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There won’t be an iPhone 13, but there will be another iPhone, Users demand Samsung to bring the Note back, Will Samsung listen to them?

PS5 supports bigger storage now, What’s the new trend with smartphones? And another death case because of a social media app, The truth about this matter must be explained.

Let’s start this new News article, your Coffee as always and I’ll start it with the iPhone, According to leaks, the device will be released in September.

First, I don’t think it’ll be named iPhone 13. This number is considered a lucky number in Asia, but pessimistic number in most of the world’s cultures.

This number is now available in lefts, or even home numbers. No company has released a product with this number. Few companies were brave enough to release a device with this number.

There are horror movies with the number 13 in the title. I believe Apple won’t call it iPhone 14, but iPhone 12S. I think 12S would be closer, because basically, the device will be developed from the 12 series.

The device won’t come with total design change. I’ll cover the event and later showcase all the colors, details, and make comparisons with older generations.

These upcoming articles will help make sure whether an upgrade is worth it or not. The new devices will come with a new powerful CPU. And the screen is expected to support high refresh rate.

According to leaks, the cameras will be slightly developed. And there will be new colors. The devices are expected to be available in October. October will be an amazing month. It’ll be amazing for me and for my network.

As the importance of the selfie camera gets bigger and bigger, vivo introduced a new device with dual flashes. I reviewed the new V21 device, and the review is available on the magazine.

Samsung’s event is approaching. The expected announcements are as follows:

New Buds headphones. Leaked photos and release date of these headphones have surfaced lately. There will be 2 foldable phones. The first one is the second version of the Z Flip with a bigger external screen.

According to Samsung’s teaser, the device will support water resistant. The second device is the Z Fold 3. It’ll support the S Pen and will come with lots of new tech and better cameras, making it great for business.

The prices are expected to be high, and we discussed the reason as to why in the previous articles..

Did I mention that the device will replace the Note series?

It is supposed to replace it this year, because there won’t be Note devices this year. The closest device directed for business will be the new Fold.

The Note series will come back again next year. Samsung made a mistake by cancelling it this year.

We love the Note series, and we’ve seen how it developed year over year. This year, there won’t be a Note series, which is unfortunate.

Fans have signed a petition asking the company to bring it back. They asked them not to deprive users from this series. The number of people who have signed the petition is only 20K. There’s no hope that Samsung will listen to them, Let’s wait and see what happens next.

🕷 Wait, the Best Sellers in Nintendo DS Games:

In the previous news article, we received a comment that says: « leaks are important », « With leaks, users will be able to make up their minds and start saving money to buy the new devices. »

The reason behind this comment is that because I said that leaks damage our anticipation during events. These leaks are are good and bad, because you might decide not to buy a device based on leaks, but turns out that the device is actually great. The actual device might be better than what was shown in the leaks.

Unusually, a powerful device is released and without any media hype, and without an event attended by thousands around the world.

Huawei has released the P50 series. It comes with a great design. The Pro version comes with excellent specs, It comes with a 6.6″ OLED screen with FHD+ resolution, It supports 300Hz touch sensitivity and 120Hz refresh rate, it also comes with the SD888 CPU.

There’s another version that comes with Kirin 9000, it comes with either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and a storage up to 512GB, It run HarmonyOS 2, supports dual SIM cards and a 50MP main camera.

There’s also another ultra wide camera a 40MP shooter, The front facing 13MP camera comes with 100 degrees of view, supports autofocus, It is IP68 water and dust resistant certified, supports 66W charging and 100W with a special charger, it supports NFC, bluetooth 5.2 and a 4360mAh battery.

The device comes with powerful specs, But I don’t think it’ll come to all countries anytime soon. Huawei must resolve their issue with the US, because we really miss them, we miss the competition they offer, It is bothersome that they don’t compete anymore, These amazing devices won’t compete without Google services in the international market.

Hopefully, change will come soon and the P50 series will support all the services that we need, This is a great stand for smartphones. it is heavy, and it comes with a tube that can be installed on it. Then you can install the arm extension, There’s also a handle for phones and another one for tablets, But for now, let install the phone’s handle.

You can now use to shoot videos with different angels, The stand is from SupeDesk, and I think that it is great, Stay visiting us…

I received a comment from someone asking me to review DJI drones. I don’t prefer reviewing these products even though I’ve used them.

The reason is that because there’s no official organization for them here in Morocco.You can bring it and register it. The drones I have are registered.I don’t think I’ll be able to review them. There are other content creators who review them. I’ll leave soon links to them in the magazine.

Samsung foldable devices’ reviews will be available on the magazine soon, And since I’ve talked about Huawei and Samsung, the latter will release a new technology brought to market by Huawei.

Do you notice the recent trend with smartphones with the huge lens on the rear?

We’re not used to cameras this big. Big camera modules means that the device will be thicker, According to the leaks, the S22 series will come with the same style.

Do we need development with phones’ cameras?

Or do we actually need a new generation of cameras from manufacturers with better capabilities?

For me, I think development is great. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

Would you make a reviews to explain how to know the right size of the new Apple Watch band?

I am not wearing it now, but I wore in the previous article.. And then cut the paper as the shape of the band. This document will have measurements printed on it. My size is 8, and it was a bit tight at first, but now it’s become better. This is how to choose the right size.

We’ve received Sony’s home theater audio system, I’ll review it soon. The review will be available on the magazine, Stay visiting us.

A TikTok users has passed away while using the app. A Chinese girl died after she fell from 48m. She was recording a TikTok video when she fell. Some websites said that the girl fell while she was recording a video to publish it on TikTok. But let me explain the store.

The girl is 23 years old and she is a mother to 2 kids. She’s a crane operator. She was recording a video while working, and because of a mistake she made she lost her life.

This is according to the official statement. Her kids have become orphans. She was not seeking fame. That wasn’t the case.

We’re still hearing about death cases of social media users. The pursuit of fame is acceptable, but not in this way. You should break laws or defy logic to seek fame. That’s a huge mistake.

We can’t stop social media platforms or stop people’s pursuit of fame. For me, I think social media should be incorporated in the education system, They could be taught at schools.

Social media influencers weren’t taught how to become famous, No one taught them how manage their social media, This is a community responsibility, Not every influencer on social media has wasted their lives, let me know what do you think of this in the comment section.

Someone asks me to compare between the V21 and the A52, I’ll gladly do that.😍

Scams have recently increased worldwide, It’s also increasing in the Arab world, A recent research confirmed that 40% of people who got scammed don’t talk about their experience, and the reason could be because they’re ashamed.

I’ve made an initiative to educate people on scams and make the internet safe again, I’ll make an education content for users to understand how scams work.

The initiative is called « End Scamming », Through this initiative, I’ll share stories of people while keeping their privacy safe, I’ll personally supervise it along with the team. We want to make realistic stories that educate us on how not to fall for scammers. let’s learn from previous experiences.

Another comment asks if there are any news about the Note series, There won’t be a Note series this year, And I am not optimistic about Samsung releasing one this year.

PS5 owners can now expand their storage, They can do that by using an M.2 SSD storage, You can expand the storage from 256GB to 4TB, But the storage must be M.2 SSD.

Games, though, might not be as fast as on the PS5, even though the M.2 SSD storage is faster than the PS5’s, Beta testers can now expand their storage, And later, this feature will come to all users.

I’ll provide with a review to illustrate how to do the expansion, But first let me give you a quick way to do it. PS5 cover is easy to remove, Once you remove the cover, you can find the M.2 slot.

Sony confirmed that support for the slot is coming, Remove the cover and then install the M.2 storage, And then you can transfer your games to the external storage, it is similar to other external storages methods, And I’ll make a review on how to do it later.

Before concluding, I remind you the Best Sellers in PlayStation 5 Consoles, Games & Accessories on Amazon 😍✌

So guys, see you soon on the next reviews 👋

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