News: Huawei officially announces Harmony❗🤨 Even Tesla is watching you!😱

06.06.2021 at 05.30 pm


🕷 Welcome to the most important news review article you will read today to learn about the latest technologies and technology news in general, And before I start, make sure to bring your coffee.☕

Finally we saw the official announcement of the Harmony system, which will be available next week, And Samsung will bring the Note series again, so what has changed?

Even self-driving Tesla cars collect data we didn’t know they were collecting.

So let me start with the news, The first news is about HP’s acquisition of HyperX:

HyperX is known for its PC and gamer headsets and accessories, And it exports accessories for home devices such as PlayStation, Xbox and others.

HP is known as the Omen series for gamers, The value of the acquisition is $425 million.

We hope that there will be a leap and both parties benefit from their experiences to reflect on us users, Congrats to HyperX for this deal and congrats to the person we were dealing with here before the company went global.

We have been dealing with HyperX for ten years with very high diligence.

Important alert: I saw a group of tweeters yesterday talking about an app called Lobby, And that this application is dangerous for children.

I actually took a look at the app and some conversations and recordings on the app, Pay attention to your children from this application, because many expect that it is for children. The application allows children to watch videos on the platform.

Unfortunately, the application is being used for bad purposes and things. God protect everyone who uses this application, The application may have deviated from its original path due to the style of its users. Let’s be careful to have this app on our phones. God protect us all.

iMac Golden color by OTTO

Let me give you an idea of ​​the things we are reviewing right now, We started using the new iMac, and the golden color is very beautiful.

In fact, the device fascinated us in terms of design, We are still testing the use, I will discuss the many advantages that come with it, so stay tuned for the next review soon.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about cryptocurrencies, And that’s after the big scandal that happened in the market last time, Especially after China announced its non-recognition of cryptocurrencies.

Now India, through the Central Bank, have announced that they will not announce a ban on cryptocurrency trading, And they allowed banks to deal with these currencies, especially after their previous rejection.

This announcement provided a moral boost to the market in the past few days, There are countries that have banned trading and countries that have not even recognized it, And countries that have reported cases of theft, such as Australia, which has announced that 60% of money crimes are related to cryptocurrency.

I come back and warn that this market is dangerous, It can even be more dangerous than the stock market.

Something similar to what happened here in Saudi Arabia can happen, where circulation has stopped, but the records are there and the money belongs to its owners, One of the best examples is that someone controls the market, And when a technical glitch occurred, trading was stopped, Everyone was given his right.

As for the currency market, what is happening?

There are many chances of winning, but there are much more possibilities of losing, Think well and be very careful in this regard, I don’t encourage anyone to go into this field…. I’m just reporting the news.

He explained the alerts, because no one knows the future of this currency, Either it becomes official or it is completely cancelled.

So, The golden color is really very beautiful, what do you think?😍

you will notice the reflections of the light on it. And sure golden keyboard and mouse and golden touchpad, I’ll plug it in to start the experiment.

In the last article, we talked about privacy and I read your opinions about it, I have a new story about privacy.

This time about Tesla cars, specifically Models 3 and Y, I am talking here about the settings of the chair, specifically the lower back.

Recently some users have been complaining that it is not working strangely, And recently, Elon Musk confirmed that some users do not adjust the lower back positions, so why do we do it and support it in the car, But some users commented that they use it and that they enjoy it.

There were discussions about where Elon got the data from, They wondered if Elon Musk knew this data.

Do you see this issue as normal?🤔

Because this topic is very similar to smartphones, Phone companies know how to use the phone, so they improve the interface, for example: Or they remove features from the device as well.

Removing the headphone jacks and 3D compression was one example, The data obtained by Apple and Samsung on the use of these features found that it is not more than half, for example.

So they decided to remove it and add something else, It is possible that this is how you get.

Do you have a problem sharing data even in cars?

I will tell you quick shortcuts that can be used on iPhone and Android devices, From your iPhone and from one place you can find out currency rates and convert weights and distances.

Swipe the screen down and type ten dollars, The currency will tell you the other currency of your choise, Try, for example, five feet per centimeter and he will tell you the result immediately.

On Android devices, you can do the same thing through the Google search engine.

You can write the same thing and he will tell you the results, No need for additional applications, And by the way, he will tell you the market exchange rate at the moment.

Do you know what is the reason why you do not trust robots?

It’s not about becoming evil and taking over the world, The problem right now is that they don’t have facial expressions like us.

So Columbia University scientists have developed a robot that can copy facial expressions, As you can see on the screen in front of you, The situation is a little strange. This robot Eva can express happiness, anger, joy, sadness and surprise.

Although a lot of robots have facial expressions, but Eva has open source and everyone benefits from her techniques, It is available for development, and everyone can develop on it.

You can see expressions through open source on the bot itself, Day by day we see the field of robots and robots develop dramatically.

Enough of what we saw of Boston Dynamics, the robots and dogs being machine-gunned in a movie, Evolution has become scary and there is a great match for humans, There are other fields and robots that are identical to humans.

The topic has become very commercial, May God protect and protect us from the future of this technology in particular.

This year, Samsung won’t give us a large Note, The idea was to introduce a stylus with the S21 Ultra.

Which apparently wasn’t a very successful idea, Sales of the Ultra were not as expected, unlike the other two versions, the regular and the plus, And Samsung made the decision to officially return the Note to the market.

In the second half of 2022, And it was their plan not to have a Note device this year and the next exhaust will be released, But we are not done here from Samsung, And let’s discuss the devices that we will see sooner than you expect.

There are many reports that Samsung has started producing components for the Fold 3 and we may see it in the third quarter of this year, The features that have been leaked now is that it will come with a 7.5 inch screen.

The screen is foldable, with a resolution of QHD + and a frequency of 120 Hz, The device will support the stylus and come with a 16-megapixel front camera under the screen.

The external screen is 6.2 inches and has a frequency of 120 Hz as well, It will come with a 10 megapixel camera with a hole in the screen.

This great development makes us aspire to new technology from them, And now I will speak is Huawei who officially announced the Harmony system on Wednesday, The new regime’s slogan is One As All, All As One »

And this sentence is present in the narrator of 4 Muskteers, regardless of its truth, Talk about one for all and all for one.

The idea is that one system works on all devices, This method is supposed to be terrible that all devices work together, It was not simply thought, this approach is followed by Apple in its devices, It was one system, but it was divided, because not all devices work on one system. But allocating copies of the system to devices is the best system and I expect that to happen.

They talked to Huawei that the system does not need high power consumption, It provides fast performance even if the RAM is low like iOS, As for the design, it’s very similar to Android, and that’s obvious.

From the first, second or third look you will feel like an Android, The Huawei official confirmed that those who do not know the Android system will not know that the system is based on the Android design.

The company worked hard, but with time and the arrival of the system to the devices, I will know if it is Android or not.

Huawei says the system is the most secure on the market, In front of you is the list of devices that the Harmony system will be available on.

Honestly, they worked really hard, The system will support devices like Mate 9 and that’s a good thing, And, God willing, I will have to try this system soon.

Huawei has announced a number of devices, and I will mention them to you and display their specifications on the screen.

First, the 3rd generation Huawei watch, which we have been waiting for a long time, The watch operates on a harmonic system, They announced the MatePad Pro tablet with a 12.6-inch OLED screen and the Harmony system.

A smaller version with a 10.8-inch screen was announced, The MateView GT display was also announced, FreeBuds 4 headphones announced and the design of the P50 Pro.

Soon we will know more details about these devices, And if you follow me on Snapchat, you will find other details I talked about from their place.

We hope for a better future for Huawei and a stronger return to the market, I hope that the competition is fair among all companies.

We hope that governments will not interfere with technology companies and prevent them from developing their services, this is the end.

See you soon on the next reviews and news.