Oppo Reno 8T 5G Vs HONOR x9a? Who will win?


In this review, we’ll compare the Oppo Reno 8T 5G and the HONOR x9a, and this comparison was made based on your requests. Comparison article are back again guys….

Let’s start with the design:

There’s a slight difference between both devices when it comes to the design of the rear cameras.

The HONOR device has a black ring on the back to house the rear cameras. While the Oppo device has two black rings to house the rear cameras.

The screen is the Oppo has a slightly less curved screen than that of the HONOR. Both devices are made from plastic.

Who wins the point?

A point goes to each device, as the design is a personal preference. And since both of them are made from plastic, then each one gets a point.

Let’s the screens.The Oppo comes with the 1B Color screen AMOLED with 6.7″ size, The resolution is 2412x1080p with 120Hz refresh rate. It has a 20:9 aspect ratio with 89.6% screen to body ratio. It supports 500 nits of brightness.

While the HONOR device comes with a 1B color, 6.67″ size AMOLED screen. It has a 2400x1080p resolution with 120Hz refresh rate. It has 20:9 aspect ratio, and the screen to body ratio is 89.9% with up to 800 nits of brightness.

The screen of the HONOR is slightly bigger, but the resolution is slightly higher on the Oppo. However, the brightness is less.

Who wins the point?

Both screen are similar, but the HONOR offer better brightness. The point goes to the HONOR.

Let’s discuss the CPU. The HONOR comes with the Qualcomm SD 695 5G
CPU built using the 6nm architecture. The GPU is the Adreno 619. The Oppo comes with the same CPU and GPU.

In Geekbench 5, the HONOR scored 648 points for the single core and 1916 points for multicores. While the Oppo scored 688 points for the single core and 2012 points for the multicores. Numbers are basis of these comparison. Based on numbers, the Oppo wins the the point, even though the differences between them are minimum.

Let’s discuss the OS and Memory.

The HONOR comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It runs Magic UI 6.1 based on Android 12. While the Oppo runs Color OS 13 based on Android 13,
with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage up to 1TB. The Reno also supports and external SD card.

Who wins the point?

Since the Oppo runs Android 13, it makes it deservedly win the point. However, the HONOR device is expected to receive the update soon.

Let’s now discuss safe unlocking.

Both devices has the same safe unlocking methods. Both support passcode, pattern, in-display fingerprint sensor and the unrecommended face recognition. Both devices get a point.

Let’s now discuss the cameras, which is an entertaining challenge.

The HONOR comes with 4 cameras: main 64MP, Ultra Wide 5MP, Periscope 2MP and a 16MP front facing camera. While the Oppo comes with 4 cameras, main 108MP, zoom 2MP, periscope 2MP, and 32MP front facing camera.

Who wins the point?

Both devices offer matured level of photography. However, the Oppo’s camera is more advanced. The periscope camera is excellent.

The front facing camera also offers better performance, thus the point goes to the Oppo device.

Let’s discuss the batteries: The HONOR comes with a 5100mAh battery with 40W charging support. While the Oppo comes with a smaller 4800mAh
battery, but it supports charging speeds with 67W.

Each device gets a point, but why?

One has a bigger battery, while the other supports faster charging speeds. That’s why it is a draw.

Let’s discuss connectivity and additional features.

Both devices support dual sim cards and eSIM. Both devices support WiFi 802.11. Both support bluetooth 5.1 and NFC. However, the Oppo device is more advanced.

The point goes to the Oppo device.

The reason is because the NFC on the Oppo is more advanced.

Let’s now discuss the prices.

The Oppo’s price is 400 USD when this review was wrote. While the HONOR costs 370 USD, Both devices are available in most stores in KSA and Morocco.

Who wins the point?

The prices are nearly the same. Both devices offer great usability. Both devices comes with the same CPU, which offers a good performance. Both offer software shortcuts, and both greatly compete with each other.

Statistically, the Oppo device wins the comparison!

Let me know what do you think of both of these devices, stay subscribed as we’ll be working on more comparison reviews guys.

See you soon.

Written by,

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazine Manager.

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