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04/03/2021 at 00:00 am


Why should a box include a charging cable? It shouldn’t!

Apple could take this step and make an iPhone with nothing in the box. A women in China opens the iPhone box to find an apple milk box inside instead of an iPhone.

I’ll also discuss Huawei and their upcoming car. And Honor could release an affordable foldable device. We’ve seen this device, but where exactly?

Let’s start. I’ll start with Bill Gates and the question he received about which OS her prefers. He was asked whether he prefers an iOS or Android device. He confirmed that he uses an Android device and that his current device is an Android.

He provided two reasons as to why he prefers Android. And before I discuss the reasons, he was asked this question during a Clubhouse session, where the app is only available on iOS devices.

He confirmed that he uses an iPhone every now and then, but his main device is an Android. The first reason is that Microsoft apps are pre-installed on Android devices. The other reason is the customizability of the Android OS. Both of these reasons why are why he prefers Android over iOS.

Check your needs before you decide which OS is better for you. Of course such a statement from a person like him will affect Android and iOS in the tech community. We all know that Android provides smoothness while iOS is simplified and more stable. Both OS have a high security standard, though.

During the upcoming 3 month, the Clubhouse app will be available on Android. It won’t be available in Mars like I said before. It’ll be based on invitations on Android, too.

The app developers said that this step is their priority. This was discussed during the Bill Gates interview. The people behind Clubhouse that they want to do it as soon as possible.

You can watch the review where I explained Clubhouse in details.

Let me now discuss the new Twitter features that will change the way Twitter works. Let me first discuss the positive features. It is called Spaces. This feature is similar to Clubhouse, but it’ll be on Twitter, and I think there will be a huge competition between them.

Clubhouse is a new app that was founded a year ago, and they’re still facing problems. They’re still trying to fix few things. Twitter’s experience will make Spaces better for users and it’ll reach more users than in Clubhouse.

There are 300 million Twitter user who will get this Clubhouse-like feature. This feature will be more successful than Clubhouse.

The idea is that verified users and the huge community that follows them will assist in succeeding the Spaces feature more than Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an iOS exclusive until now. It has limited users, too.

When Spaces will officially launch, Clubhouse will go back to its nature for why it was founded in the first place. The other Twitter feature is subscriptions. You’ll get more features, dedicated content and sales among other things if you pay for it.

The second thing is the Super Fans feature. If you make content on Twitter, you can tweet private tweets to your Super Fans, who’ll pay to get it. It’ll become like Youtube with subscription fees, and I think it’ll be strange.

You’ll find Twitter users encourage their users to be Super Fans. They’ll also be able to make private content for them. I don’t think all’d accept this new feature. In some countries, this step won’t be accepted.

For example, and I’d never do it, if I tell you that there are special episodes for super fans, in your opinion, how many subscribes will I get? A lot of few?

I think it’d be few.

Like the comment if you agree, dislike if you don’t. Why not!

Huawei’s huge competition in the smartphone market doesn’t prevent them from entering other markets such as electric cars. If Huawei enters this market, all other companies will join them.

Huawei isn’t far away from that. They have the technologies to do it, and they can make very fast. There are news that Huawei will release a prototype of their electric car before the end of this year.

They won’t be a car manufacturer, rather, they’ll be an OEM. Huawei could make a car with a different brand.

This means that they’ll manufacture the technologies, not the car itself. I think Huawei is capable of making an electric car. They have the infrastructure, technologies and the Huawei City where they’ll be able to do such technologies, why not!

They’re in talks with Changan to be the manufacturer for the car. Changan will manufacture the car in their factories.

Honor is working on a foldable device similar to Huawei’s Mate XS. This device could be released soon, but with Honor brand. This means that the device will get the full Android services. It’ll be from the mid-range category when it comes to prices, which will start a new series of foldable devices nearer to users.

We’re not sure when it’ll be released, but it’ll be in the upcoming two months. Honor will also release their new V40 device. If these news are true, then the big news will be whether they’ll support Google services or not. I am personally very excited for these devices.

I want to focus on the iPhone 12 mini, because its sales hasn’t met the expectations in some countries. I mentioned earlier that the device isn’t liked because of its price and limited capabilities for users. This resulted in poor sales.

I personally expected that this device would be the best in the series.

My experience with it has been excellent. But the price difference between it and the iPhone 12 is nearly 200 USD. You can pay the extra and get the bigger screen.

You’ll also get a bigger battery, so why buy the mini version?

Had the price been a bit lower, it would’ve been more popular. Apple could lower the prices in the upcoming months or in their next event.

You should also consider that iPhone 13 mini is also coming. The new iPhones to be released in September will have a mini version according to leaks. Apple still believes that there should be a mini version. They also believe that it’ll be successful.

We can’t deny that Apple has a huge marketing plans that to make this happen. Also, withdrawing their devices from the market is very rare.

Do you remember the iPhone 5c?

We thought that the C letter meant colors. This iPhone had been withdrawn from the market. You can only find it in auctions websites.

Hopefully, Apple will lower the prices of this device, and only thing it’ll succeed. And as I told you before, there’s a possibility that there will be a portless iPhone.

The iPhone might come with nothing in the box, because it’ll be portless. Instead, the device will use the MagSafe technology to charge it. The box could include a…………..

The box could contain nothing. Hopefully they’ll include the famous Apple stickers. If true, I don’t think this version will be released this year because of economic reasons.

They’ve just released an iPhone without a charger. How could they release a portless one without a charging cable?

Hopefully the box will include a sim tool! inaudible, It doesn’t support a SIM card?

Why are you being pessimistic?

This report could be false, though. It is leaks, and we’re not sure. At the beginning of the year, companies look for new ideas to implement. It could happen and it could not! But if it comes with no ports and SIM card slot, then it’ll support a much higher IP dust and water resistance rating. But at the same time, it’ll be portless and the box will only include the device itself.

You’ll probably get a sticker that says: \ »you got fooled\ ».

Let’s continue with Apple. There’s a possibility that the new iPhones will support a 1TB .onboard storage, The biggest onboard storage currently is 512GB.

Reports suggest that Apple is seriously considering adding a new onboard storage option to their flagship devices.

What I meant by that is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max might get a 1TB option, which will be a huge and extended investment.

This price is an estimate considering the increase of price of storages with the current iPhones. I should also note that the iCloud service is excellent.

You can get a bigger storage for you and your family. If you’re subscribed to it, you can pay extra to include your family with you.

Everyone will benefit from the bigger storage. The same thing applies to Google and Microsoft services. There’s an investigation in China that include Apple and a courier. The courier was supposed to deliver an iPhone to a women, but the women was surpassed with an apple yogurt box instead of the iPhone.

First, is there something called apple yogurt?

In China, everything’s possible. The report said what was there is apple yogurt. The women opened the box to find an apple yogurt box.

hhhh hhhhh hhhhh hhhhh hhhhh

đź•· Yes Joker, She then sued Apple for it. She bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max but she got an apple yogurt box. The woman bough the device from the official Apple website.

She didn’t buy through an intermediate store.

Apple delivered the shipment to the courier, who they confirmed that they delivered the package as it is.

Let’s wait and see who’s wrong. It is not Apple of course. They wouldn’t risk doing such as thing. It could be one of the employees from the courier or you Joker lol.

I’ll let you in the upcoming news article who was the responsible party.

See you soon on the next tech news.

Yes is Joker Spider-Man hhhhh hhhhh hhhhh