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Blog 38: November 02-2020 at 10:00 pm

In their latest event, Realme announced their Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro devices. also said that these new devices are better than Huawei devices. Let’s check these devices, where Realme think they’ll compete with one of the biggest companies.

I usually compare these devices with devices from the same category, Hello guys, before you buy this new devices, bring your Coffee and welcome:

Let me start with the Realme 7 device, It comes with a mirror-like design. But most of the materials are made from plastic. The back is curved and it houses the vertical design of the rear cameras. The front is occupied by the screen that is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass layer.

There’s also a punch hole in the screen to house the front facing camera. The thickness of the device is 9.4mm, and it weighs less than 200g.

Let me now discuss the specs of this device:

The Realme 7 isn’t officially IP water and dust resistant certified, but nonetheless, it supports splash resistant.

The screen size is 6.5, it’s resolution is FHD+ (2400×1080) and IPS LCD. The screen comes with 405ppi density. The screen to body ratio is 90.5%.

The screen supports 90Hz refresh rate. This higher screen refresh rate makes the device smooth and responsive.It is great that a device from this category supports such a high screen refresh rate. The device comes with 4 rear cameras, The main camera is 64MP. It is the Sony IMX682 sensor.

Usually, Sony sensors provide great performance and take great photos. This sensor will help in low light scenarios. The details and quality of the photos in general will be enriched.

The second is the Ultra Wide 8MP camera. The third is the 2MP portrait camera, and it is called BMW Portrait.This camera is supposed to provide good portrait photos with color filters, especially black and white filters.

The fourth is the 2MP Marco camera. The front facing camera is the Wide 16MP lens with 79.3 field of view. This bigger field of view camera will include more objects in the frame. The main camera takes photos with good details and quality.

The colors are a bit cold and saturated. In general the outcome of this camera is satisfactory. The Ultra Wide camera takes similar photos to the main camera. The colors are a bit darker, but in general, the outcome is good. By the way, the camera’s field of view is 119 degrees.

The device supports zoom using the 64MP camera.It supports 2x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and the results are acceptable.

It also supports up to 10x digital zoom, but the details will slightly decrease.The portrait photos taken on this device are good.
And as usual with devices from this category, the isolation varies from time to another. But it also depends on the lighting and different circumstances.

Here’s.a tip for you:

if you want to take a selfie, let the light (sun or any artificial light source) source face you.

The night mode photos are good, but the details vary from time to another.

The device shoots 4K videos with 30fps.

The quality of videos are good, But the with this video quality, the videos will be a bit shaky!

The device supports the Ultra Steady mode, but it only works with 1080p@60fps videos. This video is shoot with 1080p@60fps using the rear camera.

Honestly, this quality is the best for users. First of all, 60fps makes the motion of the videos very smooth. And the 1080p resolution is a great resolution for content. Even though this camera shoots 4K videos, but my advice to you is to shoot 1080p videos with 60fps.

The outcome of the front facing camera is satisfactory. But as usual, the skin is a bit smoothed. Portrait photos are also acceptable. And is how the camera performs in different light scenarios. The videos will be better with more light.

The front facing camera of the Realme 7 device. The device comes with the MediaTek Helio G95 CPU with 8 cores and 12nm architecture build. It is not the best architecture build similar to newer CPUs, but we’ll test its performance using the Geekbench 5 platform.

I usually compare these devices with devices from the same category, but what about your coffee? what kind of Coffee drink guys? let me know in comment okay!😍💘☕

The device uses Carbon Fiber cooling system, which provides a 8.6% better cooling performance. This number might sound small for you, but of course it does help in enhancing your experience with the device.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 514 points for the single core and 1610 points for multicores. Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors. PUBG game started with the high settings and with high smoothness.

The device supports Game Space mode, which enhances the performance of the device while gaming. It also shows the network speed, battery status and blocks notifications and phone calls to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. The RAM is 8GB LPDDR4x, and the onboard storage is 128GB UFS 2.1.

This kind of onboard storage is faster in reading and writing, which also enhances your experience with this device. The device supports 2 SIM cards AND an SD card at the same time.

The device runs Android 10 with Realme UI on top of it. The UI is simple and easy to use. It is also very similar to Stock Android.The UI supports different gestures such as swiping down with 3 fingers to take a screenshot.

You can also swipe up with 3 fingers to enable split-screen mode to open 2 apps at the same time. The device officially supports Google services out of the box.

The device comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the side power button. And after experimenting with it, the sensor provides high responsiveness, It also unlocks using the front facing camera, but it uses a 2D picture instead of a 3D sensor. For more security, I advise you not to use it as it is easy to cheat it.

The device supports dual WiFi bands and bluetooth 5. The battery inside is 5000mAh. It supports Realme’s Dart Charge technology with 30w.

According to Realme, this technology will charge the device from 0% to 50% in 26 minutes. The box contains a clear cover, fast charger (compatible with your market) and the charging cable. The content of the box may vary from a region to another. Realme 7 is officially available in market now.


the screen is beautiful and for this price category, it supports 90Hz refresh rate. The gaming performance is great and so is the battery performance. And for this price category, support 30w charging is excellent.


the build material is normal. The cameras do their job, but I wished they were better to make the experience even better.

The Realme 7 device has a bigger brother called the Realme 7 Pro. It is very similar to the Realme 7 device, but this screen on this device is only 60Hz.

The rear cameras are 64MP, 8MP, 2MP and another 2MP. But the front facing camera is 32MP with a wider lens that supports 85 degrees of view.

Is nearly 5.5 degrees wider, which is not that huge of a difference. The rear cameras on the Realme 7 Pro device are nearly the same as the cameras on the Realme 7 device. But this device comes with the Snapdragon 720G CPU.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 573 points for the single core and 1690 points for multicores.

If you notice, the CPU performance of this CPU isn’t that much higher than the CPU performance of the Realme 7. PUBG game performance is very fast.

The RAM is 8GB and the onboard storage is 128GB. The battery is smaller in this device. it is 4500mAh. But it supports SuperDart Charge with 65w, which double the charge speed of the Realme 7 charger.

The charger charges the battery from 0% to 100% in 34 minutes only. The content of the box varies from a region to another, but in the Saudi market, the box contain the device, fast charger and the charging cable.


unlike the non-Pro version, the device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It also supports fast charging with 65w.


it is true that the screen is Super AMOLED and better than the IPS LCD in the non-Pro version, but it doesn’t support 90Hz refresh rate. If you want a battery smaller than 5000mAh but charges way faster then the Realme 7 Pro is a great option for you.

If you want an in-display fingerprint sensor, then this device is a great option for you. The Realme 7 device is the star of this series since it comes with great specs and price.

you know now the pros and cons of these new phones, check your needs before purchasing.😇

See you later.🖐