Playstation 5 … Is heree 🔥🔥😁

Blog 39: November 12-2020, at 03:00 pm


Finally, this is the PS5 box is here.😈

This brings a new gaming experience with a new generation with high capabilities.

Hello gauys, bring you Coffee and welcome to This is the external box of the PS5, Have you noticed that there are not much information on the box other than the content of the box?

The box contains the controller, PS5, HDMI cable and power cord. The box also contains booklets, the device itself, and the Astro Play Room, which comes with the device with the blu-ray reader.

The experience is different, Once you open the box, you’ll be met with the device. It is huge, and it contains lots of other content.

In the upper side, there’s a white box with PlaysStation 5 printed on it. When you properly open the box, you’ll find the cables, controllers and other things.

Under these things, you’ll find the PS5 itself, There is the PS5 with the blu-ray reader, not the Digital version. The digital version doesn’t contain a blu-ray reader, The main version comes with a blu-ray reader.

Both versions are identical tech-wise, The only difference is the blu-ray reader. Before I show the main device, here’s the controller, which is one of the most important things about the new console.

PS5 controller is called Dual Sense, The design and shape of the controller itself has changed, It supports technologies such as Haptic Feedback.

It is similar to the technology found in iPhone buttons when they’re tuned on, where if you press it, you’ll sense a haptic feedback. The tigger buttons support a technology called Adaptive Triggers. This means that there will be resistance when you press on the buttons while play games that support it.

For example, guns will send Haptic Feedback and in sport games, there will be some kind of resistance.The controller also comes with an integrated button and Mute button.

The ‘Share’ button has been changed to be Create, The controller charges using the USB-C port, This is the PS5 guys: 😈

The size of this device is huge, There are a lot of technologies supported in this device that we can talk about.

First: unlike the PS4, the power button on the PS5 has become a physical button now, and it is easy to access, There’s also an ‘Eject « button. Above them, there are a USB-C and USB-A ports, On the back, there’s a power button.

By the way, I tested the cable, and it supports 120fps, The cable is indeed HDMI 2.1, Above them, there are 2 USB-A full size ports.

There’s also a LAN port, which supports up to 10GBps speeds, The capabilities of this PS5 will last for years and years. The internal specs of both versions are identical, The only difference is the Blu-Ray support.

If you have a huge PS4 disk library, then you should know that 99% of them will work with this new device, If you prefer to use disks and blu-ray reader, then this version is the best for you.

The Digital version is for users who turned their library to be fully digital, Or those who prefer to download their content and files online.

Let me say again, PS4 games will work on PS5, 99% of the games will work perfectly.

PS4 controller will work PS4 games when played on PS5, There’s some kind of compatibility, but it is not fully compatible.

You should put in mind that the new corollmers are from the new generation, and provide different new experience, so why would Sony use support less advanced controllers?

Enjoy the new experience with the new controllers, There are two things that I don’t like about this new device, First thing is the base, which I think is great, but it is not as practical as I thought it would be.

For me, this is my experience with it, It is great that there is a base, but when installed at the bottom, how will the vibration be?

The second thing that I should explain is that the size of the device is huge, It is the size of a small desktop computer.

There are actually desktop cases the size of this PS5, But these things won’t stop me from buying the new PS5 and enjoy the experience of the new PlayStation generation.

These thing were in my mind and I wanted to share them with you, The second thing is that the device will occupy a lot of space, and it requires airing.

The huge fan we’ve seen in the disassembly article, will be able to cool down the device? Or will we find ourselves in front of a desert air-condition? hhhhh 😅😅

I am kidding, I expect the performance will be great. I’ll test it.😊

See you later.😊