Playstation 5 became slower❓WhatsApp, How to activate deleting messages on WhatsApp❓ Next Huawei alternative! And more….😈

15.08.21 at 00:00 am

Photos and videos are automatically deleted after being viewed! How does that work? And there’s an alternative for Huawei that we didn’t expect! What’s happening is scary.😱

PS5 will be slower with external storages! But how slow is it? And Samsung isn’t the top anymore in Europe, who replaced it?🤨

Are you ready to pay 1800 USD for a foldable device?

I am ready to pay it, because I’ve seen the details, which I’ll discuss with you in this news article review, your Coffee and Let’s start guys:

WhatsApp has finally released a new feature for all users, Now, you can send a photo or video and it’ll be deleted after being viewed, This was first available for limited users, But with the new update, this feature is now available for all users.

Update the WhatsApp app to the latest version, And they you can enjoy this new feature, Before you send a video or photo, there will be a new button with the number 1 inside a circle, Once you press on the button and send photos or videos, they will be deleted after being viewed. New updates will also arrive soon. Stay visiting us to find out more.

A comment on the vivo V21 review questions: whether snaps were taken with this device, What is he talking about?

Snaps weren’t taken with this device, even though it is an excellent device with dual front facing flash LEDs, What I confirm though, is that the scamming snaps are very important.

I am seriously thinking of writing on the magazine, I started an initiative to end scamming, With this initiative, I collect messages and stories from others who were victims to scammers. These stories will help people avoid scammers.

Huawei is facing a problem with Google, and it is something we all know, But one of the alternatives from Huawei is Honor, which also has the same DNA as Huawei, A new device for Honor has been leaked with Google support. The device is very similar to the Mate 40.

The leaks show that the device looks a lot like the Mate 40, but it’ll be from Honor, Did anyone expect that the Mate 40 will be released again, but this time from Honor with Google services?

Despite all the problems Huawei is facing, The device will support Google services, but it’ll be from Honor, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. It is a smart move, I wish Huawei the best, But it is a great stop from Honor to release previous devices from Huawei.

These devices didn’t sell well in our region, but they were sold around the world, What do you think of smart move?

The new device will come with the SD888 CPU, And it’ll also come with a 6.76″ screen, It’ll fully support Google services and will come
with a design very similar to the Mate 40.

With the tests currently happening with the PS5 and external storage, speed numbers have surfaced, What we car about is whether the performance will be enhanced or become slower.

The result that the PS5 is unfortunately a bit slower, But we’ll make our own tests, The delay, though, is very little.

The time difference might important for some people, but not all the time. For me, I think the result is insignificant and that the performance is excellent.

Even though some games will be slower, the speed and quality are still excellent, What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

this was a fast tech news review, wait for the second part, next.😈

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