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Batman! Howa are you Man? where is your best friend Joker? i don’t see him hhhhh, Do you want to know how to use Clubhouse? Here’s two ways for you. Either you get lost in the app or read with me this review to know all the details.

This is still a News article, but first, I’ll start it with explaining how to use Clubhouse. The app is still in the community adoption phase.

We still don’t how useful/bad it is. But I should explain it and explain how to use it. The UI doesn’t support all languages.

There are a few tricks in the app that you should use. I made a few sessions explaining how to use the on the app itself. But it took a lot of time from me, so I decided to make a review about it.

This article could be useful for you on how to use it. Also, I’ll discuss the technology news in this article, too.

Anyway, in the main page of the app. After logging in, you’ll be met with this page, where you can find lots of rooms.

Once you click on your profile photo, a number of options will appear. Your name and photo will appear. You can change your name once. And then you can contact Clubhouse management to make further changes. The same thing applies to the username handle:

There’s then a section where you can add a description of you. When press on this section, a new window will open to let you right your description. It’s preferred if you write your description in English, Arabic and the languages you speak.

This will allow you to have different conversations with different people around the world. Once you finish adding your description, hit the Done button and the changes will take place. Then, there’s the Twitter and Instagram section, where you can add them to your profile. Linking your accounts to Clubhouse is to enable more discussions.

Unlike other apps, you can’t send photos or messages using the Clubhouse app. Many times I continue the discussion or post a summary of it on Twitter, and users can know my Twitter if they visit my profile. Link your Twitter account to it. It has nothing to do with hacking or accessing Twitter using Clubhouse or anything of that sort.

Then there are two lines: the person who nominated you to use Clubhouse and when you joined it:

Nominating is just to create circles more than anything else. It is just a circle of who nominated you to use the app and so on.

But you won’t be in trouble if the person who nominated you created problems on the app. When you press on the gear at the top, 5 sections will appear.

The first section is the notifications and how frequent to receive them:

The bottom option is Very infrequent:

It means less notifications. The first option means lots of notifications.

The second option is Include Trending Rooms, which are rooms that are about your interests. You’ll get a notification for them. These rooms will appear even if there’s no one you’re following in them.

There’s then a section about temporary notification pause. When you press on it, 4 new options will appear: mute for an hour, until the morning, until the evening, or for a week.

Then there’s the interest panel: You can choose your interest from the lots of available options.

Choose the choices that are interested in. These interests will help offer you to show more people and rooms that you’re interested in.

Also, you’ll be shown the clubs that intersect with your interests:

Clubs? Yes, clubs. Clubhouse means the house of clubs. It was built to make clubs that gather people with similar interests from all over the world. Clubhouse started in the Silicon Valley in 2020. It was for people who are interested in technology, and were deprived from brainstorming because of the lockdown. And to enrich the entrepreneurship, they created they Clubhouse apps. It leans to be a place for entrepreneurs.

Then different communities started to adopt the app. But most of the users are entrepreneurs, and that’s why this most of the users are from this category.

There are clubs for entertainment, but they’re not the basic things. Each user can invite only one person, but with the popularity of the app, this will change.

Users will get more invites. The user base has become huge. There’s any easy way to invite others without losing one of your invites.

In January 2021, the app has become very popular. There were a number of sessions with famous people that increased the media momentum about this platform.

With this media momentum, the app received more downloads. The last we checked, the app was downloaded 8 million times.

This doesn’t mean huge popularity like apps with billions of users. This app is not WhatsApp or Facebook after all. It is limited to a specific class.

Let’s also not forget that this is only available on iOS. It’ll come to Android later, and this review will apply to it, too. But why isn’t this app available on Android?

We suspect that there are two reasons.

First one is that developing app on the iOS is easy because of the limited number of devices. The app developers will have to consider the screen size among many other variables when developing on iOS.

The second reason is that the app developers didn’t want the app to be this popular. They know that Android is the most popular OS in the world.

Maybe they decided to develop the app and mature it on the iOS then bring it to the rest of operating systems. And what that happens, the adoption rate would be huge.

Let me go back to discussing the app. Choose your interests very carefully. Look for the interests that you want to hear users’ opinions about.

If you’re interested in tourism, don’t add it to your interests, because you’re not able to travel because of the pandemic. This applies to all the topics.

This section is about the app’s terms and conditions. It’s also important to contact them. Most of the users want the app to support new features. You can tell them directly. I have nothing to do with it.

When you click on FAQ and contact us, two submenus will appear. There’s an option to contact them.

Give them suggestions through this submenu. You can then request a feature or send them feedback. If there’s something wrong with the app or your account was closed, contact them and send them feedback. Contact them and they’ll help you out. Despite that the users’ base isn’t huge, they haven’t yet responded to our inquiries.

🕷 What should we say?

There are information about to start a club. Press on this button and then scroll down. You can apply to start a club through this submenu.

Press on ‘Here’ and then ‘Start a Club » will appear. » What’s the difference between a club and a room?

Clubs are limited. They were 5 and now they’ve become 8. The number is increasing. The more updates the app receiver, the more clubs there will be.

The club can have lots of members, but they don’t have to be in the club at the same time. A room is a place where users gather to discuss a certain topic.

Clubs could have millions of members. When a club hosts a guest, they’ll send notifications to the members about it with the time and date of the session. They’ll ask you whether you want to attend the session or not.

The same thing happened when Elon Musk was hosted in one of the clubs. Rooms have temporary management. There isn’t registrations or authentications. I’ll further discuss in this review.

The fourth section is about disconnecting Clubhouse from Instagram and Twitter. The last part is for logging out. If you wish to delete your account, you can simply contact them and send them a feedback.

You can delete the app from your iPhone by pressing and holding on it until it enters the wiggle mode.

🕷 Let me now discuss rooms:

If you go back the main page, you’l find the search button. Through it, you can search for users or clubs. You can search for a club by searching for its name or the interests of the club.

The second icon is the Invitation icon. Once you click on it, your contacts will appear, and you can invite them to use the app. I’ll tell you later about a great way to invite people without losing one of your invitations.

To invite someone, make sure that they want to use the app. Up until now, the app isn’t available on Android.

Make sure that they user has an iPhone. The third icon is for scheduled sessions in the upcoming says that intersect with your interests. When you start a room, there will be a menu called My Events. It is basically the rooms that you’ve scheduled.

Press on the + sign and then start a room. It happens momentarily. Write a name for your room.

Then add people who you want to help you manage it. Add date and time of the room. Scheduling a room is great for users who use app to know about your room. The last part is a description of the room.

I advise you to schedule your rooms and topics that you wish to discuss. Schedule your rooms because it’ll be easier for you when you start it.

Let me go back the scheduled rooms. You’ll find that there’s a notification bell. When you press on it, you’ll be able to follow the moderators of the room.

When you press on the room, you can share it on Twitter. Or you can add it to your calendar. You can also copy the link of the room to share it on different social media platforms. If you enter a room, you’ll be either one of the speakers, or one of the moderators (they’re also speakers.)

Or you’ll be one of the listeners. Listeners are two types. The first section is listers who are followed by one of the speakers. The second is general listeners who enter the room to listen to dialogs. If you don’t have any followers from the speakers, you’ll be at the bottom.

There are few things that you can do in a room. If you’re one of the speakers and want to explain something, then press and hold on your photo, and then the photo album will open, and you can add different photos.

Through this, you can illustrate something using these photos. You can add different signs to your profile picture to show that you’re just a listener. Especially when you’re invited to lots of rooms and you want to show that you’re just a listener.

As a moderator, you have may tasks that you can do. You can press on the 3 dots at the top to report one of the speakers. There are many choices that pops up when/if you want o report someone. You can also end the session, To clarify, anyone can end the room if they’re a moderator with the current update.

Also, moderators can add moderators, too, through the settings. They can also move speakers to listeners.

Listeners can raise their hands to ask to participate. If you press and hold on the raise hand button, you can change the skin tone of the emoji.

Moderators can add speakers by pressing on the raise hand button and then they can add new speakers. It is not necessary that all speakers are moderators.

There could be only one moderator and other speakers.

Everything will work perfectly, too. Moderators can open/close the mic for speakers to better manage the conversation, With the current update, when your’e given the change to speak, your mic will be open.

The apps needs lots of fixes with the upcoming update. It is important to close your mic after your’e given the chance to be a speaker.

The room owner, moderators and listeners can invite others to the room. This feature is called Pinging. It works by sending a user a notification to join a room.

You can do this through the + button at the bottom. Once you press on the + sign, a submenu will appear that contains your followers.

Once you press on the user’s profile picture, a notification will be sent them. It a small o’clock appears next to their profile picture, it means they are not online.

You can then send a notification to them on their iPhones. And they can then decide to join the room or not. You can ping users who have a ring around their profile picture. You can press on the Share button to get a link to the room.

🕷 And now I’ll discuss something very important:

how to invite users to the app. Let me go back to the main page of the app. I didn’t explain the notification bell icon on purpose until I’ve reached this point. When pressing on the notification bell icon, two options will appear.

You’ll find a list of users that you can follow and another list of users who you can invite to the app.

🕷 Let me now discuss the Let Them In option:

If you press on the Let Them In option, these users will be invited to the app without you losing one of your invitations. These users won’t have then to look for an invitation.

Ok, how can I do this?

🕷 Batman and I want to use the Clubhouse app. I am invited to the app and I can use it. But I want batman to join me. He has to have an iPhone first.

batman has to be interested in joining the app, too. There are a few steps that both of us need to do before Ahmed installs the app.

Make sure that the user is listed on your contact list with the international prefix. The prefix must start with + instead of 00. Don’t use the 00 prefix. I must make sure that batman’s phone number is listed on my content list with the + prefix instead of the 00.

Ahmed then installs the app. When Ahmed registers, I’ll receive a notification that Ahmed is trying to use the app and I can help him let him in. When I press the Let Them In button, batman will receive a notification and can be invited to use the app.

This icon means that this is a new user. It goes away after 8 days. This means that you can report these new users. (it’s a joke hhh). It feels like the developers of this app were having fun by adding these features to the app. You can start a room or a club. But before I explain how to star a room, I should say that this app is new. The minimum age to use it is 17+.

Sometimes, new apps are not governed well. Which is bad for any community. It is supposed that adopted apps must be suitable for the community. If the app isn’t any good, I’ll be the first one to delete it.

The same thing happened with the TikTok app. I know that the app is used worldwide, but we still don’t know whether it is good or bad. That’s why I am using the app and trying to figure it out. If it is useful, I’ll continue using it. If not, I’ll stop using it.

Up until now, the TikTok app is suitable. But we still don’t know anything about the Clubhouse app.

Now, let me explain how to start a room:

In the main page, there’s a Start a room at the bottom. When you press on it, three options will appear.

The first is the Open rooms, where anyone can access it. The second is the Social room, and it is only available for your followers.

Only those who you follow can access it. The third option is the Closed room, and you can give access to certain users to enter it.

Everything is going well so far? Have you started room, maybe 2 or 3 rooms?

In case you’ve started 3 rooms, you can request to start a club. You can request to start a club from the menu.

Unfortunately, starting a club takes time and requires approva l from Clubhouse. We’re still waiting for their answers.

According to the Clubhouse’s terms, each user can only start one club. But let’s wait and see what happens next. To start a club, you should already have started 3 rooms before.

I am not sure whether the rooms should have a certain number of attendants, though. I honestly have no idea, but what we know is that you should start 3 rooms before you start a club.

Thankfully, some of the rooms that I’ve started reached more than 2 thousands participants. These rooms become popular, especially if they’re useful. If you block someone and he’s a moderator in a room, this room won’t appear in your timeline.

Clubhouse allows to report rooms and users inside them, but you should be aware of something, False reports could lead to the closure of your account. If you report someone because they’re underage, and they prove to Clubhouse that it’s wrong, your account will closed.

There’s a long list of choices to report someone.

For example, intellectual property misuse or recording the room. Or real name or identity. Or transcribing the content of the room among other strange choices. But let me confirm something important to you.

Recording the screen during a Clubhouse session is forbidden.

Even if you get a permission from the participants. It is still forbidden. But if everyone agrees in a closed room, then you record it. But Clubhouse has the right to take proper actions.

There are privacy problems regarding the apps, and I’ll discuss them in this review. But I’ll take a break and come back to discuss the news. If you reached this point in this review, you are a big hero Batman hhhh

We’re still learning about the app to understand it more. Don’t let your kids join it if they’re less than 17 years man.

There are content in the app that they might not understand. This has been my review and full explanation of the app. I’ll take a break and come back.🕸🕸🕸

This is still a News article Batman. I’ve finished explaining Clubhouse and the weather is a bit cold now!

It got you tired, thanks for the explanation, it was so cool Spider-Man 💪💪

🕷 There’s an upcoming Apple event and new unusual products from Samsung. I’ll also discuss Huawei’s future, and what will happen if you don’t agree to WhatsApp’s new terms.

Merging two article together is good, isn’t it?🕸🕸🕸

Those who don’t agree to WhatsApp’s new terms won’t be able to message starting my the middle of May. They can receive calls but then can’t send messages.

WhatsApp changed their terms and conditions, but there was a huge social media wave agains this step. The company then decided to postpone it.

Users weren’t forced to agree to the new terms. This will give users enough time to agree to the changes. Add to that the number of users who didn’t change their devices.

Let’s not forget that WhatsApp is a huge messaging platform, and the new terms are directed towards specific users. The app still supports encryption and privacy. And since the wave of moving to Signal and Telegram started, we haven’t seen much users use them.

When there’s an app with billions of users, it is hard to shake it. The wave should continue for months. Not only for one month.

The company also said that if an account has been inactive for more than 4 months, they’ll delete it. But the active accounts won’t be deleted. If you use the app every 120 days, your account won’t be deleted.

Huawei decided not to sell their smartphone branch. But they decided to minimize the amount of devices that they’ll manufacture.

According to reports, they have enough parts to manufacture 90 million devices. This should be enough for them to continue manufacturing until their problem with the US is solved.

Since 2019, we’ve been noticing a technological/economical war between big countries. This has affected big companies.

I wish Huawei the best. The competition in 2019 was better than the competition in 2020. There were lots of options back then. This has been unfair to us, users. There are two news about Samsung. The first one, and according to Samsung Club, Samsung will use Google OS with their upcoming smartwatches. The Watch 3/4 could get the Wear OS from Google.

TizenOS supports lots of features, but the WearOS could make these watches more tempting to users.

For example, there’s a problem regarding this in some countries, Up until now, we have received Samsung/Google Pay services. What if the TizenOS gets the support and not the WearOS?

What if it was the other way around?

We want all the operating systems to support contactless pay. You can’t image how easy it is to pay using contactless methods such as STC Pay. This is a great option regardless of the OS.

We’d like all countries to support such payment methods to make it easier for users. This method will help in such a climate until life goes back to normal. The other news about Samsung is the leaks about their upcoming glasses.

This product can change from sunglasses to a regular glasses. It’s better than other companies’ products who don’t have a full ecosystem.

Samsung supports a technology called Wireless DeX. This glasses will support this technology. Imagine wearing a glasses while your phone is in your pocket and you’re using it as a computer.

You can connect a wireless keyboard to it and the smartphone will work as a computer. You can use the phone with the virtual screen in an excellent way. This would be an amazing technology. If this news is true, then I hope that this product will be a reality as soon as possible. I think it would be a great feature, isn’t that true, Batman?🕷

Really great?

Imagine if Apple does it and it supports macOS with it. It would be really amazing. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The community will adopt it eventually.

In the past, if some used to wear a wireless headphone, people would think that he cut the cords.They didn’t know that it is actually a wireless headphones. And then the community adoption started.

Hopefully, Samsung will release this product soon.

Apple hates rumors. It’s expected that Apple will host an event to announce three different products.

These products are: iPads with Mini-LED screens, AirTags trackers and new standard AirPods headphones.

Jon Prosser says that there will be an event. This has spoiled it for us. Sometimes, it is a spoiler when such news are released.

Apple hates these leaks, specially when they 100% true.

The leaks suggest that Apple will release the AirTags trackers, which will help you find your lost products. The leaks also suggest iPads with Mini-LED screens. And the third product is a new generation of AirPods.

These headphones will come with the same AirPods Pro design. Hopefully, the event will take place in 16th of Mars, which is what the leaks suggest.

We’re not sure whether Apple will announce these products in an event or just announce them online. Apple really hates leaks, especially, if they’re true and in details.

Also, we’re promised with a lot of products from Apple. Hopefully, I’ll give you more details about them in the upcoming news article.

There will always be News episode as technology gets more advanced each day.

See you soon Batman on the next reviews and news….i’m flying hhh 🕸