Promate PowerState! All-in-1 Wireless Charango!🤔 Our Review 😈

Review n° 53: December 07-2020, at 06:30 pm


This is one of the best one-cabled accessories for Apple Ecosystem! so, this is our review, your coffee and welcome to OTTO Magazin:

If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch and a wireless AirPods, then this is an excellent option for you and will be easy to use, but why?

All of your devices will be charged using one charger and one cable, You’ll be able to fast charge your iPhone, wirelessly charge AirPods and Apple Watch.

You won’t have to buy an additional accessory for the Apple Watch, You won’t have to buy an external 18w charger your iPhone 11, You won’t have to buy an additional wireless charger for the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Or even Samsung wireless headphones, if you prefer it, You can charger all your devices with one charger, You can move the iPhone to see the screen while its charging.

you can charge your Apple Watch with a good position, and you can wirelessly charge your headphones, The good thing is that you can charge all of these devices using one cable.

If you wanted you charger another device, you can plug it with the 2.4amp port at the back of the base. You can charge your Android device using the back port while your iPhone is charging, And the Apple Watch will be charging on its own base.

This device is Apple Certified as ProMate so that this accessory can charge all 3 Apple devices.

For more details, the wireless charger supports up to 10w, My other device is charging with 10w now.

The AirPods are being charged now, and This device supports Qi wireless charging standard.

3 guys here in Tech Pills experimented this device with me.

The heat generated by this wireless charger is less than on other wireless chargers, Which is a good thing. All your devices will be supported with this accessory.

I wished the Apple Watch charger supported other watches, It only charges Apple Watches.

But this device supports charging 4 devices, Which other accessories do this? 

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with 18w charger in the box, But this charger only charges one device.

iPhone 11 or any other older iPhones that support fast charging don’t come with a 18w charger.

You’ll have to buy it separately so that you can fast charge your device.

This accessory is made from metal with cool design and 3 colors.

ProMate used Zink alloy to build this accessory, The device looks very prestigious and great looking, They’re not made from plastic.

This accessory is available in all stores, You can find them in airports and tech stores, too.

This device comes with 2 years of warranty here in some countries.

So, What is your Opinion about this device OTTO?

You’d make a great investment with this device, really guys 😈

This device is one of the accessories that we’ve intensively experimented with and it is great for Apple devices.

This is the end of this review, next review is soon.💥💥💥

See you soon.👋