Qualcomm supplies chips for BMW’s self-driving cars❗ 🇺🇲 🇩🇪

17.11.2021 at 02:00 am

Qualcomm has announced its collaboration to bring the latest advances in driver assistance technologies and Snapdragon Ride platform products to the next generation of advanced ADAS and AD automated driving platforms for the BMW Group.

The chip maker said the German carmaker is using its chips in its next generation of driver assistance and self-driving systems.

San Diego-based Qualcomm is the world’s largest supplier of mobile chips. But it is working to diversify its business. More than a third of its chip sales come from sources other than cell phones.

Leveraging the two companies’ expertise in core innovation, Qualcomm and BMW are expanding their long-standing relationship to deliver safe, intelligent and advanced BMW driving experiences.

The new generation of BMW’s automated driving stack is based on the Snapdragon Ride on-chip vision system, vision perception and ADAS central computing controllers powered by Qualcomm’s Car-2-Cloud services platform.

BMW has been a leader in driver assistance innovations for more than two decades.

In an effort to further expand its wide range of driver assistance systems, it uses Qualcomm technologies to provide the full range of functionality of automated driving platforms and advanced driver assistance systems.

This includes the computer vision of the front, rear, and peripheral camera in the SoC’s custom computer vision. Plus a high-performance central computing console to host BMW’s driving policy and other planning and driving functions.

Qualcomm and BMW expand their collaboration❗😍

Qualcomm’s announcement of its deal with BMW came ahead of an investor presentation where new details about its strategy were expected.

A BMW spokesperson said the new chips are being used for the Neue Klasse series. It is scheduled to start production from 2025.

Auto chips are a key growth area for Qualcomm, which supplies chips for infotainment systems to companies such as General Motors.

But the company was also challenging its chip competitors in providing chips that power computers. Which assists the driver in tasks such as automated lane keeping and autonomous driving systems.

BMW said its current partnership with Intel’s self-driving technology unit continues. This is despite the fact that plans to launch a self-driving car in 2021 did not materialize.

In addition, next year, a 7-Series sedan featuring Intel’s Tier 3 autonomous driving technology is scheduled to be released next year. These cars can drive themselves under limited conditions. But still need a driver.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine