Red Magic 5S 🏌 The Fastest 🥵and Coldest 🥶Gaming Monster !! 😈

Review 61: December 22-2020 at 01:30 am

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Hello, today we have the distinctive and interesting phone, your favorite coffee, and let’s welcome the Red Magic 5s, the gaming phone, and the successor to 5G, is there a similarity or difference between the two devices? Let’s find it together.

In this article, I will review the S5, and I promise to give a detailed review of the SG device, the first note that you will notice after opening the device box, is the gloss of the device is silver, the reflections are very wonderful, and the color is inspired by snow, which is the advantage of this device because it offers a cooling system It is called triple cooling, water cooling and air cooling, and on the back of the device there is a special chip for heat distribution.

In appearance, there is an identical similarity to the 5G version, but there is no logo that shines like 5G, and this takes something from its advantage as a first-class gaming phone! But there is an infectious piece on the back of the device called ICE AG, this piece of metal with the ICE Dock gives strong cooling to the device because it distributes heat better, and through my experience with this device, really, the device does not heat up! Despite my playing for so long! Interesting thing!

And while you are playing with the device, you will enjoy a lot of the large and wonderful speaker system, such as the sounds of sports cars and the sounds of gunshots in games, really without exaggeration, this is the best audio system I have heard in devices that rely on external speakers, and you will also enjoy the large screen that comes with two edges above And below, which is the fastest screen currently in the world, 144Hz, 🔥🥇 which is not naturally fast, you will benefit from it very much, especially in pubg games and call of.duty cold war

Interest is still weak for phones, games, especially Android, the device is great, especially when you add it to a game controller, such as reset kichi, which gives you a level of high-quality control, and after installing it with the device gives you the feeling that you have an xbox controller, and indeed, I tried the games with Game controller instead Touching the screen, gives you a distinct and exciting experience, and its price is really not that high, only $ 80! A good price compared to what it offers can be considered an important addition to the fun to play.

The cooling provided by this phone is very cool, I say this because I played a lot with Pupg on different phones, and most of them were heating up! 🥵 From us leads to a decrease in the quality of the phone, such as the screen, for example, and the phone battery, but with the S5 the phone remains stable, and this is very important, as well as I was very impressed with the accuracy of the screen that reaches 144 Hz, so the highest screen only reaches 120 Hz! beautiful thing! 😇

The device comes with a Snapdragon 865 processor and of course supports two lines of the 5G network, and also supports the largest space currently in the world UFS 3.1, but unfortunately there is only 12GB as a maximum for this version, after they canceled 16GB! I was hoping to keep it! 😟😔 The Softwere on this phone is Red Magic OS, but I didn’t like the device when I used it as a regular phone without games, I didn’t like the device menus! 🤮 When watching movies on Youtube, I did not like the screen very much, because the contrast is too much! In Gaming, it’s great, but in movies and watching video, it’s over!

The screen contains a fingerprint reader, which is relatively fast, but not the best fingerprint reader at all! The device also contains 3 rear cameras, a 64 mega-pixel primary camera, an 8 mega-pixel ultra camera, and finally a macro camera that has no role! 😅 But in fact, the image quality of this device has improved a lot compared to the 5G device! Especially the colors become real, cameras that won’t win prizes of course, but they are cute and usable! 🤗

I wish the company to increase the size of the device, why not, not a disadvantage, for the increase in the size of the battery, because the battery is 4500 mAh, which is large, but in fact it does not last much! Neither in normal use nor in games, and this is due to the screen, which is characterized by a fast frequency, however, and fortunately, the device supports fast charging, 55 watts, but unfortunately the company canceled this charger recently and left only the charger 18 watts! With a very normal charging cable, personally bothered me! 🙈

The price! 🥴 In my opinion, it is okay, it starts from 580 USD, which is very suitable for young people who love games, it has a better processor and you will avoid the problem of overheating! 🥵 Because of the wonderful cooling system 🥶 With a large and wonderful screen, I think the price is worth the purchase for them,

But for the average user or business people, I do not recommend it.😈

See you in the next review, wait our review about IPad Air 2020! 😈