Officially setting the date for the iPhone 12 conference … 😍 and Japanese companies want to support Huawei!🙄

October 11, 2020 at 11:00 pm By @yassine.magazin.eng

In this article, I’ll discuss Instagram’s new cool feature, LG Wing, more new technologies. I’ll also discuss the new Apple event and the teardown of the PS5. There will be a lot of news in today’s episode.

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Let me begin this episode with Social media news starting with two new Instagram features.

First feature is that content creators can share stories posted 24h later with their followers. Instagram will add this feature soon.

Content creators will be able to share older stories with their followers. Content creators will be able to see their previous stores in a schedule, and can share it.

This schedule can only be seen by them. Instagram have celebrated their 10th birthday in 6th of October 2020.

Instagram was created 10 years ago, and it was first added to the iPhone 4. With the new Instagram update, you can change the app logo.

Visit profile settings on the app whether on iPhones or Android devices, then scroll down and the new setting to change the icon will appear.

You can choose the first Instagram logo (polaroid camera) or one of the new icons. Instagram is also working on fighting bullying more.

Comments reported by content creators will be hidden. Only content creators can see these comments, and they have the ability to report the users or not.

Instagram will then warn users who comment such comments.

Hopefully, Instagram will be a bully-free platform. The only thing bad about the platform is the ads.

Sony teases us with their Pulse 3D headphones. This feature will enable gamers to hear 3D audio similar to the Adobe Atmos feature. Pulse 3D will work on PS4 and PS5.

This new headphone will work best with games that support 3D audio. It will work with PS4 and PS5, and you can connect it to the controller using the 3.5mm headphone jack or the USB-C port. We’ll review it once it is released.

Zeiss announces pre-orders for the Zeiss ZX1 camera. This camera will run Android OS.

But wait a second. I have hears the ZX1 name before. People use the Zeiss lenses, Zeiss says this camera, which will cost 6000 USD, will provide high capabilites.

Pro-orders have started in BNH, and the camera capabilities are supposed to be really great.

Other companies tried to issue cameras with Android system, but they didn’t succeed.

The response time between the photos and the Android system didn’t work well.If the system and the camera itself are made by the same manufacturer, then the experience will be smoother.

Let’s wait and see for the camera to be released. Oppo announces their first foldable phone with unique hinges.

Early photos of the concept of the device shows that the hinges can open or close. These hinges are expected to bring additional usage to the device. Oppo is determined to compete in this field.

Pre-orders for the LG Wing device are not as LG expected it to be. The LG Wing device brings a new method of interacting with the device.

Users will find themselves using a new device that might not be practical, since they’ve been used to use a rectangular device.

And the manufacturer might also face a problem where they wouldn’t find developers to build apps that take full advantages of the device.

Still, making new smartphone designs is good. Do you remember Nokia’s phone designs years ago?

Keep subscribed to the channel. Nokia and Sony Ericsson used to make phones with unique designs, and back then, they were a great topic to discuss.

The upcoming S21 might not come with a front facing camera hidden under the display.

But we might see it with the Z Fold 3. The Z Fold 3 could be released sooner than we expected.

Pre-orders for the Z Fold 2 have started and the device is officially available now.

Foldable phones are very expensive. There are talks now that the front facing camera will be hidden under the display with the new Z Fold device.

Folding phone should be released once every 2 years with lots of enhancements and developments.

Do you agree with me or not? 🤪

Japanese companies such as Sony and Kioxia are trying to help Huawei with supplying them with parts so that they can continue manufacturing smartphones.

Intel was able to get a permission from the US government to provide Huawei with their CPUs.

Sony and Kioxia applied for a permit to provide Huawei with parts. Let’s wait and see whether they get it or not.

Sony will provide them with camera sensors and Kioxia, which is part of Toshiba, will provide them with onboard storages.

Huawei has been doing a great job in manufacturing flagship devices.

The competition was crazy in the past 3 years. I remember in 2019 when I said that Huawei had become number 2 worldwide in sales.

Huawei was feared because of their rapid popularity and sales. When the US government banned Huawei, it also gave Apple a space to compete.

Let’s wait and see what happens with Huawei as it is clear they’ll continue competing.

Lots of people expected that the HarmonyOS will come with the Mate 40, but it is not the case.

Mate 40 will have the same issue as the P40 series, where it is expected that it won’t support Google services

Huawei’s investment in the App Gallery is massive. The apps included in the App Gallery are also very sufficient.

This could make Huawei wait to announce their HarmonyOS and only use it with Wearables.

Let’s wait and see! 🤪

Apple’s upcoming event will officially be held in 13th of October. Apple’s \ »Hi, Speed\ » event, which I expect it has something to do with 5G speeds with the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

Apple is expected to announce 4 new iPhones and other accessories.

Apple’s website stopped offering to sell headphones made by other companies.

This could mean that Apple might have a new line of headphones that they want to announce in the event.

Hopefully, these rumors are true and that they’d announce new products.

I am very excited for the event. From now until 13th of this month, there will be lots of content and comparisons on OTTO Magazin.

Let me know what devices should I compare with the new iPhones.

Let now discuss the importance of technology with medicine and science.

The data of more than 16,000 people were lost in the UK because the Excel software wasn’t updated to the latest version.

The database of the 16,000 covid-19 patient was not updated.

The Excel software was supposed to be updated so that the database can be updated.

When the authorities tried to retrieve the data, they found that 16,000 users’ data were lost. Excel Sheets have a limit.

Medicine and Science are important, and so is the new software updates. This will prevent failure.

October and November will be very exciting when it comes to technology.

This is the end of this article, take care…🙏