🕷Pontiac Trans Am Modified! 😱🔥🔥🔥

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🕷Hello Guys! i apologize for the delay, i have been traveling for work, i miss my coffee! but now, bring your old American Coffee, because the stars of today have a 40-year old car…A Hollywood star, A true American muscle car.

For those who witnessed the golden age of this car this review will make them feel a great nostalgia.

Today’s star… a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am: 💥

Let’s start this review guys, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am is the second generation of this American beast, The car we have today is an exclusive edition it’s called Track Edition.

🕷How is it different compared to other Trans Am cars?

It has more horsepower and it has a rear limited-slip differential, which makes the rear tires rotate together at the same time, for better sporty performance.

The car’s weight is less than ordinary models with more horsepower, The car also has Weld Racing wheels, Very strong modified lightweight wheels, and Drag racing and action wheels on a Trans Am, They look really good!

There is also a modified suspension system they even put a sticker on the dashboard RTS) Radial Tuned Suspension, to assert the car’s strong performance , after the tuned suspension with harder shock absorbers.

The camshaft sounds really great in this car, When it’s idling or when you drive it, the exhaust sounds really great, The car also has a fully modified MagnaFlow exhaust.

The headers were modified and the pipes along the car, I hear it!

My God!

This beast has a true muscle car engine, A 6.6 L Big Block V8 403 cubic inch, With a huge carburetor!

It generates 300 hp, because the car was modified as we will explain later, Some of you will say: « 300 hp is nothing » But this car – guys – is 40 years old, Back then in its golden age it was considered an exceptional American legend.

What modifications were made to the car? 😈🔥

It has a giant carburetor! Very impressive, It also has a giant camshaft! When idling it feels like it’s about to die, The gearbox ratio is 3.50, A 4-speed automatic.

Don’t Forget tto drink your coffee emmm, i like it, To lose weight they removed the car’s air conditioner, It’s hot and the windows are up we’re suffering! Just to write this article professionally, The car’s owner is supposed to install an air conditioner soon, He already has it, he just needs some time to install it.🙊 So that he can drive the car in summer!😅

But guys, really, the sounds right, Everything is OK! Don’t worry about us!

Inside, the car has a new display and a modified sound system, So that you enjoy driving the car A 40-year old car with power steering.

You can drive it daily, no problem!

Honestly, if it has an air conditioner you can enjoy driving it daily, The car’s owner took extra care of his cars, The car’s exterior body… As you can see in the picture! really terrifying!

They paid a lot of attention to the body!

It doesn’t look like a 40-year old car, it feels like a brand new car! Even in the interior they paid a lot of attention to the restoration job.

The upholstery, the seats ,everything! It feels like a new car! it doesn’t feel like a 40-year old car, God bless!😍

The car’s sound isn’t too loud the original American cars’ sound! Respect to the car’s owner, He took care of the car and renovated it properly.

The car is in great condition, just like brand new cars ! i like enjoy this genuine American beast.

See you guys in the next review, there are many devices for reviews that i will write about its very soon.

🕷 See you soon 💪

We love US Cars…..the history!😍😍