News: Hide the dislike button! AirPods Pro 2 leaks! And more problems for the Pixel 6…

03.12.2021 at 05:00 pm

The Note series is coming back but in the form of the S22 Ultra, which will be much different form the rest of series. And it’ll come with a different design. Officially, YouTube has removed the Dislike button. And according to leaks, Apple started working on the new AirPods Pro 2, which is expected to come with a different design. Because it is clear that the new design looks similar to Samsung’s.

Welcome with the latest Science and Technology news. Keep reading until the end as I answer lots of questions during this review. These answers might be useful for you.

During the past few days, 2 new cities were announced in KSA. The first city is the Mohammed bin Salman non-profit city north of Riyadh. The second is the Oxagon city in Neom. What are these cities?

The Mohammed Bin Salman city, located in Northern Riyadh, will be a center to host industries and innovation in education. It’ll host courageous capitals and different investments. This city will help MISK’s goals in supporting innovation. Instead of announcing a new company or institution, they announced a new city, which is amazing.

The second city is the Oxagon. It is a floating industrial city. This city depends on renewable energy and will change the concept of industrial cities around the world. I’ll host the latest advancements and technologies in all fields. And it’ll have the biggest floating building in the world. And it’ll also have the first automated seaport in the world.

Let me now discuss the problems of the Pixel 6 device, despite the fact that I am enjoying using this device. The device keeps deleting once of its main features. According to some users, after updating the Photos app, the Magic Eraser feature has been deleted from their devices.

Google announced that they’re working on a new update to restore the feature. There’s also an update that fixes the fingerprint sensor problem. Hopefully, this new update won’t bring more problems. Usually, with new devices, there’s problems with the software, but updates fix them.

The same thing applies to the iPhone. The new 15.1 update fixes some of the problems the device is having. Apple also recently released a new 15.1.1 update to fix a problem with phone calls and security enhancements.

Comment: the Find My feature only works on iPhones?

It is because it is an Apple feature, it doesn’t work on Androids. The Find My ecosystem is an ecosystem developed by Apple with support to their recent devices. Google has their own Find My Device ecosystem that can be used by different manufacturers with their own UI. That’s why Apple’s Find My ecosystem doesn’t work on Google devices. Hopefully, it’ll be better in the future.

Leaks suggest that the S22 will have smaller bezels than before. The screen protector has been leaked showing how thin the bezels are. The picture shows that the S22 Ultra will have a different design than the rest of the family, it now looks similar to the design of the Note series. Is this going to be the year where Samsung announced new devices from the same series but one of them has a different design? Let’s wait and see.

As for me, I think it is logical. For me, It’d be great if Samsung releases a new S22 Ultra device with the characteristics of the Note series. I’d like a new Note device with better specs and better features. We were deprived of the Note series in 2021. Do you agree with me? This year was different with the Note series. However, Samsung introduced the new Z Series, but not all users prefer them. Lots of us are used to the Note series from Samsung. I don’t mind the change of the name of the Note. I’d like to see a new Note device.

Leaks suggest that Apple is working on the second generation AirPods Pro. The headphones are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2022. It’ll be available in the market before the iPhone 14. Of of the changes expected is that the headphones won’t have a stem. The design will be similar to the Galaxy Buds from Samsung. The new headphones will come with new sport sensors. Let’s wait and see how the new design will fit the ears of users, since many face problems with the silicon tips. Let’s wait and see if the leaks are true.

Comment: after fully charging the AirPods first gen, the battery last for only half an hour. Why?

The AirPods first gen was announced a long time ago, but it depends on when you bought it. If you bought 3 years ago and has been using it ever since, then it is logical that the battery will degrade. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the battery inside these headphones. There are some stores that sell individual headphones or a separate charging case. You can look it up. But first, make sure your headphones warranty hasn’t expired.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to allow users to hide the last seen feature from certain users. We all have users who we want to hide our last seen from. The new feature is now live on WhatsApp beta on Android and iOS, and it is expected to arrive to all in the future. This feature could be great for most of you, and I’ll keep you updated about it.

Instagram announced a new feature to encourage users to take a break from Instagram for their own health. This feature will notify you to take a break from the app according to the duration you set. You can set the time however you prefer. It is an optional feature. But no company wants the users to stop using the app. This storage works with PS5, MBP and even PC and it comes with a silicon protective case and a small size. This external storage from Kingston comes with 5 years warranty. I’ll test it and let you know the results.

The new Twitter Blue subscription comes with great features, one of which is Undo Tweets. With this feature, there’s a timer before the tweet is actually sent to allow you to remove it before it is sent. The feature also allows you to read articles in Twitter without ads. There’s another feature to allow you to read the most important articles from accounts you follow. You can also edit the navigation bar at the bottom and change the layout of it. The subscription costs $3 per month. Which is too much!

Youtube to remove the Dislike button! I am not sure what Youtube is doing with their users. They removed the Dislike button. The button is gradually being removed. Users can still dislike videos, but the numbers will only be shown to the channel owners. Youtube’s reason is to make an environment for content creators where they’re respected. And that the Dislike button is reason why users view videos. The Dislike button helps users know if the video is good or not. But with the new method, I’ll waste my time watching the video until I discover that it doesn’t offer good information. I am not sure why they did this move.

The most disliked video on Youtube is Youtube’s own Rewind 2018 video. The video got 3 million likes and 19 million dislikes. Youtube usually make a Rewind video at the end of the year. Youtube is now currently working on a new Rewind video. This rewind video is a summary of the most important videos on YouTube. There are excellent content creators in various fields, but since they make unique videos, they don’t get much views. Youtube is basically an entertainment platform. It is also great for kids, since you can open the Baby Shark video for them. (Jokingly) Videos with the most views are watched by kids.

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Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine