NEWS: Prank ends with caught | Xiaomi car goes down before the Apple car! | Samsung’s full plan leaked!

29.11.2021 at 05:00 pm

A car manufacturer will brig 13 new electric cars to our region. And I’ll honestly discuss electric cars with you. The release date of most of Samsung’s next year products have leaked. A joke has turned sideways in USA and the person who initiated the joke was later arrested.

Your Coffee and welcome to the latest Science and Technology news review, Let’s start. I’ll be host in next week’s Kaust Open Week sustainability event. The event will last for 5 days, and topics like water, digitizing, environment, food and energy and energy will be discussed. I’ll cover the event on OTTO magazine, I’ll provide you with details about this event that is dedicated for research.

Comment: Can I ship Apple devices from the US using Stackry service?

Some YouTubers say I can’t. You can directly communicate with Stackry to know more details about this topic. I use more than a service like Stackry and S4L whom I have a good experience with. You can directly communicate with them. They sometimes provide you with the best deals. I can’t answer your question about your country.

GM will provide the Middle East with 13 new electric cars by 2025. One of them is the new Hummer EV SUV and Pickup, and they’ll arrive by 2022. Cadillac Lyriq will also be available by 2023. And the Chevrolet Bolt will be available in the upcoming few months. Electric cars will be hugely adopted by certain people.

Let me now continue with the news and then I’ll give you my opinion about it. On Star service has also come to the UAE. With this service, you’ll get maintenance to your car. You can get maintenance with a single push for a button. This service is excellent, and it’s been available in USA for years. If you press on the button, you’ll be connected with the company to offer you help on the road.

Will EVs be available in the Arab World? It’ll be kind of available, but not certainly. What do I mean? These cars require a dedicated infrastructure in cities and between them. This infrastructure is kind of available in UAE, and it being developed in KSA. Some other Arab countries are adopting it, too. But is it a necessity in most Arab countries?

No! Some countries will take time before they adopt electric cars. In some countries, there’s high population and financial power is lacking, making citizens depend on public transportation. This makes huge a difference in the adoption of this technology. When do you think all countries will rely on EVs? Leave a comment about on which year do you think most of the Arab World will rely on EVs.

Comment: how do I know an iPhone is meant for the Middle East, and are Noon products original?

If you buy an iPhone from an authorized seller, then it is original. You can also check the iPhone using its IMEI number. Not all sellers sell iPhones meant for the Middle East and Africa market. The same thing applies to all Arab countries. Some sellers take advantages of sales in other countries and products from there and sell it in their local market. This process is called Grey Market. It is where you buy products from an abroad market and then sell it locally. Grey Market products aren’t the best options, but you save money with them.

The new Oppo Reno 7 series support 5G networks, Most of the specs are identical, but the Pro version comes with a bigger screen. The Pro version comes with Sony cameras and the CPU is more powerful. The regular version comes with the SD778G CPU. The Pro version comes with the Mediatek Dimensity 1200 Max CPU, and I’ll provide you with more details about it later.

Do you own a device with this CPU in it? I made a review on how to order products from USA white saving money using Stackry service. Check the link for more details about this service.

WhatsApp might allow their users to create their own stickers inside the app. You can upload your own photos and turn them into stickers and edit them. It is a nice feature, especially for groups. Big companies using offer features in their products instead of acquiring companies who created them. They couldn’t acquire Snapchat, so they made their own version of it. And they used the Story feature in all their other apps. With the iPhone 4, there was an app that let the iPhone take 360 photos but rotating the device while it is standing. And since the iPhone 6 was released, the app was gone. Because iPhone 6 wouldn’t stand on a table because of its curvy edges. The app was built on the design of the device, and that’s why it didn’t succeed. The company issued an accessory to help with the app, but it also didn’t succeed.

Comment: I have an iPhone XR and I forgot the passcode and iCloud. Can I restore my files from it? (I lost the box and bills)

You’ll have to communicate with Apple, but it’ll be a long process. Hopefully, if you communicate with them and provide them with enough details, they’ll be able to restore your iCloud. But if you don’t provide them with sufficient details like your birthday, full name, iCould data, then you won’t get it back, It’d also be worse if you let someone else make an iCloud account for you. This is a two-sided topic. If Apple allows users to restore devices without sufficient data, then where’s the privacy? But if you still remember the details of your account, then hopefully, the restoring process will be easy. What do you think of this?

Let me know in the comments or Email of your magazine OTTO.

Italy fines Apple and Amazon nearly 200 million Euro. What’s the reason for that? It is because of their anti-competition practices. Italy actually copy/pasted this case from another country. To sum it up, Apple and Amazon had an agreement in 2018 where Amazon has exclusivity on sales of Apple products. This has affected third-party sellers in Italy and they couldn’t sell iPhones. It is basically a monopoly case. This is against some of the laws in Europe, and the Arab World. This case resulted in fining them 200 million dollars. No one how how much profit these companies have gained out of this agreement.

Comment: Does the Selfie drone fly with the smartphone?

No, it doesn’t, DJI drones, which cost more than 1600 USD, can’t fly with a smartphone. Smartphones in general, weigh from 200 to 300g, so drones won’t be able to carry it. The drone can just be stored in the cover of the device. Imagine in the future someone asking me a question about how to restore a flying phone that I forgot its details.

Xiaomi announced their positive results for the year. Based on these results, we know that their upcoming EV project is going very well for them. It is expected that their upcoming car will be released in 2024. Their plan is to make a fully EV car, and they’ve acquired other companies to help them with the process.

Xiaomi is learning from Apple and making products to compete with all other companies. This is how great projects work. Imagine one day you buy a car and get a discount on the phone or vise versa! Imagine buying a car from vivo or Samsung or Xiaomi or Apple, not from Mercedes or BMW! You can take a photo using the smartwatch and even change between cameras. This is the new Nova 9 device from Huawei with a great camera design.

PUBG starts with 60fps using this device, I made a full review of this device, and it is available on the magazine OTTO.

Samsung products’ price, such as the laptops, tablets, wearables and smartphones, have leaked. The list of the names of these products and when they’re going to be released have leaked. This list is an estimation to help retailers and sellers know when to expect to get these products. There might be some changes in the dates, but it is really rare to happen. There is list of the dates, which is nearly the same dates as every year.

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be released in third or fourth quarter of next year. The Buds Pro 2 headphones will be released between the second and fourth quarter of next year. This helps us understand when these products will be released. What’s the product you’re mostly excited for from the list? The list doesn’t include the smartphones, but I am very excited for the S22 Ultra device, or should I say the new Note?

Comment: I only believe you when it comes to technology. Is there a way to install Google services on a Y9a phone?

Yes, there are ways to do that. But just to let you know, this process isn’t very secure. But because it is a sensitive issue, I won’t give more details.

In the internet world, there’s a space for jokes, but it is a very dangerous space. People online are very strange. There’s a website in USA called rent a hitman. Which means that you hire someone to kill someone else. The website is basically black comedy. The owner of the website is a well-known person. A woman was arrested because she wanted to hire someone to kill someone for her. The owner of the website contacted the police and told them about this woman who wanted someone to kill her ex-husband. The woman was later arrested by the police. Not everything online is true. Imagine was the woman was searching for in her browser’s history. my wife is laughing now. Imagine her browser’s history. She made lots of searches before stumbled upon this website.

This is the end of this review, see you soon.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine