News: Spotify is trying to improve podcast discovery!

18.12.2021 at 04:00 pm

Spotify has announced that it is implementing a five-star rating system, similar to Apple’s, in an effort to improve podcast discovery.

The company said that this feature is being rolled out in the coming days in almost all markets where there are podcasts via Spotify.

The platform said that unlike Apple’s system, this feature supports star ratings only at the moment. You cannot write a written review of an offer.

We aim to give listeners an opportunity to support their favorite podcasts and enable two-way reviews between creator and listener.

But after researching five-star reviews from Apple since the advent of podcasting, podcasters are concerned about how much star ratings help them promote their shows.

Reports say that getting plenty of ratings and reviews in the first few weeks after launch can improve your chances of being included in a « new and noteworthy » scheme in Apple Podcasts, which could start your show growing.

Additionally, professional podcasters noted that Apple itself says ratings and reviews do not affect the charts.

Spotify said ratings are a useful way for potential listeners to quickly assess the quality of a show. But at this point (since we’re in the early days of this feature), show rating isn’t taken into account in podcast charts or personalized recommendations.

As a result, this is a tool for showing what fans think of a podcast. But it’s not something that can help shows hit podcast charts or personalized recommendations.

Spotify is trying to improve podcast discovery:

Anchor, the podcast creation platform that Spotify acquired in 2019, offered suggestions in a blog post on how podcast creators can encourage listeners to leave a review.

The feature represents a similar marketing tactic to the Spotify Wrapped feature that went viral on social media earlier this month.

And it’s fun to share your music and podcast listening habits with your friends. But at the same time, this is a huge PR success for the platform.

Spotify recently overtook Apple Podcast in podcast listeners in the United States. As a result, if a significant portion of potential audience members see this rating when they go to the show page, it makes sense to ask fans to rate your show.

Although, Spotify doesn’t use podcast ratings for algorithm recommendations yet. It could be part of a larger plan to make podcasts easier to find.

The Swedish podcasting services company acquired Podz earlier this year to try to promote the discoverability of podcasts.

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