Officially Xbox games on your iPhone❗😍 How do you fight Apple leaks❓🤨

05.07.21 at 00:00 am


If you don’t want anyone to reveal your secrets, then make them wear a body cam. Apple is rumored to do it, your coffee guys and welcome to this new news article.

We’ve talked a lot about S21 FE and there were rumors that we might not see it this year. But it looks like we’ll actually see it.

Leaks suggest that the phone got the FCC certificates. The leaks also suggest that the device will come with the SD888 CPU. Which is a great thing, where a device with a rational price and premium CPU.

The device comes with 8GB of RAM. And comes with the same design as the S21 family. The only difference is that the back of the device is plastic not glass to compensate for the price.

The screen is Super AMOLED with 6.4 size and 120Hz refresh rate support. These FCC filings could mean that the device will be released later.

Xcloud service from Microsoft has been renamed to Xbox Cloud Streaming. The name is a bit longer now, but it comes with lots of features. The service is now available for Windows 10 Machines and Apple devices. The service is similar to Netflix, but for games.

The first thing you’ll need is a fast internet connection. You’ll also need a Windows 10 Machine or an Xbox. Or any device from Apple such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any other device.

You’ll also need Edge or Safari browsers. GO to the website, register with your Xbox account Ultimate. But the way, Ultimate is similar to PS+. Connect the controller to the device your’e using. And enjoy gaming.

The service isn’t yet official in all regions, but it is said that it’ll be activated next year. From our point of view, this service will change a lot of things. Because it allow for access to excellent games easily without having to buy an expensive device like the Xbox. The service is a huge threat to Sony.

The service includes lots of games, and it is easy to attract new audience to play Xbox games without having to buy an Xbox. You only need a subscription, a browsers and fast internet.

The service has a monthly subscription with a good price. These technologies that enable these games are the gate to changing the future of gaming. It’s good they’re implementing it.

I am very excited for this service, and I’ll let you know when as soon as we have more information.

Questions: how was Microsoft able to cooperate with Intel, Amazon to bring Android apps to Windows while not cooperating with Google?

Simply, they cooperated with someone who will help them with their business. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be cooperations between Google and Microsoft. We also see very unique cooperations between Google and Microsoft.

Usually, giant tech companies from the same country don’t cooperate if they offer the same services. Both have an OS and stores. Both have lots of Android patents.

How then do I make my foe make more money while, I have the chance to cooperate with someone else?🤨

Questions: I used to use an app on iPhone, but not it is deleted and still available on Android. I still want this app. Do I change my phone for this app?

Don’t change your phone for one app. Communicate with the company via email and ask them. They’ll probably tell you when the app is coming back or if there’s an alternative app available. With this method, you’ll get extra information from the service’s owners.

New leaks about the Z Flip 3 device:

Let me summarize these leaks for you: the internal screen will be 6.7″. The external screen will be 1.9. At least, it is bigger than the previous version. The battery size will be 3273mAh.

The charging speed will be 15W wired and 9W wireless. It is said that it’ll come with 8 colors, which is a huge number for a premium phone. Leaks suggest that the Flip and Fold phones will support water and dust resistant, which is great.

How do you think they’ll close all of these ports under the folding mechanism so that water and dust won’t reach inside?

The difference is that this year, prices will be 20% less than last version. I wasn’t expecting this. Hopefully, this is true and that the Flip and Fold 3 devices will be cheaper.

I still receive questions to help users choose between devices. « Don’t tell me it depends on your needs. Give me the best option ». I can’t give you an answer without knowing your needs. It is unfair to tell you the iPhone is the best while you don’t need the 3 cameras or the capable screen.

There are other cheaper options for you that could be better. If your needs is gaming, then I’ll you about a device with a great battery that will help you in gaming. And if you prefer to watch content on a great screen, then LG and Samsung are the best. Or Huawei or Honor devices, since their screen are big and beautiful and great with content.

They also support additional features. But if you need a device for Snapchat, then it is the iPhone. But if you’re a content creator, what’s the need for the Max’s cameras. You only need one camera with Snapchat. If you want to watch content on Snapchat, the iPhone mini wouldn’t be suitable. The Max version would be! It for sure depends on your needs.

Companies earn profit because of the lack of this question. It is my duty to ask this question and focus on it. I have no problem of companies being angry at me because of this question.

I ask you about your needs, and the companies give you devices and say that they’re the best for you. I don’t think this is true for the majority of people. There are theories that companies intentionally leak their devices to know what the users think about them. This way, they can adjust few things before they officially unveil them. Few months ago, a Chinese flagship was leaked.

Sometimes, the device is covered and other times it is fully shown. But somehow, someone knew that this device will be released 6 months from now and leaked the photos. But if there’s one company that hates leaks, it is Apple.

Apple want to make stricter measures to stop leaks. They decided to make employees wear body cams before entering sensitive laps and offices. The funny thing is that this information has been leaked.

How would Apple fight leaks and the thing they tried to fight leaks with has been leaked?

No one knows how will these body cam fight leaks! Even if you were wearing it, you’d still find a way to take photos.

Except if the cameras come with a very wide angle and can record everything. Apple has the right to stop leaks. Leaks ruin events. If they don’t happen, we’d be more excited for the events. If Apple announce a new device that we know nothing about, we’d be excited and happy.

This will be surprising and the event will gather more media momentum. It’ll also bring more positivity to Apple’s shares.

Apple wants to protect their interests. There are people outside of US that Apple wants to sue. In USA, the law protects leaks as long as they’re not paid.For me, I am not sure what Apple will do with employees.

See you later.