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01.08.21 at 07:00 am

iPhone 13 hasn’t been released yet, but iPhone 14 leaks have already started. iPhone 14 is expected to offer amazing zoom capabilities. Is it possible that Samsung will offer the best CPU in their upcoming devices?

Apple releases a new power bank with MagSafe support, and I’ll you the full story in this news article review. In this article, you’ll get the latest tech news.

Make sure to bring your best coffe with you, Let me start this article with Twitter’s experiments. Who is the next target Twitter wants to compete with?

Twitter wants to compete with LinkedIn, as they’re working on a new Twitter for Professionals platform. This leak comes from reliable leakers. The details of this new service have leaked, too. You can choose the details you can use with this service.

Are you artists? Influencers? Or from any other category?

You can change the category whenever you prefer. This is an important point. LinkedIn relies on the traditional recommendation approach. The more recommendations you get, the better chances you’ll have to get hired. But it is time for a change now.

The leaks suggest that this service will begin rolling out in USA. It also confirm that any one can show their business details on this platform.

Twitter have copied stores from Snapchat, Voice rooms from Clubhouse. Unfortunately, none of these new features have worked well for Twitter. But they helped filling an empty gap. This new service might work or fail.

Let me know what do you think of it. I think it could be a good platform for business-oriented users. This means easier reach for you and your business, where companies can find and hire you.

For sure you’ve watched the GT devices from Huawei, and Redmi and the Ezviz Camera, which allows you to monitor your place anywhere from the world.

There’s plenty of article on the blog. Don’t miss them. Honor’s comeback is very important for them. And now, their devices support Google services. Leaks suggest that Honor is working on a foldable device with a 8″ foldable screen. The external screen is suggested to be 6.5″. But wait a minute!

Could it be possible that Honor might release their device before Huawei?

It is clear that both companies cooperate with each others. Leaks suggest that the screen manufacturer will be BOE, who are the biggest in China. It is said that they’re working on a new technology to protect the foldable screen from damage.

It is a great thing Honor, or should we say Huawei?

There are still lots of unclear details. But we’re happy for Honor’s comeback to compete. It is clear that the past two years were hard on Honor, but now they have the opportunity to compete again in China.

Huawei cooperating with Honor doesn’t mean a thing to me. What I care about is that Huawei and Honor technologies to find a way to reach users and compete again in the market.

Recently, Honor related a new flagship device, and now they’re working on a foldable device. It’s great for Honor.

Another comment came about Mercedes: would be a problem if the electric Mercedes car to enter workshops in some regions?

Electric cars rarely need service. And the only side authorized to service it is the company itself. Mercedes put a lot of effort to make customers comfortable with their cars. don’t worry my dear.

Another comment about the Ezviz camera:

« I wonder why people trust cameras inside their homes. » « If you search on YouTube, you’ll find lots of video clips leaked from cameras inside home. »

Excellent. Let me give you a scenario.

What if these cameras are used to monitor kids in a swimming pool that you have at your home?

The camera could be placed far and the details won’t be full. This would be relieving for you as no one wants harm for their kids.

There are many other scenarios. These cameras would help you save your children in case of emergency. It wouldn’t be a problem if your kids’ faces have leaked from a camera where it’s main function is to let you know if your kids are safe or not. It could be used to monitor your workplace.

Let’s imagine if a factory owner wants to monitor the factory.

Who would leak video clips of a factory?

Yes, there could be some danger if these cameras were installed in personal places. But if they’re installed in open areas, that’s a different thing.

Let’s look at the positive side. Another example: why would people use knives at home despite all the knife attack we hear about?

According to leaks, the upcoming Samsung devices will come with the Exynos 2200 CPU with 4nm architecture build. This CPU is supposed to be very powerful.

Other leaks suggest that the S22 devices will come with the SD895 CPU. It is said that Lenovo will release the first phone with this CPU, even before Samsung. Competition continues between the Exynos and Snapdragon CPUs. Despite the agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm.

Samsung is confident that this year, their CPU and GPU will offer better performance that other competitors. Leaks suggest Samsung’s CPU will be better than Apple’s A15 CPU, which none has beaten before.

Apple CPUs have always won competition when it comes to CPU and GPU numbers.

Let’s wait and see whether Samsung’s CPU will be better than Apple’s in the GPU section. If that happens, there’s something wrong with one of them. This is a mask for the AirPods.

Let’s now discuss iPhone 14 leaks. This is the second time in a week where we discuss it.

Today, I’ll discuss the zoom capabilities. It looks like Apple wants to compete in zooming, by offering a 100x zoom camera. These details surfaced after Apple’s folding camera patent.

Leaks suggest that this camera will offer powerful zoom capabilities. Zoom cameras have been found on Samsung and Huawei devices for years now. But will the Zoom be 100z optical zoom or hybrid?

Let’s wait and see what happens with the iPhone 14. Leaks are part of the technology world.

🕷 Recommended for You:

We’ve all seen Apple’s MagSafe power bank for iPhones.

The battery supports MagSafe, which means it is directed for iPhone 12 series. It can be magnetically attached to iPhones. It’ll wirelessly charge iPhones. It costs 99 usd.

Apple doesn’t provide details about the capacity, but it has a 1460mAh battery. This means that it fully charges iPhone 12 mini, and less than full charge for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. It refills nearly less than half of the Max version.

There are more details, but I’ll discuss them after experimenting with it.

I’ll get the battery and fully experiment it. It »s a power bank with magnets to attach to iPhones.

Goui made covers for iPhones and power a power bank that also magnetically attaches to the iPhones. We’ve tried it, and the battery was excellent and big. It also fast charges the device and sticks to the cover.

Hand-ons with the MagSafe power bank show that Apple’s battery doesn’t stick well to iPhones. I’ll get you all the details soon.

This is the end of this news article, See you later.😉