let’s start, Indeed, this device brings lots of new and excellent specs and enhancements. It brings maturity to this one-year old series. The Ultra series has been around for one year only. But the S21 and S21 Plus devices have been matured for years now.

I criticize Samsung for not supporting as SD card. However, the enhancements has been coming for more than a year. Ask anyone who has an S9 Plus, S10 or S20 and ask them about the performance of these devices.

Let me go back to discuss the S21 Ultra in this full review article😈. Let’s start. The design is a personal preference. But I should say that Samsung have done a great job in the design of this year’s devices.

The new stainless steel frame that merges with the camera module adds more protection to them. It gives the device a very beautiful look. It also adds more protection. But the device now comes with a bigger protrusion when place on flat surfaces. The camera module also needs more protection.

There’s a protection for it and I’ll talk about it in this review. The design is rationalized considering the huge camera improvement. The frame of the device has become more grip-able.

Carrying the device with your hand is easier now. The reason is because the edges are thin and overlapping with the screen. The curved edges Samsung is known for become smaller and smaller and you won’t feel it anymore. I think this is the start of the total removal of the curved edges displays in Samsung devices.

I don’t think anyone will miss it. Because the features that come with curved edges can be found in the UI itself now. The design of the UI is now identical in all devices. There’s no significant changes except for the aspect ratio.

The device comes in two colors: fantom silver and fantom black. The device I have here is the fantom black. And to be honest, it is the most beautiful black color on any Samsung device. it is similar to the matte black color found in luxurious cars. Before I discuss the screen, we all agree that Samsung brings the best screens to their devices.

Samsung also manufacture screens for companies such as Apple and others. The screen size is 6.8 The screen to body ratio is 90%. The screen is called Dynamic AMOLED 2X, and we’ve seen it before on other Samsung devices.

The resolution of the screen is 1440×3200. It comes with 515ppi density with high brightness. The technologies found in this screen makes it excellent. The continuity of using this screen is an excellent thing from Samsung. The only lacking feature in it is the under-display front facing camera.

Samsung recently registered a trademark called UPC – Under Panel Camera. This means that the upcoming device from Samsung whether it is from the Note or S series will come with this technology.

Let me continue with this device: The brightness of the screen is excellent. The device is protected by a CGG Victus layer and the screen supports Always-On Display feature. The screen supports adaptive refresh rate, where it changes depending on the app or content your watching.

The refresh rate changes from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the the content displayed on the screen. Which is an excellent feature. The CPU is built using 5nm architecture, and I’ll discuss it later in this review. The CPU is more power efficient.

Samsung made this device more mature, especially with the internal parts of it. The CPU in the previous version was excellent and provided efficient performance. But with the advancement of the new CU, internal parts such as the cameras, and charging and processing are also enhanced. I’ll discuss the GPU later on in thisreview. I’ll also discuss the CPU, which has caused lots of problems to Samsung users. I’ll explain it in simple words.

Samsung says that the new CPU is built using 5nm architecture after it was 7nm architecture with the previous version. What’s the difference then? The CPU will occupy less space inside the device.

Which helps Samsung in developing other things inside the device. This space might not make any difference to you but for smartphones, it matters a lot.

According to Samsung, this CPU offers 20% better performance and 35% better graphics performance. The NPU is also 2x better. And of course, it offers better battery performance and duration.

The device comes with either the SD888 or the Exynos 2100. Which one is better? 😈

We’ve always seen that the Snapdragon version offers better performance, but Samsung promises that this time, it’ll be different. I’ll compare both versions in a dedicated review. I’ll make a long review to discuss and address the differences between both version and see which is better.

Leave a comment of your questions and hopefully, I’ll answer them in the review. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1063 points for the single core and 3176 points for multicores. The numbers are excellent, and shows how powerful the device is considering the features it supports such as 8K video recording and S Pen support. But there are more powerful CPU in the market such as Apple’s A14 CPU and others.

Let me know what device should I compare it with. For me I’ll compare it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ll also make other companions, so keep visiting us…🤡

The device runs Android 11 with Samsung’s latest OneUI 3.1 on top of it. What distinguishes this UI is its design clarity. Also, the accessibility, where options are nearer to finger reach and the top portion of the display shows titles.

Samsung’s UI is wonderful since it mixes between Android and Samsung’s UI, which is the best in the market. There’s also another feature this device supports, which is the S Pen and Stylus support. It is not fair to buy a device than runs this UI without knowing all of its features and shortcuts.

These shortcuts and features do matter with Samsung devices. Companies, such as Huawei, follow this method by giving users special features to distinguish themselves. Those who use the Note will know and enjoy its shortcuts. And those who use the S series will know its shortcuts. And those who use One UI 3.1 will get used to its shortcuts and features it packs. The device supports multiple secure unlocking methods.

First of it, it supports face recognition, which I don’t recommend since it uses the camera and doesn’t support dedicated sensors.

It also supports an in-display fingerprint sensor. I’ve tried it and it is indeed more faster and the difference is significant. It also supports passcode and pattern.

The device supports a feature where it won’t unlock if it is in your pocket or at home. There is a dedicated settings for it. You can tinker with it in advanced settings. It supports KNOX, where you can securely save your files and apps.

In general this device is secure. No one can say that the iPhone is more secure than this device. Both devices have reach high maturity in security.

The biggest improvements happened with the cameras. They’ve significantly developed from the S20 Ultra version. Lots of features were also adopted from the Note 20 Ultra.

The device comes with the second gen of the 108MP camera. It comes with the same previous features but with advancements made possible by the adaptation of AI.

The device now supports Laser Autofocus. It’s way more faster and competitive now. We’ve seen it with the Note 20 Ultra device before.

What are the rest of cameras?

There’s a 10MP zoom camera with 3x optical zoom. There’s also another 10MP Telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. All of them support OIS except for the Ultra Wide lens.

In general, this is the best Samsung device for photography, as it packs crazy features for pro photographers and enthusiasts. It support Space Zoom for up to 100x. I am not sure who will use it, but it offers good performance.

Its performance has been significantly improved from the previous version. It now offers better steadiness after it was awful to use in the previous version. It supports recording video with 8K resolution.

You can also use all 4 cameras to choose the one your prefer the most. Night mode is improved and Portrait photos have significantly improved.

I’ll have to make a photography comparison between it, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Mate 40 Pro. What do you think? Would these device make a great comparison?🤡

The battery hasn’t changed. It is still 5000mAh. But since the CPU is not built on 5nm architecture, it’ll offer better battery performance. Unlike the previous version, it doesn’t support 45W charging, instead, it only supports charging with 25w. But with the 5nm CPU and AI, there will be some kind of improvement. But this improvement doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t have preferred a faster charging speed.

Other companies have reached 100W, and Samsung has a charger that supports 60W. I have no idea as to why they didn’t support higher charging speeds on tis device.

Imagine having a huge battery and aCPU that uses AI. Once you connect it to charging it’ll charge in 60 minutes. This would have been a great feature. But Samsung decided to only support 25W.

The device supports 15W wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. I can’t give my verdict about the battery now since it needs to adapt to my usage. Only then we’ll know how it performs.

In two weeks from now, I’ll make a review about the battery performance. Stay with OTTO Magazin. The device supports IP68 water and dust resistant. It can be easily connected to Windows machine and you can browse all the files.

You can edit contacts, check the photos and apps easily. This feature is called Link To Windows. The device supports Wireless DEX. You can use this feature to to connect the device to external screen, and it’ll provide a semi-computer like experience. But it won’t be Windows OS. It’ll still be modified Android version by Samsung.

The UI will look like a Windows OS, and it’ll be great for businesses. Finally, it supports a Stylus. It is sold separately and costs 39 USD in the US. There will also be another better version of it.

The Stylus will allow you to write notes, select something on the screen and use it for instant translation and many other features similar to the Note’s features. But you should know that not all the S Pen features are supported with this device.

It supports lots of features such as Game Booster and Vapor Chamber. There are lots of other features that gamers will enjoy on this device. But it won’t be logical to pay 1000 USD to buy a gaming device.

You should consider the huge investment and how much you’ll benefit from it before buying this device. Now I’ve reached the price. It starts from 1386 USD, and 1146 Euros!

This price is for the 128GB version. The 521GB version reaches up to 1573 USD, and 1300 Euros! And this this price, you only get the device and the charging cable in the box.

What is happening in this world? 😷😷😷

I want to go to a store and buy a mid-rage device that offers nearly the same features as this device, and buy a laptop and tablet among other things for the price of this device., I don’t know what is happening here!😈

Buy those who want to invest in this device should consider using it for a least 3 years.

Samsung offers gifts such as Buds Pro headphone if you pre-order the device. I made a review about these headphones.

They’ll also offer SmartTags trackers. I talked about it in a News article. It’s available on the OTTO Magazin. They also offer screen warranty. These things are great, but I want to talk about something else.

This device is a great development from the older device. I am not comparing this device with all other Android devices. It would be logical. I am speaking from the perspective of a person who knows this series and the developments this device has received.

Choices have become abundance in the Android world. You should consider all your options before you decide to buy any device. You should also consider that all devices in the past 2 or 3 years are mature.

What else is left to be added to this device?🤡

There are enhancements and developments. But Also, Samsung removed loved features from this version!

See you soon on the next reviews….👋