NEWS: 🕷Twitter Blue .. The upcoming Twitter subscription service❗Apple prepares to add HD broadcasts to Apple Music❗And Xbox collaborating with developer Call of Duty: Mobile…❗😈

17.05.2021 at 07.00 am


🕷Apple may have bigger plans for the next week than initially thought, and it looks like there might be a surprise announcement in the Apple Music HD streaming category.

A report from 9to5 Google stated that the latest beta of the service application for Android included direct references to HDV that did not exist before.

And Apple Music offers only two quality options: one for higher quality and one for lower data usage.

These options are provided as an easy alternative, generally allowing you to use less data when broadcasting when not connected to a wireless network.

And with the beta version of Apple Music 3.6.0 for Android, there are indications of high-quality audio streams and download options coming to Apple Music for Android.

And Apple places a prominent warning about the quantity of knowledge and storage employed by high-quality audio, and therefore the warning says: Audio files without loss preserves all the small print of the first file, and playing this results in significantly more data consumption.

And he adds: The audio files without wasting use far more space on your device, and therefore the 10 GB space can store nearly 3000 high-quality songs, 1000 songs without loss, or 200 songs with top quality without loss.

Apple continues its warning, saying: Streams consume significantly more data without losing significantly, and a 3-minute song needs about 1.5 MB in high efficiency or 6 MB in HD at 256 Kbps or 36 MB without loss at 24 bits / 48 kHz. Or 145 MB with high resolution without loss at a rate of 24 bits / 192 kHz, support varies and depends on song availability, network conditions, and therefore the capacity of the connected speaker or headphone.

The fact that Apple has now added this data to the Android app indicates that this might happen sooner instead of later, because the Apple One package appeared in Apple Music for Android a couple of days before its public announcement.

Oh, Sorry, hi guys, how are today, I wish you a good start to the week, let us continue our news with the tragedy of coffee always… Microsoft’s Xbox game studios are collaborating with TiMi Studios, one among the world’s most profitable game makers and a part of Tencent’s giant digital entertainment empire.

Xbox Games Studios have partnered strategically with mobile developer TiMi Studios Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of Kings.

The brief announcement didn’t say whether the link was to develop content or distribute the Xbox platform in China, but said: More details about the deep partnership are going to be revealed by the top of this year.

Founded in 2008 in Tencent, TiMi Studios alone generated nearly $ 2.5 billion in player spending in 2020.

TiMi Studios grossed $ 10 billion in revenue last year, consistent with a Reuters report.

This partnership could help TiMi Studios build a worldwide name by turning their mobile games into Microsoft’s Xbox games.

TiMi Studios try to strengthen their brand and differentiate themselves from other Tencent game groups, like their internal competitor LightSpeed & Quantum, better referred to as PUBG Mobile.

TiMi Studios, which operates a branch in l. a. , said in January 2020 that it plans to triple the amount of employees in North America, adding that building high-quality mobile games has been the idea of its global strategy.

There is evidence that TiMi Studios are hiring developers to develop an upcoming game Measured Against Oasis, a turn-based multiplayer online strategy computer game set in ancient Egypt that mixes civilization-style strategy and puzzle games.

The latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S releases will debut in China soon, although the launch doesn’t appear to be linked to Tencent’s deal.

Sony’s PS5 was launched in China in late April, and Nintendo is distributing the Switch platform in China through an exclusive partnership with Tencent since 2019.

And Chinese console players often address the grey markets for foreign releases because the list of Chinese games approved by local authorities is little compared to what’s available outside the country.

But these gray markets, both online and offline, are subject to constant repression, and in March product listings by several major sellers of console games imported from Alibaba’s Taobao Market disappeared in March.

Good News Bro,💪 but what I don’t like very much is the Captcha ?! Boring!🤨

🕷Do you know bro! Cloudflare, which you’ll know as a DNS provider, wants to exchange web captcha with a fresh system.

CAPTCHA tests are those tests that you simply need to take, often when trying to log into a service, that asks you to click pictures of things like buses, pedestrian paths, or bicycles to prove you’re human.

The problem with these tests is that they add more steps for using the online and may sometimes be difficult to unravel .

Cloudflare says during a blog: It aims to eliminate CAPTCHA tests altogether by replacing them with a replacement way of proving you’re human by touch or watching a tool that uses a system called a private cryptographic certificate.

Currently, the device only supports a limited number of USB security keys, like YubiKey, but you’ll test Cloudflare for yourself now via the company’s website.

The whole process takes a couple of seconds, and additionally to hurry , this new method can have an excellent accessibility benefit, as people with visual impairments might not be ready to complete CAPTCHA exams in their current form.

Although it’s a stimulating idea, it’d not be the top of CAPTCHA as we all know it yet, because this is often just an experiment at the instant , and it’s available on a limited basis in English speaking areas.

The experience works in its current form only with a limited set of devices, including YubiKey, HyperFIDO, and Thetis FIDO U2F keys.

Cloudflare pledges that it’s considering adding other authentication devices as soon as possible, and this might be extended to your phone, as Cloudflare suggests that you simply can click through a phone through its computer to pass a wireless signature using NFC.

Google can now treat both iPhones and Android phones as physical security keys, and if Google and Apple joined the Cloudflare method, this might significantly reduce the entry barrier, as long as smartphones are more common than security keys.

Although we’ve not reached the password-free future yet, a possible alternative for Cloudflare to CAPTCHA might be a primary step during this direction.

I hate CAPTCHA too!🤫 so, what’s new about Twitter?😍

🕷I almost forgot my friend! 🥺 The Twitter platform is functioning on a replacement folder option under the Bookmarks tab, which enables users to save lots of tweets during a group of specific categories or « groups », because the platform calls them.

This step may be a useful plus for people that regularly save a bunch of Tweets.

The new process allows you to make folders by category under the Bookmarks tab, and you’ll then choose the folder or group during which you would like to save lots of the Tweet.

This can provide a simple thanks to preserve the varied tweets of interest, and it’s going to also point to gradually developing e-commerce tools within the platform, as folders provide differently to stay track of the products that you simply could also be curious about , which helps in enhancing the shopping behavior.

Twitter provided a basic update to its e-commerce tools in development, as Bruce Falck, Revenue Product Leader at Twitter, explained: “We know that folks come to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products.

He added: Some companies are developing creative ways to enable sales through the Twitter platform, and this demand gives us confidence within the power of mixing real-time conversation with an engaged audience, and you’ll imagine how easy it’s to get and buy a replacement skin care product or a classy sneaker quickly from a brand that you simply follow with just a couple of clicks.

And groups can serve a main purpose here, just like the Instagram Similar Groups option, or the saved Pins via Pinterest.

This essentially converts the choice into a default shopping list, while the power to convert each saved tweet into a selected group can enhance this functionality further, along side the overall benefit for the user of having the ability to save lots of favorite tweets in several categories.

Accordingly, folders appear to be an easy and effective thanks to improve interaction together with your saved Tweets.

It is noteworthy that the platform is developing a replacement subscription service called Twitter Blue, and it costs $ 2.99 per month, and includes a feature to undo tweets, and Twitter is functioning on a tiered subscription model, which is believed to mean a premium experience less messy for subscribers with higher subscriptions.

Wait, we have more about Twitter guys: 🤪

On Tuesday, Twitter suddenly and mysteriously imposed temporary restrictions on the account of well-known Palestinian-American journalist Mariam Barghouti, who was speaking about the protests against the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem.

During the temporary restriction, every tweet from the journalist was replaced with the subsequent message: The MariamBarghouti account is temporarily unavailable because it violates Twitter’s media policy.

Al-Barghouthi said: The platform asked me to delete a number of my tweets, and therefore the issue isn’t to suspend my account, but to impose a general censorship on Palestinian accounts, especially within the past few weeks while trying to document the Israeli attacks on the bottom .

The move was an error , the corporate quickly admitted, and its tweets were restored, but it appears that a part of the incident wasn’t wrong.

Although Twitter may have taken action on the journalist’s account by mistake, there’s a particular situation during which Twitter reserves the proper to mask your Tweets.

The media or profile modifications claim policy states the following: If the account or media content is inconsistent with our policies, we may make it temporarily unavailable and ask the violator to edit the media or the knowledge within the account to suits our laws while clarifying the policy that the account or media content has violated.

This means that if your account picture, title picture, or other picture you post doesn’t meet Twitter’s standards, the platform imposes a restriction thereon and should also impose a restriction on your entire account until you fix it.

There are many examples over the past several years of Twitter choosing to put warning labels near offensive and harmful content, labels that also allow people to simply view tweets, but this wasn’t the case for a journalist’s account.

A Twitter spokesperson said: The policy is meant to raised inform people of the actions the platform is taking, declining to mention more.

It seems that this policy is old and will are canceled way back , but it had been applied to Maryam Al-Barghouti.

A spokesperson for the platform refused to clarify what specific a part of the company’s terms of service was that Twitter initially believed Barghouti had violated.

Twitter also initially restricted Barghouti’s ability to tweet, retweet, follow, and like for 12 hours, and it’s not clear why it had been wrongly censored initially , and Twitter wasn’t immediately ready to determine whether this action was a person’s or an automatic system.

And what about Twitter Blue?

🕷Twitter previously confirmed that it’s exploring a paid subscription model for a few features, and researcher Jane Manchun Wong, known for researching social networking app features, tweeted on Saturday that she discovered the expected cost and name for the subscription service.

Wong said: The subscription service Twitter Blue from Twitter costs $ 2.99 per month, and includes a feature to undo tweets and bookmark collections.

She added: Twitter appears to possess developed a tiered subscription model, which he believes could mean a premium, less cluttered experience for subscribers with higher subscriptions.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment, but the corporate doesn’t confirm or discuss Wong’s typically accurate discoveries of latest features before their launch.

Twitter has released a slew of latest product announcements over the past several weeks, updating its warnings about potentially offensive tweets, improving its image cropping algorithm to permit longer images to be fully displayed in users’ feeds, and adding the power for Android users to look within direct messages. Tip Jar was introduced to permit users to form donations to some content creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits.

Twitter earlier this month acquired Scroll, a $ 5 per month subscription service that removes ads from participating websites.

With the announcement of the Scroll acquisition, Twitter also said: Nuzzel, a Scroll service that sends users daily email reports of the foremost important news in their Twitter feeds, is ending.

As Wong noted during a subsequent tweet, Tony Haile, the previous CEO of Scroll who now works on the merchandise team at Twitter, tweeted the day his company was acquired that Scroll would be merging into a broader Twitter subscription later within the year. .

This seems to point that one among Twitter’s premium product offerings are going to be an ad-free experience, something that the tweeters seem to possess asked for nearly the maximum amount as they need requested editable tweets.

In its first-quarter income statement late last month, Twitter reported $ 68 million in revenue and $ 1.04 billion in revenue.

The company reported a 20 percent increase within the active daily users it can monetize.

There is no information yet on when the paid version of Twitter are going to be launched, or who are going to be eligible.

So, see you soon guys on the next reviews…

🤡 Google faces an Italian fine of $ 120 million! is truth?

Ooh yeah Joker, 🕷 look bro, The Italian competition authority ICA has issued a fine of $ 120 million (€ 100 million) against Google for not allowing a third-party shipping app via Android Auto in 2019.

The case began with an investigation into the automotive software business of the search giant, which until October 2020 included restrictions on the sorts of applications permitted to be developed and released to be used while driving.

Enel Group, an Italian energy company, originally complained in 2019 that Google wouldn’t allow the Enel X Recharge app via Android Auto.