Nreal Air Sunglasses! 😎😎

23.07.23 by OTTO

Hi guys, This sunglasses can let you see AR screens! 😮‍💨 this device from Samsung’s Korean store!

Let’s find out more about these amazing products in this new review 😍😍😍

Let’s start with this sunglasses, which provide the user with a massive 201″ screen. And the resolution of the screen is FHD. However, you can get a higher resolution screen, but it is only 130″. This sunglasses support AR.

The price of this sunglasses is way cheaper than other options, which makes it a great choice to enter the AR world.

The quality of the sunglasses is high. Nreal AR glasses are advanced and support Immersive AR, it comes with an elegant design and it weighs only 74g, it is pocket-friendly, and supports eye protection and blue light filter technologies.

Using it was fun as it supports brightness that reaches up to 400 nits. The field of view is great, but don’t have high hopes with it.

You can control the sunglasses using
the device that’s connected to it, it works using the attached cable to the device it is connected with.

The box includes a protection bag, cable, nose rest 3x, and the lenses, it provides great audio experience and
shows you a massive screen.

However, how lit the place you’re using it in will affect the screen. The higher the light, the more dull the screen will be, it also comes with other accessories such as an HDMI
port that allows you to watch whatever you want using it.

The accessory has two ports, USB-C and HDMI. It works with all devices that has a USB-C or HDMI ports.

However, the USB-C port is only compatible with this sunglasses. The adapter is expensive and hard to find. And the battery it packs doesn’t last for too long.

The battery inside it is 2600mAh. This accessory provides power to run the sunglasses and helps connect it to any HDMI source.

You can connect a PS, Xbox, Nintendo or any other device. Your smartphone must be supported to be able to connect it.

The sunglasses offer a great experience for users who love to watch content on such devices. You can enjoy an audio experience using the speakers on your connected device or the built-in speakers.

What are the pros and cons of this device? 😜

The accessories that come with it are useful. Here’s how much the sunglasses cost!

See you later! 🤭

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