PS5 from Gold🙈 , Alibaba is facing the same problems Amazon has faced! 🤦‍♂️ S22 leaks have surfaced, Yes, I mean S22 not S21, And of course, end of year tempting sales💵…😈

December 30/2020 at 02:00 pm

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Your Hot cup coffee, we have many hot tech news, welcome to this new news article from OTTO Magazin:

Let’s start with China, And for for the first time in China, a big company like Alibaba is facing monopoly charges. It is the same problem Amazon has been facing in the US and around the world.

They want to monopolize the market. If you want to be distinguished on Alibaba platform, you shouldn’t sell your products on other similar platforms.

There’s a difference between a store and a platform. Stores sell their own products. But platforms such as Amazon, Souq, Noon and Alibaba are stores and platforms.

Alibaba sell their own products and other products from other vendors. It is similar to a mall, where vendors sell their products.

International popularity of these platforms make the products popular. With this, platform owners share the profit with the vendors.

What’s happening in China is happening in the USA!

Let’s wait to check whether Alibaba will be fought in China. Do the Chinese government not like monopoly? 🙄

At the end of the year, there’s always great and tempting sales. STC now offers great deals and sales. Devices such as S20, S20 Plus are on sale now, There are 5G devices and Z Flip device, too.

All of these devices are currently on sale. Usually, companies try to get more customers by offering sales to the newly released devices. There’s not much difference between the S20 and S21 devices. These offers could be very encouraging for you.

Xiaomi CEO says that their next device will come with a thinner\nand higher box and without a charger in the box! He confirmed in a tweet that they’re following a policy that is being followed by big companies.

They want to protect the environment with this step 🙊

He said that this decision might be frowned upon by lots of people, But still, it is a good decision.

On behalf of the readers, let me say that it is not acceptable to pay $500 or $600 or even $200 for a phone without a charger. This has been the case for 20 years.👿

Xiaomi and Apple don’t include a charger in the box. And it is expected that Samsung will follow this approach. The charger doesn’t cost anything to remove from the box of the sake of environment.

There should be a law to regulate accessories’ manufactures. Or else, how will this business be regulated?😈

Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and LG will follow this method. We haven’t heard any official news about regulating accessories and accessory manufacturers.

Or at least companies to create a technology that allows their devices to charge using special charges. With this method, chargers manufacturing will stop. And that’s how we save the environment.

Why would companies not include a charger while other manufactures keep manufacturing these chargers?

It is not fair! 🤦‍♂️

The only losing party is the user.👿

Why would we pay to buy chargers?👿

God help us! 🙌 2021 will be a strange year. I’ll discuss more devices is this article, This article is strange!

Huawei and Honor’s market share have slight dropped in 2020. Their market share dropped from 14% to 12% because of the US sanctions.

It is expected that their market share will drop even more. Huawei’s market share could drop up to 4%, which is shocking for the fans of the company’s devices.

These sanctions have limited their productivity. It also affected their popularity without Google services support. The good thing is that they’re making an alternative plan. The problem is when they’re going to release their HamronyOS? And will it be a great operating system or not?

Selling Honor is a good thing that could probably lead to the removal of the sanctions from them. It’s a possibility that their older and new devices will get Google services support, meaning more widespread for them.

Xiaomi in 2021 will be the biggest winner.👍

They’ll get Huawei’s market share, The reason is that their devices support Google services, if they’re able to make their devices well on all platforms, If they do so, they’ll win in 2021. And Samsung could be the biggest winner in 2020, since they’ve sold more devices this year than the past 9 years.

They could sell up to 307 million device this year. At the end of the third quarter, they were able to sell 287 million devices. What will help them is the pandemic and the sanctions on Huawei, which I’ve previously mentioned.

Also, including 5G technology in their mid-range devices and its popularity will also help them a lot.

2021 could bring a lot of advancement to them, If they add 5G technology to their entry-level devices, it’ll be a great step for them that will bring them a lot of profit. If you think about from a different perspective, we’re actually back to 7 years ago.

There’s only two big competing companies now: Apple and Samsung. What happened to Huawei have brought us 7 years back. There’s no competition now. I remember Huawei’s Mate 10, 20, and 30 devices and how the competition was at its highest. I miss these days. Do you feel the same? 😳

Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and other companies are competing, too but they don’t have enough popularity such as Huawei and Honor in some regions, These companies need more than a year to create an investment plan in some regions just like Huawei’s.

S21 and S21 Plus specs have fully leaked. And the S22 will have a new technology coming. But first, let’s start with the S21 specs. These devices will come with either the Exynos 2100 or the Snapdragon 888 CPUs. They’ll come with 8GB fo RAM, Android 11 with One UI 3.1 on top of it.

They’ll come with 6.2 and 6.7 screens, The screens will support 120Hz and 1300NITS. They’ll be a slightly increase of the PPI density that last year’s. The devices will support shooting 8K videos and the front facing camera is 10MP.

They’ll come with a 12MP main sensor, 12MP UW and 64GB telephoto cameras. They’ll support 5G, 4000mAh and 4800mAh batteries and so on. There’s no difference between the S20 and S21 except for the design.

The design is the biggest change between these devices. And if confirmed, these devices will not come with a charger in the box. Older device will also not come with a charger in the box just like how Apple did with their older devices. It’ll be very difficult for users.

Let’s wait and see what happens! Samsung patented a new technology to hide the front facing camera under the screen using a secondary screen. This technology has been patented now by Samsung. There will be two layers of screens. One with a punch hole and second that contains the cameras.

The first layer will hide the camera and the device will look like as if it doesn’t have a front facing camera. A Chinese company has released this technology with their devices, But it is not popular yet. But Samsung has the capacity \nin marketing and technology to make it popular.

Caviar company has announced a PS5 made from gold, 20kg of gold and 10 gold papers have been used to make it. The price of this device hasn’t been announced yet. The gold used in making the device is 18 karat. Even the controllers has been remastered with gold.

Both sides of the device are made from gold. Caviar devices are know to be very elegant and limited. The problem is that they’ve only made one device. Buy customers can ask for the price of the device in their website.

I requested the price of the device. Keep visit us to know whether we can ‘all’ buy this device or not! The reason why they made this device is that according to them this is the best console this year. To be honest, they’re not wrong.

Apple is working on glasses and an electric car with lots of technologies. The glasses have got a new patent recently. New patents were registered for this glasses, which could\ncome with different AR technologies.

This glasses will protect privacy since it won’t have a camera in it to protect the privacy of people around you. If they do that, they’ll beat Snapchat and Google with their glasses. The camera in these devices is the biggest problem in them.

I won’t be sure whether I buy this product if it becomes a reality. Unless it offers new additional values. These glasses will need to be adjusted. It will bring more profit to them.

And their car has been confirmed to be released in 2024. Don’t believe any videos you watch for this car.😈 These videos are not even real.

God help us. Future technologies will be amazing. And 2021 will be a shocking year for technologies.

See you soon in the next reviews 😈