NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Card Review.. The 4K Beast❗ Pros😍 and Cons❓😨

Review 175: 07.06.2021 at 07:00 pm


This is the most important review you’ll read about GPUs. In this review, I’ll discuss the new Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU. I’ll discuss the specs, features, pros and cons and tests.

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In this review, I’ll discuss the RTX 3080 Ti GPU card from Nvidia. It is 1.5x faster than the previous generation.

First of all, GPU are high in demand. I’ll discuss the specs, features and discuss the tests we’ve conducted using this GPU. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons among other things. The GPU comes with the famous Ampere architecture.

The GPU offers nearly 2x more performance than the RTX 2000s series. It also comes with more RAM than the RTX 3080 card.

The RAM inside is 12GB GDRR6X. It is bigger and faster than the RAM found in the RTX 2080 Ti. The RAM inside the RTX 2080 Ti is GDRR6.

As I mentioned before, the GPU comes with the Ampere architecture, and in general, it offers better performance in Ray Tracing. It is a technology that tracks shadows and rays. It offers better performance than the Turning architecture found in the RTX 2080 Ti GPU.

The card is suitable for 4K resolution and easily offers more than 60fps. Tensor Core 3rd Gen also offers better performance, Simply put, these cores use AI to enhance the performance of the GPU using the DLSS 2.0 technology.

This technology offers better resolution and increases the frame. The Coda Cores have increased to 10240 cores. It is 2x more than the cores found in the RTX 2080 Ti. One of the new features of the RTX 3080 Ti is that it supports HDMI 2.1 port. It also supports 4K@120Hz.

The RTX 2080 Ti supports HDMI 2.0B, It supports 4K@60Hz.

The card supports NVIDIA Reflex technology to lower the latency, especially with competitive games. It also measures and adjusts the latency of the system at the same time.

This technology is very useful for competitive games. Nvidia Podcast app has also been developed because of the Ampere architecture.

For example, when live broadcasting, the app will offers the highest frames and resolution possible. You can also isolate the background without needing a Green Screen. It supports face tracking and Noise Cancelation.

The card uses 350W to work. But Nvidia suggests using a 750W power supply. The power ports uses a 12-Pins port. It is similar to the RTX 3080 card’s power port. By the way, the box comes with 2x 12 to 8 Pins cables. The card comes with 2 fans, one in the inside, and the other is on the outside.

The cooling system’s performance is satisfactory. This cooling system is found in the Founders Edition. Which is the one I am reviewing in this review.

Let’s now discuss the most important thing with this GPU that is the performance test. In In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU scored 17987 points. It is a huge difference between the RTX 2080 Ti card, which scores 14421 points.

We’ve tested games with 4K resolution and the highest settings possible. In Doom Eternal, the GPU scored between 151 to 223 frames. In Battlefield 5, with 4K resolution and Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled, the card scored between 64 to 76 fps.

In Fortnite with Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled, the card scored between 122 to 163 fps. In Death Stranding with the DLSS enabled, the GPU scored between 145 to 165 fps.

In COD: Black Ops Cold War with Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled, the GPU scored between 76 to 100 fps. In Watch Dog: Legion with Ray Tracing and DLSS enabled, the GPU scored between 62 to 76 fps.

But let me now discuss an important point:

The price of the RTX 3080 Ti starts from $1199, It’ll be available in June the third. If you’re reading this review after this date, then the price will change. These GPUs are used for things that are not meant for it.

Let me now tell you the summary of our experiment with this GPU. I’ll start with the pros:😍

It offers high performance with 4K resolution. It also supports more than 60fps with this resolution. The RAM is excellent and fast, and will be helpful for gaming and video editing.

It offers high performance with Ray Tracing technology. It also supports the DLSS technology with high performance. This technology is becoming more popular.


It consumes a lot of power compared to the previous card. It is also very hard to find with the official price. This is the main problem. It is possible to buy this GPU with 2666 usd. It is a great card for specialists, who know how to benefit from it.

Hopefully, this GPU crisis will end soon. Nvidia still offers new GPU despite the high demand for the already existing cards in the market. Which is excellent.

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